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[Conversion Optimization] Discover A Skill You May Already Have: Seeing “Real-Time Emotional Patterns”

In this episode of DishyMix I discuss the concept about which I spoke at Awesomenessfest Maui, “Real Time Emotional Patterns.”

Part of this content was featured on the monthly webinar by David Garfinkel and Brian McLeod for Fast Effective Copy followers. It was called, “Launching With Real Time Copy.”

Here is a free download from Fast Effective Copy on writing Product Review Blog Posts.

I discuss how I increase my conversion rates by mining the emotions of my prospects for my copy using technologies like chat, online surveys and social media.

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Real Time Emotional Patterns

It’s likely you have an innate skill you’re not fully utilizing in your marketing — the ability to see “real time emotional patterns” in the conversations your customers are having with you.

Listen in as Susan tells you about six “Real Time Emotional Patterns” she leveraged using technologies like webinars, live chat, online surveys and more to get “inside the mind of her prospect” to drive more conversions for her online self-help programs. more.

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If you’ve visited ConversionTriggers and downloaded the free persuasion content, you’ll know that I’ve been focused on the four realms of persuasive marketing – storytelling, copywriting, structured communication and neuro marketing. I’ve been learning a lot about copywriting and storytelling, and working very diligently to write good copy that converts for my products. And in looking back at the last year, I realized that I’ve been doing this thing of seeing emotional patterns in the use of some technologies that I’ve been leveraging.

I want you to think about seeking out emotional patterns in your work. That’s the big idea; looking for real time emotional patterns, using technology so that you can understand what the conversation is that’s in the mind of your customer. And when you speak to them with the copy that you write, the website content that you put up, the emails you send out, the content you post on Twitter and Facebook pages, how can you let your prospects know that you really do get them?

There’s no time like NOW to learn this. Why?
There’s also this perfect storm of technology, so it’s not just that the economy is tighter and people are making more considered purchases and they’re returning things, but that we have to manage our brands and that we have technology capabilities like Olark, Stealth Seminar, Survey Monkey, Zen Desk, Google Website Optimizer and with exception of the last one on the list, they’re all one day implementation. They’re technologies that we can use so that we can speak to our customers in a way that is more emotional and less rational and helps them make their buying decision more easily. You can tap into a rich vein of customer insights that will increase your conversions more quickly and more cheaply that you are probably overlooking now. I’m going to tell you the story of six real time emotional patterns that I’ve used in the last year for the product launch for Revive Her Drive, and maybe you’ll be able to help other people come to completion, you’ll be able to help them get their problem solved in a faster, more efficient way by looking at and finding these real time emotional patterns in your own business.

A lot of people see patterns in numbers. Are you one of them?
Can you look at a spreadsheet and see the patterns? Do you connect the dots with numbers?

I don’t. But what I do is connect the dots in what I call a real time emotional pattern, and I think there are a lot of people out there – and maybe you’re one of them – who can hear five different customers say five different things that understand that at a sub-context, they’re all saying the same thing. They’re all expressing the same frustration. They’re just using different words to express it. So that’s what I’m looking for here. I’m looking for the way my customers are talking back to me using different channels, collecting that information, looking at the sub context, boiling it down and telling it back to them in a way that they say, “Yeah, you get me.”

I want to encourage you to use any or all of these technologies, whether you use Olark or Stealth or Survey Monkey or Google Website Optimizer – whatever you use, including all the social listening tools that you’re probably using, I encourage you to pull out that emotion and look for those emotional patterns, and then leverage those in your copy to connect better with your customer, ‘cause I think you’ll see patterns.

You likely have this skill already inherent inside you as a marketer.
You’re probably a very articulate person and able to really communicate effectively. And I think that most business professionals are overlooking these easy to use tools that can seriously give you a considerable advantage in your conversion optimization. What’s great is that all the tools are available now and they even work for tech-tards like me, and you can better monetize the traffic that you struggle to get, that you pay good money and all your time to get. You can better optimize it. And ultimately, you can convert more prospects to customers. You can bring others to completion by helping them have a better life using your products or services, and by understanding them more deeply and by feeling the emotion, you can start to open yourself, your heart, not only to your customers, but to the people that you work with and the people that you love and the people that you interact with everyday.


