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Joe Sugarman On Psychological Triggers for Marketing With Susan Bratton on DishyMix

When I had the good fortune to keynote at the first annual Clickbank Exchange event in NYC, I had the opportunity to meet legendary Joe Sugarman.

He is the guy who created the 29 (he says there are actually 31 in this interview below) Psychological Triggers for marketing to consumers that I mention in my Conversion Triggers presentation.

I lured him up to my hotel room <giggle> for a DishyMix interview.

I’m systematically interviewing all the great marketing psychology gurus… So this was a major coup!

This is gold!

Joe Sugarman on Why People Don’t Buy

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Feel free to forward this to your colleagues. And if they want the full presentation, you can send them to Conversion Triggers. It’s still free and loaded to bursting with awesome cheat sheets, book excerpts and updated links to my favorite copy writing, story telling, structured communication and neuro-marketing sites and products.

You can also subscribe to DishyMix in iTunes if you are a podcast lover.  (I like to listen to podcasts when I fold laundry and do dishes.)


Free Excerpt of “Today We Are Rich” by Tim Sanders

“Tim Sanders’ latest book will ultimately prove out as a classic piece of work in the human potential movement. It will sit alongside your Zig Ziglar, Napoleon Hill and Tony Robbins’ books.”

You’ll recommend “Today We Are Rich: Harnessing The Power of Total Confidence” to your family and friends.
You’ll give it as a gift.
“TWAR” is about confidence, and personal authority, and integrity.
The triumvirate of attributes that make for a solid man or woman.

Today We Are Rich Excerpt Susan Bratton <=== Click Here!

Tim Sanders on Today We Are Rich: Total Confidence

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Tim reviews the “7 Principles of Confidence.”
Check YOURSELF against his list and see if you’re doing what you need to be
supremely confident. If you are, you are a good model for your friends, family and children.
Share this list with your children. Talk to them about how to feed their mind, how to “give to be rich,” how to prepare themselves for a life led with quality actions and value to others. It’s good to stop and think about the life you are leading, the model you are living.
Tim Sanders is a bright light of positivism and well-grounded character. Give yourself a boost of optimism with this delightful conversation on my DishyMix interview. Click to listen!


Review: Leverage Your Genius – Sharla Jacobs and Jesse Koren of Rejuvenate Your Practice

Jesse & Sharla

I recently interviewed Sharla Jacobs of Leverage Your Genius on DishyMix. She created a video with 17 techniques you can use to turn what you know into an online information product.

Free Gift Just for Friends of Susan Bratton:

“New Video Reveals the Simple
Formula to Set YOUR Business Up for
6 Figures and Beyond (Even if You’re
Just Starting Out)…”

One of my DishyMix listeners, Jamie Luv, is doing just that and attended the Leverage Your Genius event and I asked her how it went.

Here is her reply…

Thank you for asking me about Leverage Your Genius.

You are right, I love Jesse and Sharla.

The program is indeed genius. Here is why.

Jesse and Sharla will give you a step by step process that they will walk you through in fine detail, that they have strategized, fine tuned and executed with success. The process they will teach you is simple, direct and has enough possibility that the newest of new or a practitioner that has been an expert for 30 years can truly learn to leverage their genius with this program.

The most valuable experiences that I got from being at the live event were:

Breakthrough Coaching with Jesse Koren.

It is clear that Breakthrough Coaching is what Jesse was put on this planet to do, because when he does it, he is on purpose, fabulously fierce and laser’s in to exactly what is needed in the moment to bring about authentic and meaningful change for the participant.

Sharla is a Goddess!

You know when people exude grace? Sharla is one of those amazing women who speaks business like she was singing a song. Which is perfect for the target audience that would rather do just about anything than listen to a business seminar. I found her insight, and approach inspiring, and the hands on information extremely valuable.

I am going to recommend this program to holistic practitoners and coaches that are really looking for a one stop shop that will give them all of the tools (both internal and external) to be successful creating marketable products.

Thank you so much for recommending this program to me!

