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Do You Want To Be An Information Product Marketer With Personal Life Media?

Do You Have What It Takes To Be An Information Product Marketer?

So what we’re talking about here is the business model for information products. Information products are any collection of content that is, it goes beyond a book and it typically teaches you a system, a strategy and provides a solution to a problem or a business opportunity. And when a person has a unique skill and you’ve been trained and you’re credentialed, there is a greater revenue opportunity for you to do more than just offer a book or an e-book on the Internet. If your knowledge can benefit from being communicated via a “system,” using a collection of audio, video, workbooks and e-books, it lends itself to becoming an information product. Consider the possibility of it being a virtual downloadable series of assets as well as ultimately becoming a tangible product, something that you could ship to someone, like a book with a DVD series.  I recommend that people start with a virtual product and tweak it a lot before they actually turn it into any physical goods. Best is to sell five thousand copies of something before you make a tangible item.

An Active, Not Passive, Revenue Stream

If you’re thinking about becoming an information product marketer, then you would want to consider this set of outcomes. You would be thinking about this not as a passive revenue stream, but as an active revenue stream in that, yes it will be sold while you’re sleeping or on vacation or out in your garden, and it will also take a focused amount of your effort to create a channel of opportunity and revenue for yourself, even with business partners like Personal Life Media. We don’t do it all for you. You have to be pretty committed to doing a lot of work yourself to build a business with an active revenue stream. So what I also want to do in addition to explaining the model to you is to give you some food for thought about whether the work that this would take is really the work you want to do in the world.

Consistent & Extensible Product Ideas

The other thing that’s important is that whatever you create has to be extensible and sustainable. When people create information products about things like social media technologies they have to constantly update them. So creating something that’s a more long-term product that doesn’t need to be constantly updated is the right thing for information products. If you’re in a world where it’s a constantly changing thing, it’s probably better to be a blogger or a consultant. (And I don’t think it’s very easy to make money blogging, in general.)

Bring Others To Completion

The other thing is that creating your own information product is that it should expand your reputation. This should be something, like writing a book, that gives you even more credibility. The other thing that’s really important for Tim and I at PLM is that when we create products we like those products to bring others to completion. We’re very interested in personal and professional growth oriented content that teaches people to be even better than they are today. That’s unique to our professional ethos, but in many ways I think it’s potentially unique to the information product world too. IM’ers trying to solve problems and/or teach people things.  I challenge you to think about how what you know and can offer is unique, solves and problem and is a natural fit for being taught in a multi-modal way —with ebooks, workbooks (exercises/practices), audio and video. That justifies the higher prices of ebooks/information products versus printed books.

The Network Effect

We have been creating groups of people who work together to launch products in a mastermind group so that everyone gets ideas and cross-support from each other. They cross-promote each others products, they get ideas from each other, they cry on each others shoulders, and I typically have in the past linked like-minded IM creators together. When I have 8 people I take through the process simultaneously, we’ll do weekly group calls and I’ll put two-two-two-two teams together and go with strengths and weaknesses or similar product, so that everyone has a partner and you’re not completely alone. So those are some of the things that I think about when I’m talking to someone – would they be a good partner, would they be available to their partner, are they going to be able to be part of an ongoing process, four or five months worth of work to create their content, are they going to have the appetite to be a marketer of their own content after the fact. If they’re thinking they’re going to set it, forget it and it’s just going to sell itself, they won’t be a good partner for us or for themselves.

The Business Model for Information Products

Kevin Wilke of Nitro Marketing has a great concept of a business model for an info marketer. In his Nitro Blueprint product, he says there are four quadrants:  1) a front-end, 2) a continuity program or membership site, 3) the upsell product and 4) the post sell product or service. These different components could be called anything, but I like Kevin’s model and Kevin as a great human being.

Let me give you more detail about these four parts of the Nitro Blueprint model. [Note: The prices ranges I’ve mentioned are just examples – you can charge what ever your competitive market analysis will allow you to demand.]

  • The Front End is typically a single eBook. Simple, cheap, high-value. Typically $17-$97.
  • The Continuity Program or Membership Site is expanded, educational content that costs more and can be sold as an annual membership fee or a montly recurring charge for access to content that is dripped out over time. Typically $20-$300 a month or an annual fee ranging from $47-$2000.
  • Upsell is a home study course or a single product you download to your desktop or a DVD series or similar that is shipped to you. This can range in cost from $47-$5000 or more.
  • The Post Sell is often an even larger purchase – a suite of products, events, offline interaction, coaching or similar. Post Sell often includes access directly to the expert.

A lot of people think that if you’re an information product marketer you have an e-book. That’s a myth! What I didn’t realize when I got into the IM business is that the ebook is the loss leader. You create your ebook as the on ramp to your higher priced products —your continuity/membership, upsell and post sell products… You give 50-75% of the revenue generated from your ebook to your affiliates and JV partners to get the leads to upsell into your higher priced products. And if you’re smart, you also give your affiliates or JV partners a revenue share on those upsells too.  A long-term cookie is key to taking care of your partners.

So How Do I Make Money? The Front End

Here is how the business model of information product marketing actually generates income for you. The front-end, lets just take your e-book. You sell it for, yours is $12.95 – you can sell them for any price, even $100 dollars, anywhere in that range, whatever’s appropriate for the market. Business books sell for more than personal books. Professional growth sells for more than personal growth. Making money sells for more, a lot more, than hobbies. So if you were to think about putting your expertise in an e-book as your front-end you’d also want to think about how you could teach others to do it so that they could make money and how you make money and how you run your business. So the first thing you have is a front-end.