[VIDEO] Crazy! The World’s Most IN-DEMAND Job

You are going to really appreciate this:
“The Most IN-DEMAND Job on Earth”

It’s one YOU can do!

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This “Odd-Ball” job didn’t exist 18 months ago but demand is SO high right
now a total jug-head can demand $5K-$10K a month part-time or full time.

If your not making $10K a month right now I strongly suggest you watch this video.

This could be your golden ticket!

Go watch the video now.


What About YOU Do Others Find Fascinating? Find Your “F Score”

I read a LOT of books and Fascinate is now my favorite framework for thinking about brand positioning.

Sally Hogshead gave me a fantastic interview. Click below to listen or click here for the transcript.

Her model, based on what gets our attention and captivates us at a human level, right in the limbic system, can be applied to your brand or to you personally. Everything has a “Fascination Score.”

Want to know your personal F Score? What is it about YOU that people find fascinating?

Take the Fascination Survey here.

The best thing about understanding what makes you or your brand fascinating is that Sally offers a clear roadmap to further support your fascination triggers. In Fascinate, she shows you how to push your differentiation to meaningful levels that give you an unfair advantage in the market.

Listen now for  a tasty introduction to your world of fascination.

Sally Hogshead on Fascinate – 7 Triggers to Persuasion and Captivation

Listen Now
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We Need More Women Speakers At Industry Events: Invisible Close Speak-to-Sell Virtual Mentorship

I just got this email from my friend, Lisa Sasevich, creator of the fantastic program, Invisible Close,  that I’ve recommended many times.

She’s bemoaning the paucity of female speakers at industry events.

This is A PROBLEM!

Two stories.

First, when I programmed over 20 global events for ad:tech from 2001-2006 our team made a concerted effort to get women and people of color on the dias. We cultivated speakers. Worked with them. Sought them out. And gave them an opportunity to shine.

Not enough of this effort is being done across many conferences.

Secondly, I recently had the experience of getting a conference promoter to allow me to lead a high profile session of all women executives. I had his agreement. And then he was never happy with any of the women we came up with or if he thought they’d be a draw, they were already busy.

I was sorely disappointed that after a year of wrangling with this conference planner, I ended up with three dudes on my panel.

Even with focus, it’s hard to get women speaking ops.

Maybe this is one of the reasons below?

This is an email I got today from my friend, Lisa Sasevich. Her “Invisible Close” product is smart, helpful and valuable for ANYONE who sells from the front of the room, stage or via tele-seminars.

She’s entreating women to take her course to become better spokespeople.

If you are or know a women who needs this training to pop herself up to a more high-visibility role in her industry, please forward this post.

A Special Invitation

Wow Susan,

You may find this hard to believe but I just returned from speaking at 3 major industry events and at two of them, I was the only female.

It’s worse than that.

One of them was a 5 day, multi-speaker event. This means it was speaker after speaker for 5 solid days.

I was the only woman speaker.

The other was a 4 day, multi-speaker event. With the exception of the vendors and a few people who got up to share testimonials or success stories…

I was the only woman speaker.

How could this be, you ask?

I’m going to tell you some cold hard facts that promoters have shared with me. Let me warn you, you may not like this. But please, don’t shoot the messenger. I’m telling you the truth of what I hear behind the scenes so you can use it to wise up and join me in taking your place on stage.

Promoters and big, well-known speakers have shared the following with me in confidence:

“Most female speakers can’t hold the room…”

“They get up there and tell their story too long…”

“They are generally all over the place, don’t make their point well and don’t know how to make an offer.”

In other words, here’s what they’re REALLY saying:

*** They don’t see women speakers who are confident, ready with their signature talk and have their offers down***

Forgive me ladies, I’ve seen you out there and many of you are winging it…and it shows!

Now for some GOOD NEWS!

I told the last 3 promoters I spoke for that it’s my mission to foster some powerful ladies onto the big stages currently occupied by the big boys.

And they LOVE it.

Because, you see, they’ve also shared with me that they are dying for more powerful female speakers to book! They’re excited when they get a lead on a confident woman speaker with a hot offer. We light up the stage when we’re in our power ladies! And we’re in our power when we feel ready and prepared.