Many Happy Thoughts,

Jamie Luv

Life Optimization Consultant

Listen To The Interview:

Sharla Jacobs on Leveraging Your Genius and Teleseminars That Sell

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Teleseminars That Sell with Sharla Jacobs

Here’s another great story from a follower who leveraged the info product publishing strategies I’ve been talking about on DishyMix and in my emails to launch his new software product AND a bonus video below on how to
Leverage Your Genius from Sharla Jacobs, this week’s DishyMix guest.

Listen to the “Teleseminars That Sell” DishyMix with Sharla.

From Bob T. – DishyMix follower:
“Hey Susan,

How are you? Wow girl, you are totally unstoppable!
Still loving Dishymix and the way you have morphed
your business into publishing information products.
I’m totally with you there.  Nice margins huh?

So, no doubt you’ve been following all the activity and
IM launches in the market with Andy Jenkins, Frank Kern,
your close personal friend Eben, etc. etc. It’s been a case study
I’ve been following for the past year or so.  I bought the
Jeff Walker program and I’m following his advice
in launching our product.

Cheers to you Susan, keep it coming!

This week, the DishyMix episode on Teleseminars That Sell with Sharla Jacobs has a bonus goodie – a video that shows you how to structure your business for six figure success.


Sharla’s Leverage Your Genius program is similar to Eben’s Guru Mastermind series. If you’ve been thinking about learning the art of information product publishing, this video has some HOT BONUSES you might appreciate.


What’s On @SusanBratton’s Podcast Playlist?

Everyone loves it when I blog the latest free podcasts we publish on Personal Life Media.

So here are some of the most recent on my playlist:

(You can get them at our site or in iTunes.)

Living Green Show

How to Transition More of Your Workouts into Nature – Outdoor Fitness with Tina Vidham

Green Talk Radio

Extracting Pure Water from Thin Air with Wayne Ferreira of EcoloBlue Story of Stuff with Author

Annie Leonard, Delicious, and Natural Cooking with Mariel Hemingway

Music For Midnight

Tropical Chillout (Feat. Microbunny, Dengue Fever, Rookiecop, Popcorn, & Damondo)

Business Success Tips

Happiness and Attachment: We debate the ingredients for a happy life and the effects…

The Zen of Vipassana Mediation – Stephanie Daily’s story…

Making Money with Video Affiliate Marketing: Sean gives us some advice on how to mak…

The Business Uses of Video: We expand on our discussion of the business and marketin…

Get Your Domain Name Before Sean Does: We talk about some good domain name and SEO s…

Paul’s New Business Model for Success of a Good Salesperson

The Answer: Paul and JC talk about their inspiration after reading the book “The Answer.”

Buddhist Geeks

The Jedi Mind Training of Concentration: In this episode we wrap up our discussion with med… Zen of Zen History: James Zito is a Buddhist film-maker, and the director of a newly re… – There’s an App For That: In this episode we’re joined by Soren Gordhamer, long …

The New Man

David Morelli – How to Clear Bad Energy and Find True Power: Do you ever wonder why you struggle…

Jordan Harbinger – How To Be Charismatic: Do you ever talk to strangers? …

Alex Linsley – How to Piss Off Chauvinists and Feminists

Inside Out Weight Loss

From Comfort Food to Comfy Body: Does losing weight mean you have to leave…

Divine Essence, Diet Soda, and Reversing a Downward Spiral: Overweight, out of work…

How to Forget to Overeat: Can you teach yourself to forget to overeat? …

When Thinking Thin Feels Doesn’t Feel Good: Weight loss, health, nutrition, diet…

Menopause and Weight Loss: Re-Syncing with a Changing Body: Women and men too, when…

Menstrual Mayhem, Mindfulness and Weight Loss: Ladies and Gentlemen too, learn how t…

Guided Journey for More Time and Less Weight: Relax into a delicious journey to exp…

Making Saying No Easier by Saying Yes: Saying no to foods and saying no to friends a…

Mindfulness, Self Acceptance and Weight Loss: Mindfulness Meditation has been shown …

Pleasure and Weight Loss with Jena LaFlamme

Beauty Now

Dr. Nicole: As Seen On The OC Housewives, ABC, E and more!