Continuity Income

The second thing you have is called continuity income. This is where you actually create a website and you teach people on a monthly or a weekly basis more and more information. You provide more and more value. It can be what’s called a drip system where each week or each month they get a new, you know, bit of content that’s worth $20, $30, $40, $50 dollars, $100, $150, $200 dollars a month, depending on the vertical market. So what you’re actually doing – and this is kind of like a blog. It’s essentially a blog that’s private where you can post audio, video and text and PDF’s and downloads to your customers so that they have access, behind the scenes access, to content that they’re paying you for. You can send out email newsletters to drive them back to this content, you can conduct interviews with other people in your business or people who’ve had success doing what you do, or people who know things about your business that you don’t know so that you can provide that content to them. And you can also have a membership site in this area, in this continuity area, where people join and they talk to each other, not just to you —a forum or maybe like an old school bulletin board kind of thing. So this is a place where they come and they get billed monthly to be part of the experience of being associated with your knowledge.

The Upsell

Then there’s also something called an upsell. Your customers might be paying $20 or $30 dollars a month to have information, but lets just say you have an entire system, like a home study course that teaches them everything. You’d want to move some of the people from your continuity or your membership site into the full tilt boogie stuff that you have, that might cost $300 to $1000, $2000, $3000 dollars depending on what market place you’re in. So that upsell. The idea is that people come in through your front-end, very low priced, and then you convert them as customers primarily through email marketing into your membership site where you teach them things every month, ‘cause sometimes things are so complex that you can’t learn it all at once. Then you can upsell them into an even bigger more comprehensive program.

The Post Sell

And then the final piece of it is this idea that the Kevin Wilke at Nitro Marketing calls a post sell, which is access to you – coaching, workshops, events, webinars. These can be virtual or IRL – In Real Life – or a combination of those things. That is in the $500 to $2500, $5000 dollar range, to have access to you. So what you’re doing is building this big funnel where the front-end, the cheap thing, has lots of people, and as you get down the funnel to the most expensive things, you have a smaller group of people paying more money.

When you think about marketing your product you also have to think about how you’re going to create that funnel and parse your content. How you’re going lay your knowledge into this model is the key to success in information product marketing. (Along with targeting and buying traffic that converts profitably.)

I highly recommend you get the free two part series from Nitro Blueprint here.

Marketing Strategy in Information Products

The best marketing scenario is a combination of SEO (your site for your product optimized so Google can put it in the organic search results), PPC, affordable display advertising, email marketing, social marketing, PR 2.0 outreach, affiliate marketing and working with joint venture partners. The multiplier effect works particularly well in the affiliate and JV world.

You benefit from having all of your affiliates and your joint venture partners promoting it to their lists and on their sites and in their auto-responder series. You want to reach out to other online marketers who are compatible with your product, anybody who’s in the world of your category, whatever it might be, and you can think of 20 different categories where the people who follow them might be interested in following you, the people who learn that stuff might be interested in learning what you teach. And you want them to market your e-book to their followers. And then those followers buy the product and become your leads for upselling into your monthly program or your home study course or your coaching and workshops. And you’re giving away 75 percent of the cost of your e-book, so the $27 dollar e-book is creating value for your affiliates. She makes 75 percent of the fee. It makes it worth it for her. If she knows she’s going to make $25 dollars every time she does get a sale it’s worth it to her. If it’s a $12.95 e-book and she makes $6 bucks, she’s not going to do it. This is how you build your list because the real money comes from the monthly residuals that you get from your continuity system, your membership site and upselling them into the home study courses and having workshops with them.

Using PPC and Affiliate Marketing

The way that an info product marketer sells his products in addition to affiliates is most often through Google Pay Per Click— buying tens of thousands of keyword phrases that are in your area of scope, and having an automated customized ad campaign that goes with that. There are many affiliate and super affiliates who will also market your product for you with PPC, so if you don’t want to do it yourself, you might find others willing to do it for you.

You must also be registered with an affiliate network like ClickBank, Commision Junction, Share A Sale… When you are working with affiliates as part of an affiliate network, anybody can come in and grab your ad banners and your text links, and whenever they put those on their website or send an email out they sell product that’s linked back to them so they make the revenue, it’s all done through links, tagged links that track the clicks and the purchases back to the person that originally found that customer. So you need an affiliate infrastructure system.

At Personal Life Media, we have created our own, private affiliate network called RevShareNow.  That way, any of our partners can sign up at our network and get their links, banners, email swipe copy and myriad other content assets useful for promoting our products.

JV Partnerships are slightly different than affiliate relationships – often deeper, more integrated.

You might provide unique content for their blogs or you might have a joint venture partner mail out a series of emails to get people to buy your e-book and then give them the revenue. So all of that fills your database with prospects for your higher priced products.

You can also do PR and social influence marketing efforts such as appearing on talk radio and podcasts, you can write e-zine articles, you can blog with links, you can get interviewed by bloggers, you can put out press releases, you can Twitter, you can have a Facebook fan page, you can put images up on Flickr that have your URL on them that link back to your sales page. There are a million ways that you can create a marketing campaign that drives people back to your sales pages.

So when people think about information products, it’s not “Oh, I wrote an e-book and put it up on my website and I don’t even know how to drive traffic to it.” It means you must focus on building out an entire system of content. So what kind of content?

Problem Solution Set Up

Your product line should be oriented toward a problem and solution. What are people searching for on Google? What is their pain point? How can you solve it?

Or another way to look at it is “business opportunity.”

In your world it could be one or the other, and these are the kinds of products that people are creating – Every Other Day Diet,  Sugar Free Diet, How To Get Her Naked, Burn The Fat, Vertical Jump Training, Dirt Cheap Airfare Secrets, Lose Man Boobs – I love that one, so funny. So the idea is that you’re providing a solution in the title of your book. And you’re explaining what that is and it’s a benefit. You’re selling a solution, you’re selling a benefit. Or you’re targeting something very specifically, like Muscle Nerd Fitness. There’s a segment: nerds who want to bulk up.

That’s where you start. Or it could be a 7 Figure Success Formula For The Digital Photographer, or it could be Pay Per Click Mastery Blueprint. So there are the business-side of things too. Start Your Own Dowsing Business and Earn a Six Figure Income.