SO HERE’S MY INVITATION TO YOU. And I’m only going to make it once.

I have a small, exclusive virtual class starting next Wednesday that will have you ready with your Signature Talk and Irresistible Offers before Thanksgiving…so you can step into the spotlight in the New Year, or sooner, like you know you should!

There will be no big free call to promote this and no string of emails about it because I’M ONLY ACCEPTING 6 MORE STUDENTS.

So I’m sending this one announcement and trusting that if you are one of the ladies who are supposed to step up, you will join me for my Invisible Close Speak-to-Sell Virtual Mentorship, starting next week.

And to make it a total no-brainer, you can jump in right now for $500 OFF. Just use coupon code SAVE500 at the link below and you will receive the course pre-work immediately.

(If the link doesn’t work or the 6 spots are gone. Email  Peggy Murrah peggy at theinvisibleclose dot com with questions or to double check.)

You will be working live with me by phone. If you miss a call they are all recorded and transcribed, and you will also receive my world famous Speak-to-Sell System in the mail to have in your success library forever. In it is my paint-by-numbers formula for getting your talk done.

Yes, this is the exact formula that has landed me honored spots on the most coveted stages in the speaking industry. This is also the exact formula that many of the speakers you see “everywhere” are using. You can see exactly what we’re going to cover here:

And yes, gentlemen, you are welcome to join us. I just really needed the ladies to know what’s being said in the industry and how much promoters are dying for female speakers to step up and share their gifts from the stage in a powerful way.

I look forward to sharing the stage with you!



P.S. Remember, you get $500 off but I ONLY have space for 6 students to join this exclusive class, so you better hurry:


Teleseminars That Sell with Sharla Jacobs

Here’s another great story from a follower who leveraged the info product publishing strategies I’ve been talking about on DishyMix and in my emails to launch his new software product AND a bonus video below on how to
Leverage Your Genius from Sharla Jacobs, this week’s DishyMix guest.

Listen to the “Teleseminars That Sell” DishyMix with Sharla.

From Bob T. – DishyMix follower:
“Hey Susan,

How are you? Wow girl, you are totally unstoppable!
Still loving Dishymix and the way you have morphed
your business into publishing information products.
I’m totally with you there.  Nice margins huh?

So, no doubt you’ve been following all the activity and
IM launches in the market with Andy Jenkins, Frank Kern,
your close personal friend Eben, etc. etc. It’s been a case study
I’ve been following for the past year or so.  I bought the
Jeff Walker program and I’m following his advice
in launching our product.

Cheers to you Susan, keep it coming!

This week, the DishyMix episode on Teleseminars That Sell with Sharla Jacobs has a bonus goodie – a video that shows you how to structure your business for six figure success.


Sharla’s Leverage Your Genius program is similar to Eben’s Guru Mastermind series. If you’ve been thinking about learning the art of information product publishing, this video has some HOT BONUSES you might appreciate.


How To Craft Your Irresistible Offer

Yesterday I posted info about this call,

“5 Simple Secrets to 6-Figure Teleseminars:

How to make BIG FAST MONEY doing what you LOVE”

from Lisa Sasevich, the creator of a smart product

called “Invisible Close” that is great for talk shows,

podcasts, stage presentations and selling in general.

Click Here to Learn More:

The call is on Thursday, July 29, at 4 pm EDT/1 pm PDT

and if you register for it, you can get the recording

to listen to when ever it’s convenient.

If you have a talk show, speak from the stage, do

teleseminars or give sales presentations, Lisa can

teach you how to be sooooo much more effective

at closing.

Her “Irresistible Offer” concept is brilliant without

being “salesy.”

This is the strategy I USE when I’m selling from the stage

or promoting a product on my talk show.

In a hurry? Just go here:

On this call you’ll learn:

1) The #1 thing you need to focus on to get BIG sales results

on your preview call, talk show or from the stage.

2) 5 simple steps to craft your talk so it’s content-rich AND sells.

3) Her secrets to tripling your sales.

4) Exactly how to structure your Irresistible Offer.

5) The most critical mindset shift you need to make before attempting to sell anything.