Kym Douglas: Television Host, Author, Healthy and Beauty Expert As Seen On Ellen, Good Day LA,…

Camera Dojo

Conversation with Syl Arena – LIDLIPS, Speedlites, and More

Conversation with Neil van Niekerk – Taking Your Flash to the next level: This week we talk wi…

Conversation with David Ziser – Choosing the right aperture

Just for Women

Lara and Johnny Fernandez: Soul Mate Search for the Serious: Who knew that radical self ca…

Dr. Sandor Gardos: Herpes, HPV, and Penis Power.

Nicole Daedone: O Meditation ~ A Radical Approach to Self Care

Expanded Lovemaking

Dr. Patti talks to Bruce Frantzis, Taoist lineage master, about sexual Qi Gong (Chi Gung) for Lovemaking.

Squirt Your Heart Out – Every Woman Can! Dr. Patti Talks to Tallulah Sulis, Somatic Edu…

Unleashing the S3xually Hyper-Responsive Woman: Dr. Patti Talks to David Van…

Tantalizing Techniques to Keep the Fires Burning All Year Long: Dr. Patti talks to Lou…

What Your Partner Wants You Know about Mind-Blowing O’s

Awakening to Full Body O’s: Dr. Patti talks to Crystal Dawn Morris, Tantr…

Super-charging Pleasure with Specific “Sandbox Dates”: Dr….

Becoming Multi-O (Part Two): Dr. Patti talks to Crystal Dawn Morris, Tantric Te…

Tantra & Kama Sutra

Dance with Desire: Recovering Body Wisdom with Kimerer LaMothe

Ancient Roots of Feminine Eros with Max Dashu

Expand Her “O” Tonight with Dr. Patti Taylor…

Igniting the Feminine through Masculine Energy Mastery with John Maxwell Taylor


Sensational Journalism – Pimping Stories for SEO – ABCNews and Nightline Selfishly Use Porn Angle to Get Clicks

One Taste

One Taste

What a disappointing piece of sensational journalism. An amazing group of teachers from OneTaste SF/NY were recently interviewed for Nightline, including Nicole Daedone, the founder. I have been waiting eagerly for the show to air because what they teach is “Orgasmic Meditation.” OMing is a practice that helps women feel more sensation through a stroking technique that OneTaste teaches.

Instead of accurately covering the value of this “massage” practice, ABC lumped OneTaste in with porn movies and eroticism. They completely missed the point of the practice and reverted to crappy, sensational journalism to drive traffic to this web page. (no link love from me, ABC)

See how ABC has optimized this page for the keywords “Porn” and “Erotic Film?” Desperate for traffic, ABC? How insulting. You entirely missed the point of OneTaste’s OMing practice. It’s a way that a woman can become in touch with her orgasmic potential and a way to feel a level of sensation that frankly, few partners can provide in the typical sexual context.

My husband and I were trained 4 years ago at OneTaste SF and it completely changed our relationship for the better. I’ve come into myself more as a woman and as a human being through this teaching. I have experienced a level of sensual sensation I cannot believe is possible and it continues to expand. My intimate connection with my husband is deep, comforting and hot. Every woman deserves to experience OMing.

I’m so passionate about it that I tell people about OMing all the time, produce podcasts with OneTaste and have recently co-created a “workshop in a box” with Dr. Patti Taylor for people who want to self-learn rather than going to a workshop with others.

Expand Her Orgasm Tonight: 21 Day Program for Partners

Expand Her Orgasm Tonight: 21 Day Program for Partners

OneTaste’s teaching is important.

To liken it to porn is a slap in the face and an indication that Nightline’s reporters (and ABC’s webmaster/SEO people) completely missed the point. I am saddened by this terrible piece of reporting.

If you are intrigued by the possibility of exploring and growing your orgasmic potential, spend some time on the OneTaste website, go to one of their classes and/or listen to the podcasts we produce with them.


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What To Do – Classic Example of Great Email Marketing from Sephora – Insider’s Club

In my DishyMix interview with Bill McCloskey of Email Data Source, he gives his advice for the single best email marketing idea you can model. His company collects competitive intelligence on over 40,000 email marketing campaigns a day (1 million a month), so he knows what’s working.