Platform, Technologies and Infrastructure

So the reason that it’s so hard for people to get into this business and do well is that it’s very technically complex. You have to be able to generate multiple landing pages for your products so that different market segments might come in and read something about your product, and it might be the same product in the back end, but solve different problems for different people. You have to have a really good email database for your auto responders, the emails that automatically are sent out to people. When someone buys your e-book, they should get a series of auto responders that upsell them into your membership program.

We provide a network, a social network, for other information product marketers where all of the people that we publish, all of our experts that we provide all this technical support for, can go into this network and talk to each other.

  • We buy some services once and distribute them across all of our products, like the Better Business Bureau logo, so you don’t have to spend $500 dollars a year having a Better Business Bureau logo on your site.
  • We have an image library where you can get stock images and not have to pay for them.
  • We have our own affiliate network where all of those awesome affiliates and JV partners can go and sign up to become your affiliate and grab links and ad banners right from there that track their sales, so we pay them for you and deliver you a check each month on all your sales.
  • We have hosting services, and we also help you secure domain names ‘cause you’ll often want to have multiple domain names for the different parts of your products.
  • We also do the Pay Per Click Google AdWords campaigns for you.
  • We also make all the ad banners for your affiliates, for your product.
  • We have the ability to do audio recording and video recording and editing.
  • We have a download locker where your contents go so people can’t come online and steal it in any way.
  • And in addition now to PayPal E-Commerce Integration we are building out our own shopping cart that will accept a lot of different merchant capabilities.
  • And we also have ad serving capabilities so we can serve ads into other networks and things like that, and into our own network on Personal Life Media where we get about 50,000 visitors a month who are interested in the kind of content that we produce.

We have assembled together the entire technical backend infrastructure, we’ve selected the products and woven them together in a way that works for our experts to use those systems to market their products. Now we handle most of the technical side of generating revenue for your information products.

Mostly what our experts do is the writing – and there’s a lot of writing – and a lot of their own self-promotion. But we provide the structure, the direction, help you figure out what to create, show you how to create it, what the components are, help you produce it, and then put it into this network of places where it needs to live so people can buy it and pay for it and market it and find out about it.

So if you want to either teach people how to learn your expertise or you think that there’s a nice membership site that you have ability to do and webinars that enough people would be willing to pay for then you might have a product line.  You can either teach people to either learn what you know at a personal level or even better use what you can teach them at a professional level to generate revenue.

I hope that helped you understand better the complexities of being in the information product marketing world and how what you can teach might fit into the model that is currently working and always evolving online.


Egregious use of the word “authentic.”

Listen to my DishyMix interview with Joe Pine, author of Authenticity.
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Author Joe Pine on the Principles of Influential Authenticity, The Experience Economy and Phoniness Generating Machines

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Joe Pine, Susan Bratton and Klaas Weima
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“Music For Midnight” Electronica Podcast Featured by Audio-Technica

Music For Midnight: Downtempo | TripHop | Ambient | Chill Out | Lounge | Independent Electronica


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Stow, OH 02-09-2009 One of iTunes’ top-rated podcasts is Music for Midnight (, produced weekly by Ohio-based music aficionado Austin Beeman. The show regularly ranks in the top 10 music podcasts and top 50 overall. Music for Midnight is a half-hour showcase of independent and non-mainstream downtempo electronica, soft rock and jazz, distributed through the San Francisco-based Personal Life Media network ( Beeman relies heavily on his AT2020 USB Cardioid Condenser Microphone from Audio-Technica, a leading innovator in transducer technology for over 45 years.

“I use the 2020 USB to record my own voice, which gives the lead-in at the top of every show,” stated Beeman. “I have no formal training in broadcasting, so I really needed something that would make my voice sound great, and the 2020 USB did that for me. I had experimented with a couple of other microphones from other companies, but it always had that ‘basement’ feel! I needed something that would provide professional quality sound and make it sound like a studio, even though I’m recording it in front of my computer.”

Beeman plugs the AT2020 USB directly into his laptop’s USB port, and using an online program called Propaganda, he creates MP3s, which are uploaded to his personalized media page and distributed on the web as a podcast.

“I don’t use any effects or anything to enhance voice,” stated Beeman. “The signal chain is simple as can be. The 2020 USB is able to take my voice and give it a wonderful broadcast quality, without me having any knowledge of how to operate complicated gear or software. It’s just plug and play.”

To Beeman, the independent nature of his show is very important: “Since I have a lot of independent music featured on my show, and a lot of music that’s released on the Internet, there’s a lot of do-it-yourself philosophy, from the artists to my broadcast to the show’s distribution. The AT2020 USB lets me stay true to the show’s independent nature while still creating a professional product.”

For more details on the AT2020 USB, please visit

Celebrating over 45 years of audio excellence worldwide, Audio-Technica is a leading innovator in transducer technology, renowned for the design and manufacture of microphones, wireless microphones, headphones, mixers, and electronics for the audio industry.

—For more information on the complete range of Audio-Technica products, contact Karen Emerson, Audio-Technica U.S., Inc., 1221 Commerce Drive, Stow, OH 44224. Tel: (330) 686-2600; Fax: (330) 688-3752; Web:


Ten Self-Empowerment Podcasts Join Personal Life Media Network

Personal Life Media Launches 10 New Audio Shows
Tune In to Your Personal Life™

Today we announced that ten shows have debuted on or joined the self-empowerment podcast network bringing the total to 34 weekly audio shows and one daily vidcast along with their companion blogs.

Momentum and Mojo
Since launch 18 months ago, PLM has continued to grow key performance indicators. In addition to more than doubling our number of shows since launch, web traffic has increased 128% for the year. (

We now have 1,000 episodes available featuring almost 600 guests. We have generated over six million listens.

The free multi-show podcast player widget launched September 2008 received nearly 500,000 page views in its first month and is utilized by myriad podcasters on and off the PLM network.

