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How To Craft Your Irresistible Offer

Yesterday I posted info about this call,

“5 Simple Secrets to 6-Figure Teleseminars:

How to make BIG FAST MONEY doing what you LOVE”

from Lisa Sasevich, the creator of a smart product

called “Invisible Close” that is great for talk shows,

podcasts, stage presentations and selling in general.

Click Here to Learn More:

The call is on Thursday, July 29, at 4 pm EDT/1 pm PDT

and if you register for it, you can get the recording

to listen to when ever it’s convenient.

If you have a talk show, speak from the stage, do

teleseminars or give sales presentations, Lisa can

teach you how to be sooooo much more effective

at closing.

Her “Irresistible Offer” concept is brilliant without

being “salesy.”

This is the strategy I USE when I’m selling from the stage

or promoting a product on my talk show.

In a hurry? Just go here:

On this call you’ll learn:

1) The #1 thing you need to focus on to get BIG sales results

on your preview call, talk show or from the stage.

2) 5 simple steps to craft your talk so it’s content-rich AND sells.

3) Her secrets to tripling your sales.

4) Exactly how to structure your Irresistible Offer.

5) The most critical mindset shift you need to make before attempting to sell anything.

Here’s that link again to reserve your spot.

Note: There is no cost or obligation, but you should know I am an affiliate of Lisa’s, which means I believe in what she’s doing.


Preparing Your Guest for An Interview for Your Podcast or Information Production Content Creation

I’ve found it very helpful to send an email prior to interviewing a guest for my show. In this email I prepare my guest for the particulars of my interview style and my audio set up.

In addition to making sure your guest is ready for the interview, they also take the process more seriously if you are this prepared.

Here’s my letter:

DishyMix Guest Briefing

Thank you for agreeing to be my guest on DishyMix. I am looking forward to bringing out the best in you on the show.

Here are some points of preparation for your review and action.

Interviews can be done in person in our studio if you are in the SF Bay Area. If not, we’ll do it by phone.  You must be on a landline, not cell phone or the interview will be canceled. Please use a POTS, not VOIP line. If you don’t understand what this is, let me know. You must call in on a wired, not wireless phone from a quiet room. Headsets do not sound as clear as handsets. Please turn off your cell phone and make sure you have a glass of water at your side.  Call the studio line at 650 xxx-xxxx when you’re ready.

The interview takes 1 hour between sound check, prep and the actual Q&A. The finished show is approximately 30 minutes after editing.

I will bring you on to the show and then please stay on the line until I finish the show at the end so I can properly thank you and discuss final details.

The show is pre-recorded and professionally edited, so at any time, you can have a “do over” or ask a question. My producer takes editing notes during the show.

Please send me 4-6 fresh topics about which you’d enjoy speaking and I’ll be generating questions I’d like to ask you as well. I’ll need your full bio, high-res head-shot and any sites to which you want me to link from the bio page on our site.

A week before the interview, I’ll need the 4-6 topics (they can be just a sentence or two) and answers to as many of the below questions as you would like to answer.

Email me everything the week prior.

If you have anything to give away — a personally autographed copy of your book, a goodie or sample — to DishyMix fans on the show, I’d like to know about that too.

In addition to the 4-6 topic areas, may I please have some tidbits about you that are not common knowledge for use in our discussion about how amazing and fabulous you are on the DishyMix podcast interview? Answer as many of these as you’d like.

This is where I send them my “Susan’s Super Secret Questions” — these are part of my Masterful Interviews and Talk Show Tips information products.


Finally, the DishyMix audience is primarily very sophisticated digital marketers, information product marketers, PR professionals, Web 2.0 entrepreneurs, online publishers and technology and service providers serving the marketing and sales industry. The show is downloaded on average 20,000 times a month.

Will you please join the DishyMix Fan Page here?

To see the more than hundred most recent episodes, click below.