Here’s that link again to reserve your spot.

Note: There is no cost or obligation, but you should know I am an affiliate of Lisa’s, which means I believe in what she’s doing.


Invisible Close: How To Sell Without Being Salesy

The minute I met Lisa Sasevich, I knew she was special.

Authentic Selling Secrets Teleseminar Host Lisa Sasevich

She had that “get ‘er done” attitude of someone who is successfully kicking butt in the world. Then when I found out what she does, I was even more intrigued.

She teaches people to successfully close business from teleseminars and stage presentations.

How many sales presentations are you making, where at the end, your customer is clamoring to sign the order?


Could you be more successful at closing?

Lisa’s product is called The Invisible Close.

This is the formula I USE for success on teleseminars and on stage.

She’s living proof that you can get your gifts out into the world in a HUGE way AND make a handsome living to boot.

In her upcoming call, she’s explaining how she created FIVE 6-figure-plus launches plus built a 7-figure home based business in less than 3 years…all without being “salesy!”

You can watch “the queen of sales conversion” work her magic in her free, BRAND-NEW teleclass “5 Simple Secrets to 6-Figure Teleseminars: How to make BIG FAST MONEY doing what you LOVE!” on Thursday, July 29, at 4 pm EDT/1 pm PDT

In a hurry? Just go here:

On this ground-breaking call you’ll learn:

1) The #1 thing you need to focus on to get BIG sales results on your Preview Call (Most professional speakers don’t even know this!)

2) 5 simple steps to craft your Preview Call talk so it’s content- rich AND sells!

3) Her secrets to tripling your sales after your Preview Call. This simple formula works like magic. Not knowing this could cost you thousands of dollars a month, but she’s going to teach it to you absolutely free.

4) Exactly how to structure your teleseminar Irresistible Offer. (Hint: It’s different than the offer you make in a face-to-face setting, from the stage or one-on-one!)

5) The most critical mindset shift you need to make before attempting to sell anything. Don’t even bother with all the strategies she’s going to teach you if you’re not willing to do this!

Here’s that link again to reserve your spot in this complimentary teleclass.
Note: As you probably know (and may have experienced yourself first-hand) giving a preview call that results in a 6-figure launch is easier said than done. Let Lisa walk you through her steps to creating a preview call that provides amazing value and big sales results!

Also: I suggest grabbing your seat even if you’re not sure you can make the live call. Lisa promised me she’ll send everyone who registers the audio playback and this is a call you’ll want to have on hand when you’re ready to craft YOUR next teleseminar launch.

Disclaimer: The preview call is free and there is no cost or obligation, but you should know I am an affiliate of Lisa’s, which means I truly believe in what she’s doing and if you do invest with her one day, I get a small commission. That being said, I really do this because I think what Lisa teaches is needed, important and she’s very good at it.


How To Engender Lots of Social Media Attention If You Are Not Fond of Writing

If you struggle with the writing, or even just keeping up with content creation, here’s an alternative idea to get your customers and prospects talking about you, without a lot of copy writing.

This note from Leesa Barnes, President of the Int’l Asso of Virtual Event Managers rang true for me…
I spend a LOT of time writing Tweets and blog posts, but it’s actually my audio show (podcast) DishyMix where my skills shine.

(Photo Credit “fdecomite” Creative Commons)

There are a a lot of  online strategies to attract people to your business.

Article marketing is great for inbound links, video marketing works well but you have to feel comfortable in front of the camera, Twitter is often easier, but it takes a lot of consistent effort and you never know what will get clicked.

Have you tried all these internet marketing tactics? Leesa says, “I was getting sooooooo frustrated because I was using every strategy out there. You name it, I was doing it and only got drips of attention.”

“I remember buying a $1,000 program that promised that all I needed to do was send 1 email to fill my coaching program. I did just that and got nothing.” “No one signed up. Just the wind blowing in air with crickets chirping on the side.”

“I was crushed.” “My confidence took a hit”. “Everyone was talking about me, but how much I failed.”

“But the one that always got me a lot of attention quick – and for all the right reasons – was hosting a multi-speaker virtual event.”