Moreover, Personal Life Media shows are popular. Four are now finalists in the Podcast Awards: Inside Out Weight Loss, Expanded Lovemaking, Green Talk Radio and Tantra & Kama Sutra.

Further underscoring PLM’s momentum, the company has been added as a Featured Provider on the Podcast home page in iTunes alongside such powerful media brands as Discovery Networks, CNN, NPR and The New York Times.

Podcasts Educate & Inspire
The content of the new shows range from hobby-related digital photography, literature and genealogy to conversations about lifestyle design and holistic health to indie music discovery. There is also a motivational show for sales professionals in the business empowerment category.

Digital Photography Life – Make Every Shot Count: Digital Camera Reviews and Tutorials
Scott and Michael discuss what is new in the world of digital photography, including coverage of the latest digital cameras, digital photography accessories and software. Digital Photography Life features interviews with leading photographers, instructors and innovators in the field of digital photography, and in-depth talks with the digital camera technology companies like Canon, Nikon and Adobe.

Camera Dojo: Digital Photography Enthusiasts
Camera Dojo is home to a wealth of information about digital SLR photography with tutorials, product reviews, and tips to help you get the best pictures possible. Augment the learning you get in digital photography magazines or classes in this fun, conversational show. Learn about new digital photography software as well as hardware and maximize your photography budget.

TheDivaCast: Encouragement, Work Life Balance, Girl Talk, Women’s Issues
The Divas are five strong-willed and accomplished women who intentionally set out to form a group of honest friends who support, encourage, and empower each other to reach higher, keep growing, and have fun. This life we all live can get overwhelming and true girlfriends help fill in the gap where husbands and family simply can’t. Come along and listen to the many relevant topics we explore. Join us, Diva Sistas and . . . Viva la Diva!

Music For Midnight: Downtempo, TripHop, Ambient, Lounge, Chill and Independent Electronica
Discover a sophisticated blend of podsafe music where genre dissolves into calm and mood is everything.. Indie music is perfect for late-night listening. The sultry vocals and blissful beats of Downtempo Electronica. Darkly cinematic ambient soundscapes. The smoky urban sound of NuJazz. The melancholy lyrics of alt-country singer-songwriters. The crystalline precision of modern-classical.

Family History: Genealogy Made Easy
Do you yearn to learn more about your family history, but just don’t know where to start? Have you started, but need a genealogy research boost? In each weekly 30 minute show host Lisa Louise Cooke will guide you through the genealogy search process in this easy to follow and entertaining podcast. The world of family history is open to everyone, and climbing your family tree has never been easier, or more rewarding! Learn how to use family tree software, locate genealogy records through online searches, create a family tree chart, and get tips on free genealogy resources.

Life Zero: Adventures in Zen and Lifestyle Design
Life Zero is a collection of thoughts about lifestyle design, technology, Apple products and just about everything else. We discuss the modern world and its relationship to the key concepts of Zen (and Buddhism). We try to balance the sometimes vague and complex ways of Buddhism with the reality of living as a productive member of a modern society. Much like other Buddhists, we believe it is important to look for guidelines in others and the world, which allow us to find joy and the path we should be on in our own lives.

Sales Magic: Motivations, Meditations and Visualizations to Kick Your Assets Into Action!
Learn how to be a success…a SALES SUCCESS! Through John’s peak performance coaching, Hypnosis and NLP mastery, you’ll learn his Five-Step selling process to develop the mental habits and performance strategies utilized by highly successful sales experts! This dynamic podcast is specifically designed to help you focus your mind, maximize your influential capabilities, and overcome fears and challenges that hold other sales professionals back.

Words to Mouth: Women’s Novels & Non-Fiction, Author Interviews and Book Reviews
In this author interview talk show, readers meet authors beyond the printed page…and win free books. Come discover new and seasoned authors and the books they write. Carrie scours the literary market and keeps a pulse on new book releases for you. Hear about the latest must-read novels and nonfiction with authors you’d love to meet. She goes beyond the book subject, not only pulling plot and inspiration, but delving deeper into what makes the author tick.

Dear Zanny: Relationship Advice from a Family Therapist
Suzanne Maiden M.A. is a practicing Marriage and Family Therapist. She hosts Dear Zanny, a relationship advice podcast. Suzanne says a resounding “YES” to the universe. Her high-energy and vivaciousness brought her through experiences some only dare to imagine. Zanny answers listeners’ relationship questions as they come in. If you have a relationship problem you want help with, ask Zanny.

Modern Immortal: Unleash Your Vitality, Alternative Medicine, Holistic Health, Wellness and Longevity
Want to live more fully? Join Marco Lam, the Founder and Director of the Mandala Clinic of Integrative Medicine, as we discuss everything from traditional healing modalities to the latest in modern medicine. We define immortality as being on top of your world, mentally, physically, and spiritually. This is not just surviving, but thriving with an embodied consciousness. This is an audio tonic for the mind, giving people the knowledge to strengthen themselves in the modern world in the face of new challenges

From Where Are All These Podcasts Coming?

Camera Dojo, Life Zero and Music for Midnight were solo podcasters who found value in partnering with PLM. TheDivaCast, Dear Zanny, Modern Immortal and Words to Mouth joined PLM from other networks. Digital Photography Life and Family History are new offerings from established podcasters with successful shows who chose to launch under the imprimatur of Personal Life Media. And Sales Magic is a new concept show that offers motivational visualizations and has been co-created by Susan Bratton, co-founder with John James Santangelo, a leading NLP master practitioner and life coach with an expertise in sales motivation and training.

Making Money with Podcasts

PLM has scaled out a podcasting platform to enable established shows to easily join the network. In addition to increasing podcast audience growth through optimization, PLM manages sponsorship sales for podcasters. Using VoloMedia’s ( dynamic ad serving, the network monetizes downloadable media with pre-, mid- and post-roll audio and video ads, advertorials, host endorsements and product integration into their network of shows, packaging audiences by demographics and contextually relevant subject matter in line with the Association for Downloadable Media’s Ad Standards and Audience Measurement Guidelines.