DishyMix Podcast

DishyMix in iTunes

DishyMix Fan Club

DishyMix Blog

Let me know if you have any questions. Looking forward to interviewing you. I will do my best to create an entertaining dialog that puts you in the best light.

I pride myself on the quality of the interviews and your preparation goes a long way in creating the best possible outcome.

Thank you so much. Looking forward to our interview!

Warm Regards,



Susan Bratton

CEO Personal Life Media

Author of Talk Show Tips and Masterful Interviews






One Click Add

About Susan Bratton

Susan Bratton is the co-founder and CEO of Personal Life Media, Inc., where she produces 40 weekly online shows and is a publisher of nearly 20 direct-to-consumer online information products. The company provides automated platforms for podcast and information product publishing to serve experts who deliver talk shows and downloadable training systems.

Susan has hosted her popular weekly show “DishyMix: Success Secrets from Famous Media and Internet Executives” for six years running.  She is the creator of two books, “Talk Show Tips: 72 Secret ‘Master Host’ Techniques,” and “Masterful Interviews: Creating Profitable Content.”

She sits on the boards of a number of companies and has been on the founding team of many Silicon Valley start-ups in the consumer web services sector. She has been recognized as a digital marketing expert by numerous tech and advertising publications and is Chair Emeritus of the ad:tech conference.

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Affiliate Marketing for Talk Show Tips

Talk Show Tips is $147 teaching system for radio hosts, podcasters and info product marketers that pays a 20% rev share for affiliates.

You can join right now and get affiliate links, banner ads and video banners created by Innovate Media as well as email swipe copy to convert your lists.

It’s easy! Sign up at RevShareNow.

Here are some sample banners: (pretty, huh?)

PLMAd-Susan-120x90 PLMAd-Susan-160x160 PLMAd-Susan-300x250

If you want a sample copy, just let me know by signing up at RevShareNow and requesting one via email.


“Masterful Interviews: Create Profitable Content” Workshop Successful

At ad:tech last week I had the pleasure of presenting all my material from my upcoming eBook/training system, “Masterful Interviews: Profitable Content Creation” in a two-hour workshop to a number of web celebrities.


I covered how to prepare for an interview stress-free, how to define your interview format and how to get a VIP to say “yes” to letting you interview them.

Attendees got a copy of my “Susan’s Super Secret Questions” that I use to get really good material to create the best interviews possible, along with my process for quickly and easily planning your line of questioning.

We reviewed a collection of in-interview practices for managing the guest and how to create rapport that delivers great content.

Then I gave everyone some vocal techniques I learned from Bob Corff to warm up their voices.

I ended with a few great ways to provide content so your fans can promote your work for you using free social media marketing tools.

We had a lot of fun and I really appreciate the terrific testimonials.  Thanks to everyone for attending.

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Talk Show Tips Audio Ad Copy – Comments Please?

Here’s my ad copy for an audio promo for Talk Show Tips.

Talk Show Tips: 72 Secret 'Master Host' Techniques

Talk Show Tips: 72 Secret 'Master Host' Techniques

Can you tell me if this would compel you to go to my site and sign up for my free mini-course or even better, buy the product?

This is Susan Bratton, author of the Talk Show Tips system.

If you are a podcaster, information product marketer, blogger, radio or TV host and you conduct interviews, Talk Show Tips can turn your audience into raving fans who promote your work for you.

Talk Show Tips: 72 Secret Master Host Techniques teaches you how to prepare and produce riveting interviews. And learn to promote your work with free, social influence marketing strategies.

Want to know how to effortlessly generate killer questions for your next interview?

Get my free “Easy Question Generator Mini Course” today at Talk Show Tips dot com.

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Be Everywhere! My Secret Stash of Social Media Meta Tools for Easily Syndicating Your Work #TG2009

Image by adria.richards via Flickr

Whether I’m keynoting or participating on a panel or even at a party, socializing and talking business, I get the same basic question over and over.

