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3 Words To Guide My Marketing Plan in 2011

In a nod to Bernie Borges, who started this meme, here are my three words to guide my marketing in 2011:


We’ve spent two years refining kick-ass online products that teach strategic communications skills for deepening intimacy, confidence and personal authority. Now it’s time to DELIVAH! We are focused on driving traffic to our landing pages to scale up our business. Returns are low. Customer sat is high. Let’s CRANK!

Landing Page and Email Auto-Responder Conversion Optimization

Into the funnel they go. Now, out the other end we need orders. Concentration of resources to get email opt-ins that then convert to customers on our auto-responder list is our key to success in 2011.

Copy Writing Mastery – 10,000 Hours

Getting conversions comes from understanding the psyche of our target customer, who are mainly married men 35-80. I’m studying the masters and putting in the hours to become an excellent copy writer of headlines, ad copy, email auto-responders and web sites. This is WORK. Hard, tedious and ever-evolving art and science. I like it. Let’s go!


Connecting Marketing Week #SF – Join Me There!

The ClickZ and SES editorial teams have organized a week-long digital media abbondanza in San Francisco.

Are you going?

Much of the content is free and there are some amazing schmooze ops too.

Here’s the full agenda.

I’ll be the first speaker of the week (no pressure!) at the ClickZ Blogworkz Event. My session starts Monday at 1pm:

Small Voices, Big Results
Even one person inside or outside a business – can make a big impact online. Learn about creative approaches that Susan Bratton is taking to gain visibility, build communities, and listen to customers for her publishing company, Personal Life Media.

On Wednesday at 1pm , I’ll be moderating a panel at SES: (Agenda)

Search, PR and the Social Butterfly
RT this. Take social media to the boardroom! Social media continues to spread its wings with the advent of Google Social Search, Bing, Twitter Search and Yahoo’s Twitter-like moves. With the demise of traditional media outlets and the rise of search and social, PR firms have also gotten a big lift and muscled in on the territory once ruled by advertising agencies. Time to eighty-six the anachronistic press kits and media lists and hand over the keyword rich online status updates and Twitter feeds. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear firsthand from online PR/social media pros that bridge the best of both worlds while influencing SEO via Profiles, Fans, Tweets, Friends and Follows.

I hope you will attend one or both of these sessions, or grab me at the event and say, “hello.”


What’s On @SusanBratton’s Podcast Playlist?

Everyone loves it when I blog the latest free podcasts we publish on Personal Life Media.

So here are some of the most recent on my playlist:

(You can get them at our site or in iTunes.)

Living Green Show

How to Transition More of Your Workouts into Nature – Outdoor Fitness with Tina Vidham

Green Talk Radio

Extracting Pure Water from Thin Air with Wayne Ferreira of EcoloBlue Story of Stuff with Author

Annie Leonard, Delicious, and Natural Cooking with Mariel Hemingway

Music For Midnight

Tropical Chillout (Feat. Microbunny, Dengue Fever, Rookiecop, Popcorn, & Damondo)

Business Success Tips

Happiness and Attachment: We debate the ingredients for a happy life and the effects…

The Zen of Vipassana Mediation – Stephanie Daily’s story…

Making Money with Video Affiliate Marketing: Sean gives us some advice on how to mak…

The Business Uses of Video: We expand on our discussion of the business and marketin…

Get Your Domain Name Before Sean Does: We talk about some good domain name and SEO s…

Paul’s New Business Model for Success of a Good Salesperson

The Answer: Paul and JC talk about their inspiration after reading the book “The Answer.”

Buddhist Geeks

The Jedi Mind Training of Concentration: In this episode we wrap up our discussion with med… Zen of Zen History: James Zito is a Buddhist film-maker, and the director of a newly re… – There’s an App For That: In this episode we’re joined by Soren Gordhamer, long …

The New Man

David Morelli – How to Clear Bad Energy and Find True Power: Do you ever wonder why you struggle…

Jordan Harbinger – How To Be Charismatic: Do you ever talk to strangers? …

Alex Linsley – How to Piss Off Chauvinists and Feminists

Inside Out Weight Loss

From Comfort Food to Comfy Body: Does losing weight mean you have to leave…

Divine Essence, Diet Soda, and Reversing a Downward Spiral: Overweight, out of work…

How to Forget to Overeat: Can you teach yourself to forget to overeat? …

When Thinking Thin Feels Doesn’t Feel Good: Weight loss, health, nutrition, diet…

Menopause and Weight Loss: Re-Syncing with a Changing Body: Women and men too, when…

Menstrual Mayhem, Mindfulness and Weight Loss: Ladies and Gentlemen too, learn how t…

Guided Journey for More Time and Less Weight: Relax into a delicious journey to exp…

Making Saying No Easier by Saying Yes: Saying no to foods and saying no to friends a…

Mindfulness, Self Acceptance and Weight Loss: Mindfulness Meditation has been shown …

Pleasure and Weight Loss with Jena LaFlamme

Beauty Now

Dr. Nicole: As Seen On The OC Housewives, ABC, E and more!