Podcasters Perspectives

“Once Susan and Tim Bratton optimized my podcast on their network, it simply caught fire,” says Austin Beeman, Host of Music for Midnight, “I climbed to #41 in the iTunes Top 100 within two short weeks of moving my show to Personal Life Media.”

“We moved TheDivaCast to Personal Life Media because the podcast advertising campaigns and sponsorships PLM is already bringing us reflect the quality of our very popular show,” says Robin Maiden, producer of TheDivaCast.”

“Michael and I could have launched a new photography show on any network based on the sheer success of our first endeavor, The Digital Photography Show, but we chose PLM because of their combination of technical savvy, amazing creativity, business connections and commitment to our success, says Scott Sherman, Host of “Digital Photography Life.”

“After successfully establishing myself in the genealogy hobby niche, I knew I wanted to reach out to a broader audience and introduce them to the joy of discovering their family history. Personal Life Media offers one-stop shopping for the savvy adult looking for top quality, innovative programming. It’s where my show belongs,” says Lisa Louise Cooke host of “Family History: Genealogy Made Easy.”

About Personal Life Media
Personal Life Media ( is a multimedia lifestyle brand providing entertaining and authentic personal content to socially conscious adults, and is the first podcast and blog advertising network for advertisers to reach the “cultural creatives” market segment. Expert hosts deliver motivational programs, talk shows, reality-audio, interviews, advanced techniques and guided exercises in blogs, web audio, video and podcasting formats.

The network offers 35 free weekly about happiness, relationships, family, sensuality, life purpose, wealth creation and wellness. Additional areas of interest include the men’s movement, women’s issues, hobbies, book reviews, life coaching, ecology, creativity, weight-loss, beauty innovation and cosmetic surgery, retirement, conscious business, ethical sales, spirituality, and personal and global transformation. Free multi-show podcast player widget for fans and podcasters.

Access the shows for free from a browser or subscribe via RSS or iTunes and listen on an iPod or MP3 player. Personal Life Media is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California.


Personal Life Media Adds Inspirational Podcasts To Ad Network: Buddhist Geeks, Conscious Business & The New Man

“Buddhist Geeks,” “Conscious Business” and “The New Man” outsource sponsorship.

Los Altos, CA (PRWEB) August 14, 2008 — Personal Life Media™, Inc. a publisher of lifestyle podcasts and blogs for people on the leading edge of culture, announces that three popular shows have joined the podcast advertising network bringing the total line up to 25 weekly audio shows and one daily vidcast along with their companion blogs. “Buddhist Geeks,” “Conscious Business” and “The New Man” offer enlightening and motivational content for consumers, in line with the PLM content strategy.




“Buddhist Geeks,” hosted by Vince Horn and Ryan Oelke explores the integration of Buddhist philosophy in modern life. Their tag line, “Seriously Buddhist, Seriously Geeky” is a true expression of both the depth and lighthearted nature of the format. “Conscious Business,” hosted by Theo Horesch, helps listeners reach their full potential at work by being mindful of the impact of business on people and the planet “The New Man,” hosted by Tripp Lanier provides the modern male a fun yet meaningful alternative to the mainstream media’s obsession with six-pack abs, pickup lines and celebrity fashion tips. Personal Life Media will add the collective archives of more than 100 episodes of the three news shows to the network in addition to providing all future distribution of new shows.

“The editorial positioning of these shows is so on target for “what’s happening now” and the content so important in the evolution of our culture that we are truly honored to include them in our network,” said Susan Bratton, co-founder and CEO of Personal Life Media.

Since September 2007, Personal Life Media has been adding established shows to the network, exclusively managing sponsorship sales. Using VoloMedia’s ( dynamic ad serving, the network monetizes downloadable media with pre-, mid- and post-roll audio and video ads, advertorials, host endorsements and product integration into their network of shows, packaging audiences by contextually relevant subject matter.

The Latest Personal Life Media Shows Reveal & Inspire

All shows from Personal Life Media may be accessed at or in iTunes

Buddhist Geeks: Seriously Buddhist, Seriously Geeky

Buddhist Geeks is a weekly audio show, hosted by Vince Horn and Ryan Oelke that presents groundbreaking interviews and discussions with Buddhist teachers, scholars, and advanced practitioners. Combining ancient wisdom with modern technology, Buddhist Geeks aims to catalyze a community of practitioners committed to awakening. Discover the emerging face of Western Buddhism.


Ryan Oelke, host of Buddhist Geeks says, “As for the nature of the conversations on Buddhist Geeks, I see them like this: imagine talking with an admirable, inspirational teacher, author, or practitioner, maybe over coffee or tea. At some point in the conversation you naturally hit upon some amazing insights. I think we try to capture that feeling in what we do. We try to be very practical, and yet personable in our interviews, which I think is a distinguishing characteristic.”

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Conscious Business: Social Responsibility, Institutional Innovation and Missions that Matter

Conscious Business, hosted by Theo Horesch represents the leading edge of business innovation. This show looks at the emerging world of conscious business and examines the strategies, leaders, cultural conditions and new markets that are driving its evolution. Topics include issues of distributed leadership, the growing importance of mutual trust and respect in business, and actualizing high ideas in a business environment. Listen to dialogs on revolutionary topics with influential thought leaders in all walks of business and professional development. If you want to “do good” while “doing well,” this show will light the way.


Theo Horesch, host of Conscious Business says, “Three decades of management gurus have finally institutionalized innovation, teamwork, lifetime learning, and missions that matter. Conscious business is the result.” “In an age of social networks and information overload, every stakeholder has the potential to make or break the reputation of every business. The businesses that succeed are now the businesses that serve.”

