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Oren Klaff, “Pitch Anything” – Pitching Blueprint For The Croc Brain [Neuro-Marketing]

Want to make every marketing strategy you do more effective?

Use this new neuro-marketing concept called “Frame Control” to increase your conversions.

Oren Klaff, author of Pitch Anything, explains why, as a marketer or sales professional, we must appeal to the “croc brain” to win business.

Here’s a link to a free video and deck on The Croc Brain and Frame ControlĀ  <=== No Opt-In Required

Oren’s book, Pitch Anything, has completely updated my approach to speaking from the stage and creating highly-converting online video sales letters.

Oren Klaff answers my marketing application questions as applied to his Croc Brain concept in this two-part DishyMix which you can listen to here. <=== Download MP3 or Listen in iTunes

In this 2 part series, learn how to apply Oren’s boardroom formula to your online marketing.

We give you the pitching blueprint which includes:

  • Prizing
  • Owning the Frame
  • Intrigue Pings
  • The Hookpoint
  • Hot Cognitions

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