Leesa says anytime she hosts a virtual event, her list doubles! And it’s a great way to become an expert. And, you help a lot of people at one time get up to speed on a subject. So everyone wins.

Best of all, virtual events can generate more than leads, they can generate revenue.

If this sounds interesting to you, sign up today for her virtual event about virtual events called, “Virtual Even Boom.”

I’m giving away 3 Plan A $97 seats to DishyMix fans today. Jump on over to the DishyMix Fan Page on Facebook and “Like” the show and post your desire to be a winner on the wall. I’m choosing today — so click now.

And if you don’t win, sign up anyway. This is going to open up a whole new strategy for your inbound marketing.

Virtual Even Boom runs May 10-14 and it will be recorded so you can listen live or on demand.

Check out this link for more…

Here’s to your virtual event success!


DishyMix Fan Freebies Alert – Time Sensitive Click Now

I have some particularly good schwag and goodies from recent guests and one of them is quiet time sensitive:

Want to learn how to make money and generate leads from virtual events? I have 3 Free tickets to “Virtual Event Boom” — $97 Plan A seats. Preview call TONIGHT – details here.

Free, personally autographed copy of “The Power of Eye Contact: In Business Love, and Life” by Michael Ellsberg. This is an awesome book!

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Greg Ellwell is the winner of the free event from Eventbrite. Thanks, Julia Hartz.

How do you get to be the winner? Post your desire on the DishyMix Fan Page Wall!

Make it a good one and I’ll pick the winners.


The Technology To Use for Your Virtual Event

The following detail is an excerpt from a DishyMix interview with Leesa Barnes, President of the International Association of Virtual Events Managers.

Leesa Barnes of Virtual Event Boom

In this post, Leesa explains the various ways you can charge for a virtual event.

Note: I am participating in Virtual Event Boom, May 10-14th, 2010.

There is a free Preview Call May 5th to learn more – click HERE to sign up.

Be one of three lucky winners of a free Plan A $97 seat. Click HERE to find out more.

Susan Bratton: Let’s get into the details about technology and infrastructure to run a virtual event. What do you use or recommend, how are all the pieces connected together so you can register people, do the outbound email marketing, collect their money, confirm them? What’s the tele-seminar, the conference call system that you use and do you have, is there follow up beyond that that you need technology for? How does that all stitch together?

Leesa Barnes: There are certainly two ways that you can go about doing this. One way is to spend anywhere between $10,000 dollars and up on a 3D virtual event platform. Most in the corporate environment, if your audience is corporate, this would probably be the way to go. These 3D platforms, you open your browser and you encounter a table, a welcome table, and then an avatar will walk up to you and say “Welcome. Where do you want to go today?”, and you’ll see a bunch of signs. It’s very fancy, quite beautiful and elegant. But again, you’re going to pay for it. So if you have $10,000 dollars and up to spend, then that’s the way to go.

On the other side, if you have a smaller budget I use WordPress and a few plug-ins to offer the same interaction online so that attendees have a place to go and interact with other attendees, interact with speakers, and then find a spot to get the recordings and the call-in details all in one spot.. The plug-in I use to build this virtual internet platform is called WishList Member, and both of these together provide a very powerful environment to host a virtual event. Now you’ll need a phone line and what I use is a service called The Instant Teleseminar. If you go through my affiliate link at you’ll skip the opt-in page and you’ll go right to the order page and you’ll get your, you can get 21 days for a dollar. And so this is the conference bridge line that I use to deliver the live sessions.

The reason why I actually pay for my phone line service as opposed to use one of those free conference bridge lines is 1), that I need something reliable. I find that when I’m paying a fee for my conference bridge line service I get a lot of options and I get better uptime. But secondly, many people cannot call the phone numbers that are offered by the free conference bridge line services because many of the Tel Cos have banned their customers from calling. There’s something about subsidies and, you know, there’s something tricky going on there, and I still don’t fully understand. But in a nutshell, because these phone numbers are in rural parts of the United States, that anyone that services calls through those rural spots will actually get a subsidy or get a kickback from the long distance charges that are being routed to those areas. Now many of these free conference bridge line services, their companies aren’t even located in these rural areas, and thus making the Tel Cos feel it’s unfair to route calls through there and give money to companies that don’t even reside in those areas. These numbers are typically 712 and 218 numbers. I cannot access them off my phone line, and thus I don’t use the free conference bridge line services. So I would rather pay.