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The New Man: Beyond the Macho Jerk and the New Age Wimp

The New Man, hosted by Tripp Lanier lives a life where his actions in the world line up with his deepest values and convictions. He’s aware that there’s more to life than just earning a living, having six pack abs and finding someone with whom to spend the night. In other words, The New Man lives a life of meaning, finds integrity in every moment and always looks for his truest expression. Listen in as we have fun, entertaining discussions with extraordinary men and women exploring what it means to be a New Man.


Tripp Lanier, host of The New Man says, “Through The New Man Podcast we’ve learned that relationships improve, careers improve and general well being improves dramatically for those men who are willing to be honest with themselves and quit settling for less than their potential. And the exploration makes for a fun and entertaining listen, too.”

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About Personal Life Media
Personal Life Media is a multimedia lifestyle brand providing entertaining and authentic personal content to socially conscious adults, and is the first podcast and blog advertising network for advertisers to reach the “cultural creatives” market segment. Expert hosts deliver motivational programs, talk shows, reality-audio, interviews, advanced techniques and guided exercises in blogs, web audio, video and podcasting formats.

The network offers 25 free weekly audio and video programs, podcasts and companion blogs about happiness, relationships, sensuality, life purpose, wealth creation, healthy aging and longevity. Additional areas of interest include the men’s movement, life coaching, ecology, creativity, weight-loss, beauty innovation and cosmetic surgery, retirement, conscious business, ethical sales, spirituality, personal and global transformation.

Access the shows for free from a browser or subscribe via RSS or iTunes and listen on an iPod or MP3 player. Personal Life Media is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California.
Media Contact:
Cindy Cooper
Cooper PR, For Personal Life Media
Cindy at personal life media dot com
(408) 806-4683 mobile

Corporate Contact:
Susan Bratton, CEO
Susan at personal life media dot com
(650) 948-0500

Tune In to Your Personal Life


Personal Life Media is a trademark of Personal Life Media Inc. Tune In to Your Personal Life is a service mark of Personal Life Media, Inc. All other trademarks and trade names are the properties of their respective holders and are hereby acknowledged.


First Customizable Multi-Feed Podcast Player for Social Media Services, Websites and Blogs Free for Podcasting Community

Free Widget Lets Podcaster’s Fans Syndicate Their Shows Via Social Media

LOS ALTOS, CA – August 14, 2008 – Personal Life Media™, Inc. a publisher of lifestyle podcasts and blogs for people on the leading edge of culture, made available today a patent-pending audio player widget that distributes multiple podcast RSS feeds. Web widgets are the small modules of content or advertising that a Web user can add to a social network profile, blog or personal start page.

The player is free and can be customized by color and size to match any web page or blog as well as to propagate shows in Facebook, MySpace and twenty other sites such as iGoogle and WordPress using Gigya’s Wildfire widget distribution technology. Users can visually fly back and forth between album art for each show in the widget by controlling “show flow” with a mouse. Most importantly, the player can be branded with a corporate logo for an integrated look and feel.

Podcasters who produce more than a single show now have a way of presenting up to five of their related shows in a single widget on their site, blog or social services. As each new episode debuts, it automatically gets pushed to the podcaster’s “widget,” wherever it has been syndicated by fans. The podcaster’s fans can “get” the player and put it on their site, blog or social site, carrying the podcaster’s logo and sponsored audio ads along with the content.

The widget creator at is free for any company, podcaster or content fan.

“Pimp” Your Widget
Three simple steps customize the PLM player:

1. Register and add up to five RSS feeds for audio podcasts.
2. Customize the player’s color and background, pick a size and add a logo.
3. Click “Get” and insert it directly on a blog, website and more than 20 social media services.

Wild For Widgets
At launch, two thought-leaders in the podosphere are showcasing the free podcast widget. Chris MacDonald, founder of music discovery publisher IndieFeed and C.C. Chapman, multi-show podcaster and and founder of social media strategy firm, Advanced Guard. This widget is free for any podcast publisher to use to promote multiple shows to fans.

IndieFeed Widget
Susan Bratton, CEO and co-founder, Personal Life Media, Inc. and Vice Chairman, Association for Downloadable Media
“We are dedicated to the podcasting industry and want to create tools that help not just Personal Life Media, but enable all podcasters to increase their reach and generate new ways to monetize the amazing range of content produced by our community.”

Chris MacDonald, Founder, IndieFeed
“I chose the Personal Life Media solution for two reasons. First, it impressively displays multiple feeds of episodic audio.” “Secondly, because it provides the easiest and most engaging consumer experience with the widest possible sharing reach.”

C.C. Chapman, Founder, Advanced Guard

“I love that Personal Life Media is making it simple for anyone with multiple shows to pool them together into a widget that can then be placed on any blog or social networking site.” “Not only can anyone make their own, but by allowing simple adjustments such as color and the adding of a custom logo, it truly makes it unique to every media producer.”

All shows from Personal Life Media may be accessed at or in iTunes.

About Personal Life Media
Personal Life Media is a multimedia lifestyle brand providing entertaining and authentic personal content to socially conscious adults, and is the first podcast and blog advertising network for advertisers to reach the “cultural creatives” market segment. Expert hosts deliver motivational programs, talk shows, reality-audio, interviews, advanced techniques and guided exercises in blogs, web audio, video and podcasting formats.

The network offers 25 free weekly audio and video programs, podcasts and companion blogs about self-empowerment, happiness, relationships, sensuality, life purpose, wealth creation, healthy aging and longevity. Additional areas of interest include the men’s movement, life coaching, ecology, creativity, weight-loss, beauty innovation and cosmetic surgery, retirement, conscious business, ethical sales, spirituality, personal and global transformation.

Access the shows for free from a browser or subscribe via RSS or iTunes and listen on an iPod or MP3 player. Personal Life Media is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California.

Tune In to Your Personal Life

Media Contact:
Cindy Cooper
Cooper PR, For Personal Life Media
Cindy at personal life media dot com
(408) 806-4683 mobile

Corporate Contact:
Susan Bratton, CEO
Susan at personal life media dot com
(650) 948-0500
# # #
Personal Life Media is a trademark of Personal Life Media Inc. Tune In to Your Personal Life is a service mark of Personal Life Media, Inc. All other trademarks and trade names are the properties of their respective holders and are hereby acknowledged.