His advice in a nutshell? Make sure that when someone joins your email list, they become part of an “insider’s program.” Creating a special group who get access to incremental goodness is the way to keep churn down and sales high. For all Bill’s wisdom, listen below. See this great example of Bill’s advice from Sephora below.

Bill McCloskey

Bill McCloskey

Bill McCloskey on Email Marketing Best Practices, Creating Passion Groups, Jazz Clubs and Dolphins

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Sephora 1
Sephora 2
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Is This the Pinnacle of Self-Indulgent Self-Promotion or a Very Clever Way to Use My Skills? Don’t Be Too Mean! Video Spokespersons from iAds.

I’ve been working with John Cecil of Innovate Media on a series of Video Spokespersons for the landing pages of our new information products. Personal Life Media has launched a publishing division where we are selling downloadable content direct to consumers. These virtual products are created by experts whom we’re highlighting with video spokesperson technology from iAds on the sales pages.

Video Banner from Innovate Media for Talk Show Tips on DishyMix Blog

Video Banner from Innovate Media for Talk Show Tips on DishyMix Blog

Here are three examples of video spokespersons, the third being “not suitable for work*” so please beware that it’s an adult-education, sensuality product for couples.

Talk Show Tips

Speak Up with Power and Influence

Expand Her Org*sm Tonight http://expandherorg*

In addition to shooting the video spokespersons in their green screen studios in Orange County, they shoot clips usable for video banners, skyscrapers and medium rectangles. We put these in our affiliate marketing service, RevShareNow, for our partners to use to drive sales.

These are the three formats iAds created for Talk Show Tips, my elearning system for show hosts. You can see the skyscraper live on my blog too.

CLICK HERE to see the video skyscraper live!

Here are samples of my ads:

1.  Skyscraper – - runs in a standard IAB ad unit
2.  Lower third – - overlay
3.  Box – - runs in a standard IAB ad unit

I like how the Box ad looks like I’m kind of flirting with you. ;) blink blink

John Cecil, Innovate Media and Susan Bratton, Talk Show Tips

John Cecil, Innovate Media and Susan Bratton, Talk Show Tips

John Cecil says the click through he’s getting when the video ad matches the video spokesperson is fantastic. I also notice I’m getting really high click through rates on my animated .gif banners running alongside the video banners. It’s increasing the overall click through and conversion rate having the video banners on the site.

These video ads and spokespersons work particularly well in our situation – where we’re selling the expert’s products. I think this would be great for other people who are brands, like Jack Canfield for example. John says even if he uses actors/actresses for brands that don’t have a single person associated with them, that they click through and conversions are significantly higher.

Innovate Media Video Shoot

Innovate Media Video Shoot

Here is my interview with John on DishyMix where he talks about testing various models as spokesperons against a brand’s market segments. Very interesting show. Enjoy!

Episode 91: John Cecil on Video Spokespersons, Pickle Fights and Surfing in OC

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*NSFW but definitely suitable for your personal life. Amazing work by Dr. Patti Taylor.

Image of john cecil from Twitter
Image of john cecil
Dialing in the Set for John Santangelo's Shoot
Image by SusanBratton via Flickr
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Mining Social Media Spheres of Influence for Marketing Means – Unbound Technologies Affinity Maps

The most exciting new area (to me) of social media marketing, or as @ShivSingh, my latest guest on DishyMix from Razorfish likes to call it, “Social Influence Marketing,” is mining the clusters of connections to identify new prospects for products and services.

Similar to the concept of behavioral targeting, marketers and researchers believe that if they target the friends of an existing customer, they will find “birds of a feather” prospects for their goods.

UNBOUND Technologies

There are a number of companies using social graph data including Lookery (my interview with Scott Rafer, CEO), Media6Degrees and UNBOUND Technologies . These data mining and ad targeting companies are leveraging your data: the things you “fan” on Facebook,  your personal profile information, your network of connected friends (and god knows what else!) to find new prospective consumers connected socially to you so they can market products to your friends if you are a customer.