“How do you manage to be everywhere at once?”

They are not talking about my physical body, which is mostly planted in my Aeron chair moving Personal Life Media forward. What they are talking about is the level of conversation I keep up online via Twitter, on Facebook, in my LinkedIn page, on my blog, with my weekly podcast. And everyone wants specifics. Exactly what do I use and how do I connect all the disparate services together?

I use a couple of really good meta-tools that lay on top of the various social nets, allowing me to write once-post many with my written content and my photos/videos/images. This syndication is at the core of my work and simplifies and radiates my work to my friends and followers across multiple networks.

My constellation of tools includes:

  1. MobyPicture for syndicating my photos from my iPhone and Mac across ALL my socnets simultaneously (kicks TwitPic’s booty) Read my Post Once Appear Everywhere review of MobyPicture here.
  2. TweetLater Professional (there’s a free version) for pre-scheduling Tweets to come out over time about my DishyMix podcast episodes, other shows on Personal Life Media and some of my better blog posts, of which I hope this is one
  3. Trackur for online reputation management and social listening. It’s superior to Google Alerts
  4. I’m also testing uberVU in their private beta as it’s a threaded listening/commenting system, because once you syndicate your content across multiple networks, you get comments coming in from all those places and you need a single UI in which to manage the conversations
  5. and a Twitter Custom Search bookmark on my Firefox browser toolbar that @DaveTaylor taught me how to do: “dishymix” OR “susan bratton” OR “@susanbratton” OR “personal life media” OR “talk show tips” (learn how from Dave here)
Image of Dave Taylor from Twitter
Image of Dave Taylor

Note: MobyPicture is a Dutch company, founded by Mathys van Abbe. More about MobyPicture here. TweetLater Professional is a Canadian company, founded by Dewald Pretorius. Trackur is a US company, founded by Andy Beal. uberVu is a Romanian company, founded by Vladimir Oane and Dragos Ilinca. We met an amazing number of social media start ups on our Traveling Geeks tour which you should check out.

This post will focus on how I use Tweetlater Pro to schedule and use “spinnable text” so that I’m promoting my work over time across Twitter. I do link my Tweets to Facebook, so they appear there as well.

This is an excerpt from my elearning system, Talk Show Tips: 72 Secret Master Host Techniques in which I teach you how to prepare for a conduct interviews but also exactly how I use social influence marketing to promote my shows. TweetLater Professional is a mainstay in my strategy.

Image by adria.richards via Flickr

Using TweetLater Professional to Manage Your Twitter Schedule
I am so glad Dewald Pretorius (love that name!) had the organizational foresight to invent TweetLater Professional. I follow him on Twitter @dewaldp. I want to be in the Twitterverse on a consistent basis, but I have a business to run and a life to lead. TweetLater Professional “TLP,” for which I pay $29.97, a month is completely worth the price for its time-saving features.

I have a lot I want to Twitter about. I blog, I have my podcast, we do 39 other interesting shows on the network, I find other blog posts and articles I want to share, I like to post about where I’m speaking, I want to “crowd source” answers to my questions…I love to interact on Twitter.  I take a proactive approach to much of what I Twitter. I like to write a whole series of Tweets and then schedule them to appear at times when I know my East and West Coast friends are most likely to see them. Then I supplement those pre-planned Twitters with all of the spur of the moment things about which I want to communicate by Twittering on the fly.

I also know that any one follower may not likely be watching their Twitter stream when I’m Twittering about a specific subject. For important things, like my weekly show, I want to be able to Twitter about it more than one time.  I will write 4-8 different versions of a Twitter about a single episode and schedule them to appear over a 1-3 week period. That way, if one post doesn’t catch your attention or your fancy, another one about the same show just might.

Here is what the basic TweetLater data entry screen looks like.

