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Joe Sugarman On Psychological Triggers for Marketing With Susan Bratton on DishyMix

When I had the good fortune to keynote at the first annual Clickbank Exchange event in NYC, I had the opportunity to meet legendary Joe Sugarman.

He is the guy who created the 29 (he says there are actually 31 in this interview below) Psychological Triggers for marketing to consumers that I mention in my Conversion Triggers presentation.

I lured him up to my hotel room <giggle> for a DishyMix interview.

I’m systematically interviewing all the great marketing psychology gurus… So this was a major coup!

This is gold!

Joe Sugarman on Why People Don’t Buy

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Feel free to forward this to your colleagues. And if they want the full presentation, you can send them to Conversion Triggers. It’s still free and loaded to bursting with awesome cheat sheets, book excerpts and updated links to my favorite copy writing, story telling, structured communication and neuro-marketing sites and products.

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