UNBOUND Technolgies can take a marketer’s existing customer list, compare it to their database of all known LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter users and come up with a rank order list of who, among their existing customers, are the most influential. If a brand has a Facebook “Page” (Fan Page), they can map the most to least influential fans, based on number of social connections.

Here’s an article from Business Week that gives you some idea of how important this data mining of social graphs is to the social net companies and marketers.

Business Week

Learning and Profiting from Online Friendships

These next two images are very telling. These are my Affiinty Map and my Influencer List from UNBOUND Technologies.

First you can see, of my 3,200 Facebook friends, what the top Celebrities/Public Figures, Brands, Bands, Services et cetera are of the people to whom I’m most connected.

If I were a brand (I’m certainly trying to be!) doing co-marketing promotions, it would be brilliant to partner with Guy or Seth or Arianna or the IAB or 212 in NY.  My friends and friendsters (virtual friends) would be more likely to pay attention to my messaging if I were to co-create something with other public figures, associations or brands about which they care most.

Unbound Tech Susan Bratton Affinity Map

In this list from UNBOUND Technologies, you can see who in my network are the most influential. If Joe Jaffe, Charlene Li or Mike Webb were to promote DishyMix, for example, their followers would be most likely to be interested in my work and they have the biggest reach.

Unbound Tech Susan Bratton Influencer Connections

If I give Unbound Technologies my professional contact database, they can also match it up with the premier social networks to give me an even better rank order of those people I know who are most connected in the social sphere. Even if I’m not directly connected to them now, I’d know who I should approach to friend to continue to widen my network more proactively.

Just replace Susan Bratton with your brand and think of the efficiencies and implications. What comes to your mind?

And here is this week’s DishyMix. Perfectly timed to talk about Social Influence Marketing with Shiv Singh of Razorfish who has been thinking about social network theory since grad school at the London  School of Economics & Political Science.


Shiv Singh, Razorfish on the Social Influence Marketing, the Portable Social Graph and Friendsters

Shiv Singh, Razorfish


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Bernie Borges’ Find & Convert Interview with Susan Bratton

Bernie interviewed me today for his terrific show, Find & Convert.

Bernie Borges, Find & Convert

Bernie’s Show       Bernie’s Blog        Find and Convert in iTunes

He asked me a number of questions in advance of the interview and I thought I’d blog the answers here.

Who is Susan Bratton and what does she have her hands in now?

I’m a CEO, Publisher, Blogger, Podcaster, Speaker and Author.

DishyMix is my weekly podcast and companion blog. My coverages ranges from brain science to new gadgets to landing page conversion to the future of the social graph.

I’m the CEO and co-founder of Personal Life Media, an aspirational company and next-generation publisher focused on providing virtual, fully downloadable content experiences.

Our mantra is “frank talk and deep discussion for your personal life.”

We publish 40 podcasts, companion blogs and are launching 15 new information products I call “ebooks with benefits.”

Our first info products to market are, Talk Show Tips, Speak Up with Power and Influence, Masterful Techniques to Overcome Anxiety and Fear, Naturally Slender Quickstart and a 21 Day Lovemaking Program for Couples. We have another 10+ info products in production.

Top shows on Personal Life Media include:
DishyMix, Inside Out Weight Loss, Expanded Lovemaking, Buddhist Geeks, Living Dialogues, 3 Digital Photography Shows, The Diva Cast, The New Man, Just for Women, Philosopher’s Notes, Tantra & Kama Sutra and Sex, Love & Intimacy.

What is my high level view of social media marketing?

I view social media as being in three categories, Listening, Appvertising and Participation. Shiv Singh of Razorfish really helped me gel my concept of these buckets and his DishyMix interview is coming in June.

Listening is getting the most traction with Participation second and Appvertising third.

Listening: New companies like Unbound Technologies, a next generation Neilsen Buzz Metrics, is focused on opportunities around the social graph and social influence marketing. They create a list of the most influential individuals for any given brand and then provide an “affinity map” of the other most-influential people and brands related to that single, key influencer. This is fantastic for outreach, prioritization of influencers and joint promotions to important clustered audiences.