Living Master of Masculine Embodiment – Deida Workshop Promo Code PLM

Here is an email from podcast host Adam Gilad of Fearless Lover. He’s producing a workshop with David Deida, a quirky but insightful guru on masculine/feminine energy.

Fearless Lover

Not only is this letter to prospective workshop attendees beautifully written, but the program itself is an awakening experience.

If you are interested in finding energetic balance in your intimate relationships, read on.

If you have no idea what the heck that even is, read on too.

And as a friend of Personal Life Media you save $200 on the cost of the workshop. Just mention you heard it on PLM or use promo code PLM.

Hey Susan,

What if you could spend a weekend with a Living Master of Masculine Embodiment who could utterly change the way you stand and change the way you breathe?

What if you could take three days and go face to face with woman after woman, speaking through, and pushing through every possible anxiety, hang up, inauthenticity, insecurity or shyness you have ever felt?

What if you could verbalize your complete, unadulterated desire for the wash of the feminine — in all its juicy, sweet, loving, nurturing and yearning — without any embarrassment — and have women look you in the eyes and offer all of that to you?

And then, they, in turn, offer their deep yearning for the strong, safe, lighthearted but directional masculine that you embody in your best moments?

And welcome you fully as you give her your deepest masculine core?

And then — what if you could spend hours fortifying and PRACTICING embodying that best, most attractive man you can be?

Not merely learning about it – but embodying it through physical exercises – the best, most attractive man you can be?

All in an environment of safety, of mutual respect and of balls-to-the-wall boldness?

You can. You should. In fact, if you can make it, you must.

I’ll be there. For my fourth time.

I’m talking about you doing a Live Weekend Intensive with David Deida — author of The Way of the Superior Man, Wild Nights, Finding God Through Sex and Instant Enlightenment and creator of the most daring, spontaneous male-female workshops in the world.

David Deida’s workshops will help you step into your most attractive masculine core and give you
profound insight into women — who are never more open and genuine than they are during these workshops.

You’ll not only learn how to master the most effortlessly and primally attractive man you can be, you’ll learn how women are waiting to be seen, validated and lead into their most open, giving expressions of love by a man who knows what he’s doing.

After this weekend, you will be much, much more of THAT man.

Here’s just a few of what some of the men said after his SeattleWorkshop in May:

“I arrived at the workshop with sadness
and fear – fear of the prospect of being
alone. But this past weekend revealed to
me that there are a number of fantastic
and highly-evolved women out there.
Definitely worth any wait.”


“I witnessed… women’s extreme depth of
perception into men’s character… As for me, I learned
to express the love I have inside beyond
my previously built limitations — I am
definitely more in touch with my heart and
the hearts of others as a result of the weekend
– and women could feel it.”


“My emotional learning was so dense… I would
like to review the exercises, and practice these
again with my new girlfriend… teaching her
how she can trust me and follow me, and to
safely and passionately test me in little ways
to bring my full essence back to her…

David’s speaking and question-and-answer format
really helped me understand the theme of his
teaching. But, it was the exercises that opened
the doors… and allowed me to really
sense the yearning soul of other beings… This
may sound like hyperbole. but i have considered
these words. This is true. I have had my eyes
open to a higher level of perception, and my soul
has access to new powers in love, consciousness,
and active leadership in relationship.


I think you can get a sense of the depth of what happens during a Deida Workshop.

It isn’t sitting in a chair and listening.

It takes you deep beyond your surfaces and the surfaces of women.

It’s dynamic back and forth with David — then bam! — into face-to-face exercises with women that will blow open your closures, and anything that his holding you back from being the fullest, most powerful man you can be.

With women. And in your life in general.

I will hold a Sunday night roundtable at the bar for all the guys from my community to absorb what he have learned and really drive it home.

Join me.

Register now at

And then write me directly at DeidaEvents at gmail dot com and let me knowyou are coming. I believe in David so much, that I am sponsoring this event.

Join this Intensive and utterly change your life.

Your friend

Adam (AKA Grant)

p.s. this is his last workshop of the year, so if you can do it, get there!

Promo Ad plm-ad-1-minute-1.mp3


Get a Free Bottle of Organic Wine with Promo Code GREEN as a “Friend of Susan” at – Here’s the Ad Copy FYI

Here is the ad copy from the audio ad for’s offer.


Bonjour: this is Veronique Raskin, founder of The Organic Wine Company. I have created a special offer for you to try my French wines made from organically grown grapes.

For a limited time, when you buy two bottles, you get one bottle free….and I will even pay for the shipping.

I know you will love the taste of the handcrafted wines from my ancestors’ lands, especially if you care about our planet and your health.

Imagine…you can have organic French wine delivered to your door for less than $12 a bottle. I’ve made this free wine and free shipping offer available because I believe you’ll become a lifelong customer once you tasted my wines.

The “French Bouquet” collection at includes my red Chateau Veronique from Languedoc, my white Viognier and my Blanquette de Limoux Sparkling wine.

French, Organically Grown and Affordable.

Remember, you get a free bottle of wine and I’ll pay the shipping when you use the promo code GREEN at


Get a Free Bottle of Organic Wine with Promo Code GREEN as a “Friend of Susan” at from The Organic Wine Company Founder, Veronique Raskin

Veronique Raskin

We have a new advertiser on Personal Life Media. The Organic Wine Company specializes in delicious wine made from organically grown grapes grown all over the world. They are using PLM’s web-savvy audience to expand their customer base and have created a custom sampler pack just for our listeners.

Go to 

You can benefit from this as a “Friend of Susan” when you use Promo Code GREEN at check out to get one bottle of free organic wine. The French Bouquet Collection consists of one white, one red and one sparkling wine, normally $49.99. Using Promo Code GREEN saves you $15.00 which is like getting one bottle of free organic wine! You pay only $34.99 and you get free shipping.