So WishList and WordPress together, plus Instant Teleseminar give me a really powerful platform. And in turns of interaction, there’s forms that you can use to plug into your Word Press blog. And of course you can invite your attendees to use Twitter and other social media tools. So as you can probably tell, one solution is least expensive, but you’re using a lot more tools plugged into each other; whereas the other option is more expensive and the benefit is that you use everything in one place, so you don’t have to go off and rent a bridge line service, you don’t have to go off and get attendees to sign up for something else. Instead it’s all in one spot, the drawback is the expense. So you’ll just need to look at your own budget and decide which one is going to meet your needs.

And then to accept payments I just want to mention this, that I use a program that, it’s called, and it allows me to accept payments, to easily put payment buttons on my web page, and then it has an auto responder feature so that once the attendee signs up then they start receiving a series of emails every few days that kind of coach them on how to use the virtual event platform, where to go and also provides an affiliate center so that my affiliates can sign up, get their affiliate URL and be able to run reports to see how well their campaign is doing.

So, you know, all these tools together, again, like I said, one option is to use a least expensive tools, but then they’re all over the place, but they integrate nicely so that’s the nice thing about it. Or to use something more expensive, which is the drawback because of the expense, but the benefit is that it’s all in one spot.

Susan Bratton: Yeah, and I’ve heard nothing but good about Word Press and WishList Member, which lets you drip out the content over time – it’s awesome – so that, you know, each day when you have your Monday tele-seminar with your, you know, your opening keynote and your heart-centered copy writing, those things appear. Then the next day on Tuesday you get the easy expert interviews with me and multiple streams of virtual event income, and then the third day you get how to get anyone to say yes and launch secrets for the marketer. So it’s great because people have to keep coming back and I think it creates the mentality of your virtual event being more than just some recorded audio content or a tele-seminar. It’s like, “Wow, this is my resource. I am a member of this site and I can come back and get this stuff as much as I want, listen to it whenever I want to.” Don’t you think that the mentality is here, it’s more like a membership with a forum…

Leesa Barnes: Yes!

Susan Bratton: than it is a tele-seminar….

Leesa Barnes: Exactly.

Susan Bratton: It vaults you to a whole new level.

Leesa Barnes: Oh Susan, this is where I get so excited, so excited, because your virtual event doesn’t stop once your virtual event is over. Now you’ve got this huge of database of people that have bought from you, that are interacting with each other. In other words, your virtual event has helped you shake out your tribe. So now that it’s over you can start to leverage that content, either by inviting more people to join or by offering more content on top of that. Perhaps you turn your virtual event platform into a membership website where then you do monthly expert interviews. You can charge an extra fee or you can offer that to your attendees at no extra cost. I mean oh, the possibilities are so endless when it comes to leveraging your content later on and fostering this tribe that you’ve just built. The strategy here is just amazing.

Susan Bratton: Then you’re selling them on a continuity program, you’re billing them on a monthly basis a nominal fee to get updated information, ‘cause like you said, I used to use Facebook groups, now I use WordPress and WishList Member. Now I use Instant Tele-seminar. I used to use, you know, Go To Meeting. And so you’re constantly evolving, the markets constantly evolving. You’re the expert; they want access to that. I love it.

Leesa Barnes: Yeah, and Susan I want to also add that there’s another powerful strategy here that I just want to make sure we don’t ignore, which is that some of you might be saying, “Oh virtual events, they sound great. They’re nice, oh yeah.”

But, you know, I do training, I do workshops, I do training in classrooms, you know, and I don’t want these virtual events to take over that. So to that I say that there’s this whole concept of hybrid events, and that’s where you use your non-virtual event to fill your virtual event and vice versa.

So one of the person that has done this really successfully and has been doing this over the last few years is Alex Mandossian. He’s been training virtually for years and then what he does once a year is he has a reunion day event where he invites his students to come out to network, to meet him, and to, you know, go through a light training day. But the emphasis is on networking. And what he does is he charges a very small fee to cover his costs and invite his students to come on out. And usually what he does is he flies into a certain city and he’s there to speak or lead a workshop, then he’ll fly in the day before and run this reunion day.