Taking behaviorial targeting to a new high with the inclusion of social graphing is Media6Degrees. They offer ad targeted based on social graphing. I also need an update on Lookery who is aggregating social media data across social networks to use for ad targeting. My interview with Scott Rafer of Lookery is here.

Appvertising is being well handled by ClearSpring, Gigya and RockYou! as well as and ContextOptional. Brands who create useful aps or sponsor useful aps for their target consumers are brilliant players at a high-level of sophistication in the social influence marketing sphere.

Participation is certainly evident in Facebook Pages. Here’s my DishyMix Fan Club where I give away all kinds of goodies to my listeners.  Also popular and smart are consumer generated content experiences like HP on YouTube described here in my interview with Daina Middleton and the darling of the moment, corporate Twitter accounts like this one.
What is the biggest difficulty in Social Media Marketing?

I believe in larger organizations, it is around internal ownership. Should social marketing be part of marketing, corp comm, where? In smaller organizations, I see the problem being one of overwhelming choice. Where do I start as a small business with limited resources?

Also, tracking and ROI still being figured out. Here is a great presentation on social media ROI.

Lee Odden (the wonderful soul who connected Bernie and I in the first place through his superlative Top Rank Online Marketing Blog  and I talk about integration of web analytics and social media analytics in this interview I did with Lee at SXSW for the #Community Powered project. Emphasis on real time data. The data that you can collect through something like a social media monitoring tool, like Buzz Logic, Collective Intellect, Radian6, married with web analytics, like Google Analytics, Omniture, Web Trends.

Lee Odden and Susan Bratton SXSW

Lee Odden and Susan Bratton on Web and Social Media Analytics

Listen Now
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Podcasting? How did you get into it? What is the current state of podcasting and consulting your crystal ball on podcasting’s future.

Podcasting is still a nascent market.

The beauty of it is that anyone can create an audience of raving fans. (and in my ebook with benefits, called Talk Show Tips, I teach you how to empower your raving fans with the tools they need to help you grow your audience.)

If you are articulate and like to talk more than you like to write, audio may be better for you than blogging. And with transcripts, you can have the best of both worlds.

For video, the bar is very high on production quality. Make sure you are adequately resourced before pursuing.

Commercial podcasting is a very smart solution for brands who have deep knowledge to share with their customers and prospects.

The ADM (Association for Downloadable Media) is working on ad models, audience measurement and consumer attitudes toward sponsorships of podcasts.

It’s a greenfield opportunity for sponsors. Integrated social media programs are key. You must leverage the hosts’ social media influence.

There are two excellent video clips on Volomedia’s blog about Podcasting Metrics and Podcast Advertising and Sponsorship that Jeff Karnes and I just presented at the eMetrics Summit.

My presentation is at about some of my best programs from TrustedID, Holosync’s, Better Sex Institute, Lensbaby, Accuquote and Audible.

Finally, Talk Show Tips: 72 Secret ‘Master Host’ Techniques will teach anyone how to land big name guests, prepare for their show, ask killer questions with my easy question-generator mini-course, create and manage a facile show flow, conduct professional in-interview techniques and learn a dozen ideas for using social media to radiate your show and help your fans promote your show for you.

Talk Show Tips - How To Interview Guests on Your Show, Blog, Podcast or Info Product

What is your DishyMix podcast and blog business model?

DishyMix #1 Social Media Podcast

I’m very fortunate to have sponsors who underwrite my show to reach my valuable, sophisticated audience of marketers, agency pros and digital media mavens. DishyMix is sponsored by Isobar US Carat, the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summits, adtech conferences, Trusted ID, Upstream Habitat and Audible.

Who are some of the most memorable guests on DishyMix?

I’ve created a blog post to wrap up my Top 10 Favorite DishyMix Guests.

DishyMix: Success Secrets from Famous Media and Internet Business Executives

Listen Now

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And Coming Soon! Alvin Toffler, author of Future Shock on his newest tome, Revolutionary Wealth and Keith Ferrazzi, author of Never Eat Alone on his newest angle, Who’s Got Your Back?

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