TweetLater Main Entry Screen

TweetLater Main Entry Screen

Here are examples of four Twitter posts I scheduled through TweetLater Professional (using Spinnable Tweet Text – more below)  to come out in one month about one single episode of DishyMix:

Pivotal Veracity. I don’t know what it is, but I want it. McClosky recommends cool email tools.
The Jazz Club Dolphin on Text Vs. HTML
40,000 Email Marketing Campaigns Later, The #1 Piece of Advice Emerges
Shy? An incredibly convoluted but elegant solution to networking from Bill McClosky.

Notice that they all have the same TwitPWR url?  That way, which ever ones get RT’d, give more power to that single url and reinforce my standing at TwitPWR. I also save draft tweets that include text and a TwitPWR url in it if it’s a really good episode and I’ll want to promote it for weeks afterward.

Spinnable Tweet Text

My very favorite feature of TweetLater Professional is not just scheduling tweets that will be published every X number of hours, days, or weeks. The “Spinnable Text” feature is BRILLIANT. To avoid having the tweet say exactly the same thing every time it is published, you can provide alternate tweet text options (multi-level spinnable tweet text) from which the final tweet text is compiled every time a recur is published.

My Spinnable Text post for the above four Tweets about Bill McClosky’s interview on DishyMix looked like this in the entry box:

{Pivotal Veracity. I don’t know what it is, but I want it. McClosky recommends cool email tools.|The Jazz Club Dolphin on Text Vs. HTML|40,000 Email Marketing Campaigns Later, The #1 Piece of Advice Emerges|Shy? An incredibly convoluted but elegant solution to networking from Bill McClosky.}

Note: You can always cancel or pause these kinds of recurring Tweets if they become noxious or are no longer viable. Also, the directions for how to do Spinnable Text are very well done on the TweetLater console.

In addition to the advanced scheduling, another feature I like in TLP is the ability to schedule for multiple accounts. I manage my own Twitter account @SusanBratton, I also manage the Twitter stream for @PersonalLIfe and I contribute to the Association for Downloadable Media’s Twitter feed, @ADMTweets. I can write any Twitter and decide to post it to one, two or all three of my accounts using TLP.

TweetLater Pro Accounts

TweetLater Pro Accounts

Note: I also own @TalkShowTips and @DishyMix and send potential followers to @SusanBratton to follow me there.

Track Your Keywords on Twitter with TweetLater Professional
I have set up alerts and track a list of keywords using TweetLater Professional too. I use it like I do with Trackur, which I view about once a week. I like getting the Twitter digest every day in email so I can discover new people to follow or who I can tell about TalkShowTips. You can also use this feature to track your @replies, though I keep up with them through TweetDeck when I’m at my desk and Twitterific on my iPhone. It feels more timely to me to get them at those places, than TweetLater Professional.

I am actively looking for Twitterers who are posting about their latest show, so I can ping them about this book or respond to them in general. Here are my current list of keywords and phrases I track:

“latest podcast”, “my podcast”, “my show”, “new episode” ,”new podcast”, “new show”, “personal life media”, @susanbratton, #adtech, #TG2009, dishymix, podcast advertising, show host, susan bratton, susanbratton, talk show, talk show host, talkshow, talk show tips, talkshowtips, plm

This is how the email digest of results from your Keyword Tracking in Tweetlater Professional looks. These are a few Twitters, mostly from others, about DishyMix:

TweetLaterPro Keyword Digest

TweetLaterPro Keyword Digest

The Big Brouhaha About Twitter Automation
I must warn you. There are some features of TweetLater Professional that are unpopular with the “Twitterati*.”

You can set Tweetlater Professional to automatically follow anyone who follows you, even with a 72 hour window to manually review your new followers before you confirm them. Turn about is fair play. You can also autmatically unfollow anyone who unfollows you. Fair enough. You can also automatically send a message to anyone who follows you. I like to thank my new followers, but a LOT of big name Twitters do not agree with me. They feel it’s spammy. They hate what are callled “Auto DM’s.” It’s a personal choice. If someone is really going to unfollow me because I thanked them for following me, then OK. I can live with that.

