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No Self-Respecting Marketer Can Ignore Persuasion Psychology

‘Conversion Triggers’ Increase Sales Using Persuasion Marketing

As marketers, we want to target and convert prospects who will be most satisfied with our product or service. That makes buyers and sellers both more content. The better we understand our customers needs and desires and the more we enter into the conversation already happening in their head, the more likely we are to convert and delight them.

We increase conversions when we use the right verbiage that speaks to our customer in a way that moves them to purchase.

This is called Persuasion Marketing. And there are four realms within the field of persuasion that all marketers can leverage more effectively once you know what they are and how to use them.

The Four Realms Of Persuasion Marketing

1) Copy Writing

Understanding semantics (what words mean) and using the exact verbiage your prospects use so they can relate to you

2) Storytelling

Moving away from features, benefits and bullets and into archetypical story formats that sell more elegantly

3) Structured Communications

Mapping your communication through the emotional flow of your customer’s buying process

4) Neuro-Marketing

Understanding and appropriately leveraging the psychological triggers that influence and persuade humans

The four realms of persuasion are learnable, and you do not have to consider yourself a “good writer” to take advantage of this knowledge. Anyone, with some exposure to these concepts, can become better at creating ads, websites, emails and blog posts (any written communication) that convert to sales more efficiently.

With the advent of online training programs and excellent books on persuasive psychology, there’s no barrier now to confidently communicating at a deeper, more connected level to your prospect.

Between advances in neuro-science and online training programs that let you study from work or home, no self-respecting marketer relinquishes their copy wholly to an outside firm without being actively involved.

As a marketer, it is your responsibility to know your customers better than anyone else and be able to communicate with them profoundly.

To that end, I’ve collected exclusive book excerpts from my favorite authors on persuasion, step-by-step structured communications cheat sheets and links to trusted resources I personally use and recommend including:

● “How To Achieve Trustworthiness” from Enchantment by Guy Kawasaki

● Your “Fascination Score” and Radical Careering by Sally Hogshead

● Resonate and Slideology excerpts, including the groundbreaking Sparkline chart and video from Nancy Duarte

● Fast Effective Copy teaches you the structure of persuasive headlines, bullets, email and blog posts

● Marketing Rebel’s Simple Writing System is practically a primer on the 17-Steps to persuasive marketing

● 7-Figure Speaking Empire Presentation Blueprint from Dave vanHoose is what I use to write copy that SELLS

PLUS there’s a VIDEO of my keynote presentation, “Conversion Triggers: Persuasion Marketing.” <=== Click Here!

If you’re only going to read two books that will open your eyes to the power of persuasion, I suggest Fascinate by Sally Hogshead and Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini.

Familiarize yourself with Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey to learn the components that make a classic, compelling story.

And if you want to hone your persuasive copy skills, use the excellent templates to learn while doing from Fast Effective Copy.

Just exposing yourself to those four concepts will allow you to look at any content, and your whole marketing strategy, with fresh eyes that laser in on word choices and formats such that you’ll be able to more easily conversion optimize your offerings.

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