The French Bouquet Collection: a Trio of Organically Grown Wines

One Red, White and Sparkling Organic Wine with Free Shipping

The French Bouquet Collection of wines is a great way to get acquainted with our artisanal, organically grown wines: a delicious red, a food-friendly white and a refreshing sparkling wine to tantilize your taste buds!

• ’04 Coteaux du Languedoc, Château Véronique
• ’06 Viognier, Domaine de Caillan
• Blanquette de Limoux Sparkling, Delmas


One bottle comes free when you use Promo Code GREEN. Don’t forget!

Here’s more detail about the wines. I’ve tried a few of them so far and have not been dissappointed. I feel really good about this offer – $11.66 a bottle – and supporting organic wine. And I can support my hosts for their amazing podcasting work too! Everyone wins. That’s my kind of ad program. Thanks to Véronique for being an innovator in advertising and promotion!

Here’s more detail about the wines. Tell me what you think when you try them.

’04 Coteaux du Languedoc, Château Véronique

This versatile, medium-body red wine has an intense color and great charm with hints of blackberry and pepper. It is especially delicious with chicken, turkey and with soft cheeses.

“Coteaux” are hillside vineyards. “Coteaux du Languedoc” has a very long history. Before the French and Romans, the Greeks planted grapes here as far back as 500 BC. Today it’s one of the most sought-after appellations in France. Enjoy healthy, organic, tasty wine from this historic winegrowing region!

’06 Viognier, Domaine de Caillan

Viognier is a delicate, flowery wine with light acidity and hints of apricot and white peach flavors. The Domaine de Caillan is an elegant version of this fairly rare and sought after grape varietal.

This aromatic, food-friendly wine ends with a long, concentrated finish and will demonstrate eloquently to you that there is life beyond Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. Serve this Viognier with appetizers, seafood, chicken, turkey and pasta.

Blanquette de Limoux Sparkling Wine, Delmas

This sumptuous bubbly is made from Mauzac and Chardonnay grapes in the South of France. The ideal cool climate of the Pyrénées creates a dry, creamy, full-bodied sparkling wine with a refined yeasty character in the aroma, and toasty green apple and lemon flavors on the palate. It is a delight nicely chilled by itself or served with an elegant dinner!

The Organic Wine Company is a family business that promotes:


• Wines made of certified organically grown grapes
• Environmental responsibility
• Top-rated quality at great value prices
• Amazing personalized attention and customer care
• Organic, vegan, biodynamic wines and an international selection

We are proud to provide the best quality organically grown wines with body (structure), heart (its maker’s pulse) and spirit (its connection with nature).
Our organically grown wines have a purpose—to make each of your occasions special, whether it be a wine with your food or a wine for your mood.
It is with sincere gratitude that we toast to your pleasure, your health and the land that so unselfishly serves us all.

Warmest regards,
Véronique Raskin, Ph.D., Founder
Michel Ginoulhac, M.D., Importer


Sales Motivation, Meditations and Overcoming Fears: Discussion Group Invitation SF

Sales Motivation, Meditations and Overcoming Fears: Focus Group

I need two more people for a discussion group.

Are you in sales? Are there times you struggle with the process? Could you use some external motivation? Need help overcoming fears of failure and rejection? Is there something that continually frustrates you or derails the sales process? Something you think is “just the way it is in your business”? What do you hear yourself complaining about?

Complain to US so we can provide solutions to you and the listeners of Evolutionary Sales in our next batch of sales motivation, meditation and fear management mini-modules.

Join Susan Bratton for a focus group with Jason McClain, founder of the Evolutionary Companies and Host of the podcast “Evolutionary Sales” for a two hour discussion about the roadblocks to sales success.

July 23rd, 5:30-7:30 pm 582 Market Street, San Francisco, CA. Dinner Served.


I’m looking for 2 more sales pros to join me with Jason to talk about the obstacles and issues we face day to day in our professions to use as the foundation for his next year’s worth of shows. Each show will be based on helping us through one of the things that holds us back from taking action, closing deals, creating rapport, getting what we’re worth and more.

If you can positively show up on time and stay for two hours in San Francisco on July 23rd from 5:30-7:30 at 582 Market Street, #208, SF please RSVP. We’d love to share our thoughts together and this promises to be a deep and helpful discussion which will lead to an amazing year of bi-weekly shows that address your issues and concerns.

Send an email to Susan Bratton “my first name” @ personallifemedia dot com with your Name, Title, Company Affiliation and a brief description of where you are in your sales career for consideration.

Integrating 21st Century Psychology with Ethical Sales Techniques


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Are you a sales professional or small-business person with a revenue goal?

Selling techniques constantly evolve and this “daily sales techniques” audio program will teach you the most current strategies integrated from the best sales professionals in today’s market – the 21st Century market.

Evolutionary Sales: 21st Century Psychology & Ethical Sales Techniques will expose you to a new sales skill every day that you can use immediately to increase your success. Evolutionary Sales integrates ethical approaches with 21st century psychology techniques summarized from the teachings of leaders in the field such as Anthony “Tony” Robbins, Jim Rohn, Dan Kennedy, Jay Abrahams, Jason D. McClain and more.

Your sales would predictably explode if we stopped there–but we will take you even further.

Guided by Jason D. McClain, a leading-edge thinker and your guide in the 21st century marketplace, you will gain practices, techniques and mindsets that will set you apart from the competition and make your explosive success, not just possible, but predictable.

Would you like to drive your prospects to close faster? Would you like to achieve your sales goals with a greater sense of ethics, while maintaining your spiritual principles, and feeling better about the entire process? Would you like to enjoy all of that while becoming even more prosperous? Then Evolutionary Sales: 21st Century Psychology & Ethical Sales Techniques is required listening for you as a sales professional or small-business person.


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