I am a mannerly woman and I like to say thanks. You should choose what feels best to you. Here’s a post I did on a dozen things to know about managing your online reputation. Always go with your gut. Here’s my SXSW interview with Guy Kawasaki where he says if he’s not pissing somone off, then he’s doing something wrong. With 150,000 followers, he can afford a few unfollows.

Twitter is a big social experiment and you have to have the confidence to feel your way through, apologize for mistakes and try new things! I find an apology is all it takes if you cross someone’s boundary.

Now you know the set of tools I use to “be everywhere” and a bit more detail about how I leverage TweetLater Professsional. Let me know what additional questions you have and tools you like for managing across social nets.

* Twitterati means the celebrity people on Twitter who have a large share of voice. Like the Glitterati or the Digerati… They can wield a big stick with their opinions.

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Creating a High Converting Video Spokesperson for Your Landing Page

John Cecil, CEO of Innovate Media Explains the...
Image by SusanBratton via Flickr

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Bernie Borges’ Find & Convert Interview with Susan Bratton

Bernie interviewed me today for his terrific show, Find & Convert.

Bernie Borges, Find & Convert

Bernie’s Show       Bernie’s Blog        Find and Convert in iTunes

He asked me a number of questions in advance of the interview and I thought I’d blog the answers here.

Who is Susan Bratton and what does she have her hands in now?

I’m a CEO, Publisher, Blogger, Podcaster, Speaker and Author.

DishyMix is my weekly podcast and companion blog. My coverages ranges from brain science to new gadgets to landing page conversion to the future of the social graph.

I’m the CEO and co-founder of Personal Life Media, an aspirational company and next-generation publisher focused on providing virtual, fully downloadable content experiences.

Our mantra is “frank talk and deep discussion for your personal life.”

We publish 40 podcasts, companion blogs and are launching 15 new information products I call “ebooks with benefits.”

Our first info products to market are, Talk Show Tips, Speak Up with Power and Influence, Masterful Techniques to Overcome Anxiety and Fear, Naturally Slender Quickstart and a 21 Day Lovemaking Program for Couples. We have another 10+ info products in production.

Top shows on Personal Life Media include:
DishyMix, Inside Out Weight Loss, Expanded Lovemaking, Buddhist Geeks, Living Dialogues, 3 Digital Photography Shows, The Diva Cast, The New Man, Just for Women, Philosopher’s Notes, Tantra & Kama Sutra and Sex, Love & Intimacy.

What is my high level view of social media marketing?

I view social media as being in three categories, Listening, Appvertising and Participation. Shiv Singh of Razorfish really helped me gel my concept of these buckets and his DishyMix interview is coming in June.

Listening is getting the most traction with Participation second and Appvertising third.

Listening: New companies like Unbound Technologies, a next generation Neilsen Buzz Metrics, is focused on opportunities around the social graph and social influence marketing. They create a list of the most influential individuals for any given brand and then provide an “affinity map” of the other most-influential people and brands related to that single, key influencer. This is fantastic for outreach, prioritization of influencers and joint promotions to important clustered audiences.

Taking behaviorial targeting to a new high with the inclusion of social graphing is Media6Degrees. They offer ad targeted based on social graphing. I also need an update on Lookery who is aggregating social media data across social networks to use for ad targeting. My interview with Scott Rafer of Lookery is here.

Appvertising is being well handled by ClearSpring, Gigya and RockYou! as well as and ContextOptional. Brands who create useful aps or sponsor useful aps for their target consumers are brilliant players at a high-level of sophistication in the social influence marketing sphere.

Participation is certainly evident in Facebook Pages. Here’s my DishyMix Fan Club where I give away all kinds of goodies to my listeners.  Also popular and smart are consumer generated content experiences like HP on YouTube described here in my interview with Daina Middleton and the darling of the moment, corporate Twitter accounts like this one.
What is the biggest difficulty in Social Media Marketing?