So you can use it like that, if you’re someone who trains virtually and you want to bring, and you want to fill a workshop in a city, that’s just a wonderful strategy. Or vice versa; maybe you’ve been doing training sessions all along in a non-virtual environment. You’ve noticed there’s this climb in the number of people attending your training sessions and workshops, as what happened to one of my clients, Mary O’Brien. She teaches a lot of internet marketing and just noticed a decline in people coming out to her training events. So then she employed a virtual event strategy and has really taken off. She hosts an annual event called AdWords Advantage. She attracts a few hundred people to attend. And then from that database she then offers a discount and invites those who attended her virtual event to come out to her training and workshops, and vice versa. For those who attended her training workshops in a classroom, she’ll give them a discount for them to attend her virtual event. So it’s a wonderful strategy.

So if you’re thinking that virtual events, yeah, you know, “I’m a trainer, I’m a meeting planner. I don’t want to use it ‘cause I think it going to take over”, instead you should look at virtual events as helping to supplement what you’re already doing with non-virtual events.

Susan Bratton: I’m going to stop right here. I forgot to ask, could I give away one seat to the conference to my DishyMix fans?

Leesa Barnes: Well actually Susan, lets do this. How about we give away 3 seats at the $97 dollar value? So I’m more than happy to give away 3 seats at the plan A level, and that’s the $97 value. And so Susan, you can work it out with your listeners how you want to give those way, but okay, so 3 seats at the plan A level, it’s $97 dollars, and Susan you and I will work behind the scenes so that once you identify who those winners are then we’ll be able to give them the registration details.


Susan Bratton: Okay. So we only have time for one last thing, and you and I have known each other for a couple of years now, and I’d love to talk more about sewing and what the hot things are in Toronto, but the one thing that I really respect about you Leesa and that I think more people should really step us and own is an efficiency trick of yours. Share it.

Leesa Barnes: Yeah, this is something I have learned once I got into my 30’s. When I was in my 20’s I wanted to please everyone, and so I did everything. And then it got to a point where I started to over-promise and under-deliver, and my professional reputation started to be tarnished and affected by this. So now that I’ve reached my 30’s and I’m a little bit smarter – probably not as smart as I’ll be when I reach my 40’s, but you know, I’m a little smarter now – and what I have done is I just say no to everything. I say no to everything, you know. I plan my promotional and sales calendar 12 months in advance, and unless it’s a really compelling event or program or product, I just say no. And that’s how I remain efficient in this busy world so that by saying no I don’t over-commit, I don’t over-promise. I maintain my professional standards and my integrity. And people respect me for that. They respect me for being able to be honest and not take on more than I can chew.

Susan Bratton: It’s brilliant to say no as much as you possibly can. And I think that if you knew that if someone was truly empowered to just say, “You know, I just can’t do that. I’m sorry. I’m focused on my deadlines and deliverables and, you know, I can’t get those done fast enough. I can’t take on another thing. And I really appreciate it and would love to help you but I can’t”, they’re okay with that. It’s all right, because it’s shocking if you are….

Leesa Barnes: It is.

Susan Bratton: somebody like you Leesa, whose definitely extraordinarily well connected, very out in the world, and doing something that has, it’s very hooky, you’ve got, you know, lots of things that could be done around what you do…

Leesa Barnes: Yes.

Susan Bratton: you’re just going to be bombarded with requests.

Leesa Barnes: Absolutely.

Susan Bratton: Yet if you say no in a nice way or if you just, if you ask for something and a person says, “No, I’m sorry”, I say, “Hey, don’t feel bad. I appreciate the no. I thought I’d ask”, and I’m glad you can say no if it’s not good for you – you don’t have time, you don’t have energy, you’re not interested, whatever – no worries. I asked, you said no. I’m good with that. I support that, you know. I just want to send out to everybody that I want you to say no to something today… and feel good about it because you’ve actually done that person a favor, ‘cause if you said yes and you were cranky about it, you’re not really doing them a favor, right?

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