I believe in larger organizations, it is around internal ownership. Should social marketing be part of marketing, corp comm, where? In smaller organizations, I see the problem being one of overwhelming choice. Where do I start as a small business with limited resources?

Also, tracking and ROI still being figured out. Here is a great presentation on social media ROI.

Lee Odden (the wonderful soul who connected Bernie and I in the first place through his superlative Top Rank Online Marketing Blog  and I talk about integration of web analytics and social media analytics in this interview I did with Lee at SXSW for the #Community Powered project. Emphasis on real time data. The data that you can collect through something like a social media monitoring tool, like Buzz Logic, Collective Intellect, Radian6, married with web analytics, like Google Analytics, Omniture, Web Trends.

Lee Odden and Susan Bratton SXSW

Lee Odden and Susan Bratton on Web and Social Media Analytics

Listen Now
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RSS: iTunes
Podcasting? How did you get into it? What is the current state of podcasting and consulting your crystal ball on podcasting’s future.

Podcasting is still a nascent market.

The beauty of it is that anyone can create an audience of raving fans. (and in my ebook with benefits, called Talk Show Tips, I teach you how to empower your raving fans with the tools they need to help you grow your audience.)

If you are articulate and like to talk more than you like to write, audio may be better for you than blogging. And with transcripts, you can have the best of both worlds.

For video, the bar is very high on production quality. Make sure you are adequately resourced before pursuing.

Commercial podcasting is a very smart solution for brands who have deep knowledge to share with their customers and prospects.

The ADM (Association for Downloadable Media) is working on ad models, audience measurement and consumer attitudes toward sponsorships of podcasts.

It’s a greenfield opportunity for sponsors. Integrated social media programs are key. You must leverage the hosts’ social media influence.

There are two excellent video clips on Volomedia’s blog about Podcasting Metrics and Podcast Advertising and Sponsorship that Jeff Karnes and I just presented at the eMetrics Summit.

My presentation is at about some of my best programs from TrustedID, Holosync’s, Better Sex Institute, Lensbaby, Accuquote and Audible.

Finally, Talk Show Tips: 72 Secret ‘Master Host’ Techniques will teach anyone how to land big name guests, prepare for their show, ask killer questions with my easy question-generator mini-course, create and manage a facile show flow, conduct professional in-interview techniques and learn a dozen ideas for using social media to radiate your show and help your fans promote your show for you.

Talk Show Tips - How To Interview Guests on Your Show, Blog, Podcast or Info Product

What is your DishyMix podcast and blog business model?

DishyMix #1 Social Media Podcast

I’m very fortunate to have sponsors who underwrite my show to reach my valuable, sophisticated audience of marketers, agency pros and digital media mavens. DishyMix is sponsored by Isobar US Carat, the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summits, adtech conferences, Trusted ID, Upstream Habitat and Audible.

Who are some of the most memorable guests on DishyMix?

I’ve created a blog post to wrap up my Top 10 Favorite DishyMix Guests.

DishyMix: Success Secrets from Famous Media and Internet Business Executives

Listen Now

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And Coming Soon! Alvin Toffler, author of Future Shock on his newest tome, Revolutionary Wealth and Keith Ferrazzi, author of Never Eat Alone on his newest angle, Who’s Got Your Back?

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5 Free Killer Questions for Your Next Talk Show Interview + FREE Question-Generator Mini Course

I recently created a training system for radio and TV talk show hosts, podcaster, bloggers and info product marketers – anyone who tapes interviews as a part of their work.  It’s called, “Talk Show Tips: 72 Secret ‘Master Host’ Techniques.

Talk Show Tips - How To Interview Guests on Your Show, Blog, Podcast or Info Product

I teach you how to book amazing guests, come up with very unique questions, conduct a polished interview and then use social media to promote it to your fans to grow your audience.

It’s a culmination of years of experience and I loved writing and recording the training system.

I am giving away 10 Free Easy Question-Generators. The hardest part of having a talk show is figuring out what questions to ask every new guest. I offer up here one of my free Mini-Course ideas for your fun and pleasure.

This lesson contains one of my best ideas first. This is a free sample from my “Talk Show Tips: 72 Secret ‘MasterHost’ Techniques” system.

Here’s my secret weapon, right up front for you. I use a series of special questions I send in advance to every
guest to gain unique perspectives on who they are. Here is your free sample of some of the questions.

Susan’s Super Secret Questions*

  • What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
  • What travel experience changed your life?
  • What’s on your “Bucket List?” Top 5 things you’d still like to do?
  • What activity could you do all day long without getting bored?
  • For what do you want to be remembered professionally?

Once you’ve booked a guest on your show, send them a list of “Your Super Secret Questions” and ask them to
email them back to you a week before their interview. (They enjoy getting the opportunity to talk about themselves and often answer all of them!)

These more personal insights let you better understand your guest and integrate more variety of discussion points in your interview. It also disarms your guest when you get more personal, making them feel “seen” and connecting with you on a human, rather than role-playing “guest/host” level.

➢ How will it be when your famous guest, gives you the
highest compliment ever on your interviewing techniques,
knowing everyone in the world had interviewed them already
and YOU are the best?

By bringing out the humanity of your guest, everything they say has more impact with your audience, creating a deeper connection and consequently, a higher value for your show in your fan’s and your guest’s mind.

➢ Wouldn’t you like to generate huge amounts of
appreciation from your audience for the spectacular job you
do as a master interviewer?

Use my samples to brainstorm questions that fit your show and your personal style.

Get 30 more compelling questions like these when you purchase “Talk Show Tips,” along with 71 more great
ideas for preparing, producing and promoting your show.

It’s the most informative program available for growing your show and becoming a “Master Host.”

➢ Wouldn’t you love to hone an impressive level of KEEN

The answers your guest provides from YOUR Super Secret Questions feeds my easy “Talks Show Tips” process for developing an excellent interview every time. I call it “The Grid” and you can read about it free on the Talk Show Tip’s page.If you can wait for me to email you new tips every week and not just go buy “Talk Show Tips” right now, my next
lesson will review some “not so basic” techniques that you intuitively know, but just aren’t doing. You can sign up for the FREE 10 Lesson Mini-Course on Easy Question-Generators here.

Get the Talk Show Tips Freebies

With Thanks,

Susan Bratton

P.S. I am only interested in creating life-long customer relationships with individuals just like you, who are using
my product and producing GREAT results! Get this system, follow the simple step-by-step instructions, and then email me and let me how well you’re doing. I truly mean it. I haven’t met you (yet) though I really care about your
success. So please email me and prove to yourself that you’re worth this small investment. My email is
susan at personallifemedia dot com .

*I have created many of these questions myself as well as “liberating” questions from far and wide. Credit goes
to Bernard Pivot, Marcel Proust, James Lipton, Vanity Fair and Time Magazine and my friend, Cooper Bates. I’d be
delighted if you share yours back with me too.


The Art of Dialogue vs. Journalistic Interviewing – Two Styles for Your Next Show

In my new teaching system, “Talk Show Tips: 72 Secret ‘Master Host’ Techniques,” I’ve included to audio lessons along with the ebooks, worksheets, check lists and form letters anyone can use who conducts interviews. Whether you’re a blogger, journalist, podcaster, radio or TV host, if you interview people and capture those conversations, you have many options as far as interviewing style.

Talk Show Tips - How To Interview Guests on Your Show, Blog, Podcast or Info Product

Two discinct styles include the classic journalistic type, where one person asks questions of the other and records it. The second is having a “dialogue” where neither person has any agreed upon “advantage” and both come as equals to the conversation to open themselves to more possibilities and deeper understanding through discussion.

WIKIpedia link to DIALOGUE

One of the audio lessons in the Talk Show Tips system is an interview with visionary conversationalist, Duncan Campbell. He has a show called Living Dialogues: Thought Leaders in Transforming Ourselves and Our Global Community.

Duncan Campbell, Visionary Conversationalist

Here are some excerpts from the interview. Consider this art of dialog as you are conducting your next interview and see where it takes your work.

Living Dialogues Podcast

Excerpt from Talk Show Tips, “The Art of Dialogue” with Duncan Campbell.

Duncan explains how we was inspired to: host a conversation with various visionaries that were tuned into this sense of evolution of human consciousness, and to particularly get people to move off of their attachment to looking for a leader or a hero or a guru or a charismatic CEO that would tell them what the score was, what reality was all about and how to live their lives, because the core insight here was that we all already know that. We all already have that divinity, that insight within ourselves. The Buddhist’s call it “the seed of awake, the Buddhi Chita”. It’s is our birthright as human beings. So the question is how to evoke that in each other.

And a part of the way to do that is to un-Velcro our self from this adolescent stage of hero worship, or heroine worship, of finding a woman or a man to be a model that you can aspire to, and then getting stuck, like a record, in that groove. And I felt that that was what was happening in the media

I wanted instead for any of the guests on my show to be with me in a way that would allow them to give their unique gift to people. “Well wait a minute. This isn’t about one single way of doing things, one single way of seeing things, one single guru or teacher.” It’s about all of us together, midwifing this new larger mature consciousness. I could not conduct an interview in a normal adolescent cultural interview mode, where I ask questions to the authorities figure and the authority figure dispenses with them, because that reinforces our tendency in our adolescent culture at this point in history to look for the truth and wisdom outside our self. Somebody else is the expert and they’re going to tell us what we’re missing. It’s a kind of culture of lack that we see in our economic system and in our education system and so on, rather than one that draws people into their own empowerment. So in a nutshell, the instruction, as it were, was “You need to speak Duncan to each one of your guests as a peer, as an equal, and engage them in passionate conversations, so that the audience will be entrained, intrigued, involved as participants in a respectful and appreciative and exploration, exploring kind of dialogue, rather than just simply an exchange of information.

Most of the conventional media tends to be involved in what one of my guests, Deborah Tannen, called an argument culture. It’s a polarized “either/or” culture. You see it with the McLaughlin Reports, you see it with Fox News, you see it in many places where people say, “You say one thing”, and then they go to the other guest, “You say something else”, argue back and forth and somehow the truth is going to emerge, but in fact what happens is that there’s a lot of heat, very little light, and a kind of hardening of the positions on either side. That’s one way of doing it.

Another way of doing it is to flatter the guest. You see this in celebrity interviews where people are interviewed that have famous names, and the host, like Larry King or Barbara Walters, has specifically said that, “I want to be invisible. No one’s interested in what I, Larry King, has to say”, or “What I, Barbara Walters has to say”, they’re only interested in Prince Charles or whoever it is that they have on, and they’ve said that specifically. That’s really the old adolescent mode of doing the media, of being a mediator.

I think what we’re being called to as a culture is a much more co-creating a larger logos, a wisdom of the universe that’s within each of us, waiting to be progressively awakened more and more. And the word dia, one of its interpretations is flow, so the key is to awaken the dia, the flow of the logos, the innate evolutionary wisdom of the universe in ourselves, hence the word dialogue rather than interview, which is like looking at something from the outside, kind of peeking into some secret knowledge, as opposed to awakening the wisdom within. And, finally we say living dialogues, it happens in the now.

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Living Dialogues®: Thought-Leaders in Transforming Ourselves and Our Global Community with Duncan Campbell, Visionary Conversationalist, Living

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