Kym Douglas: Television Host, Author, Healthy and Beauty Expert As Seen On Ellen, Good Day LA,…

Camera Dojo

Conversation with Syl Arena – LIDLIPS, Speedlites, and More

Conversation with Neil van Niekerk – Taking Your Flash to the next level: This week we talk wi…

Conversation with David Ziser – Choosing the right aperture

Just for Women

Lara and Johnny Fernandez: Soul Mate Search for the Serious: Who knew that radical self ca…

Dr. Sandor Gardos: Herpes, HPV, and Penis Power.

Nicole Daedone: O Meditation ~ A Radical Approach to Self Care

Expanded Lovemaking

Dr. Patti talks to Bruce Frantzis, Taoist lineage master, about sexual Qi Gong (Chi Gung) for Lovemaking.

Squirt Your Heart Out – Every Woman Can! Dr. Patti Talks to Tallulah Sulis, Somatic Edu…

Unleashing the S3xually Hyper-Responsive Woman: Dr. Patti Talks to David Van…

Tantalizing Techniques to Keep the Fires Burning All Year Long: Dr. Patti talks to Lou…

What Your Partner Wants You Know about Mind-Blowing O’s

Awakening to Full Body O’s: Dr. Patti talks to Crystal Dawn Morris, Tantr…

Super-charging Pleasure with Specific “Sandbox Dates”: Dr….

Becoming Multi-O (Part Two): Dr. Patti talks to Crystal Dawn Morris, Tantric Te…

Tantra & Kama Sutra

Dance with Desire: Recovering Body Wisdom with Kimerer LaMothe

Ancient Roots of Feminine Eros with Max Dashu

Expand Her “O” Tonight with Dr. Patti Taylor…

Igniting the Feminine through Masculine Energy Mastery with John Maxwell Taylor


For Women Only: Are All The Dimwits and Kiss Ups Around You Getting The Great Promotions At Work…

While You Silently Stew In Place, Shackled By Your Lack of Confidence?

Discover the Self Esteem Secrets That You NEED to Get Ahead At Work… And In Life.

Susan Campbell Getting Real

“Essentials of Unshakable Self Confidence: The Ultimate Career Success Guide for Women in the Work Place.”

by Dr. Susan Campbell.

I am planning a special episode of DishyMix with Dr. Susan Campbell on inter-company politics and professional confidence for women managers.

Would you please contribute your question as a comment on this blog so I can ask it on the show?

If you want a shout out/attribution during the show, please make sure you give me your full name, title and company affiliation and permission.

If you’d prefer confidentiality, just email me your question to susan at personallifemedia dot com.  Confidentiality guaranteed.

Here are some sample questions to get you thinking about what your real question might be.

1. What pressures do you experience that you’d like help dealing with? When you answer this, or any of these questions, will you please also include your job title or position?
2. Do you believe that there is sexism or discrimination toward women in your workplace? What is the nature of this?
3. Do you have to deal with  “difficult people” or difficult relationships? How do you deal with these people now?
4. How is your work-life balance? How are you doing at taking care of yourself while taking care of business?
5. Is your physical health an issue for you?  How so?
6. Is your weight an issue for you?
7. Do you see others getting ahead, while you get passed over for promotions, bonuses, or recognition?
8. What, if any, criticism have you received? In what context? How have your performance evaluations from you supervisor been?
9. If your company (or you) had the money to hire an outside consultant, what goal would you want this person to help you achieve?
10. Do you feel any personality conflicts with anyone in your workplace? What is the nature of this conflict or difference?
11. How do people handle their emotions in your workplace? e.g. is there a norm that people should leave their emotions in the parking lot, or do people tend to be more relaxed about sharing disappointments and frustrations with one another?
12. Do you ever get your feelings hurt by things your co-workers or boss say or do? How do you handle this?
13. Do you see your workplace as a pretty healthy environment –or would it be considered dysfunctional? Please elaborate.
14. Do you find yourself thinking about office politics, personal conflicts, and the like after you come home from work?
15. Do you wish you had the courage to speak up about things that need attention or need “fixing?” If so, why do you inhibit yourself?

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How Does Your Podcast Sponsorship Program Work? Q&A with Susan Bratton.

I want to sponsor podcasts beyond those on my Personal Life Media network of forty shows. We are offering CPA campaigns for our information products to podcasters who join our affiliate program at RevShareNow.  Here’s a list of great questions we got back from a podcaster who saw my Tweet about looking for shows to sponsor that I thought would be helpful to share.
Info Product Montage
Question: In October I had about 600 listens and this month about 900 listens so far. Is advertising a step we should even consider?—Would it be worth it with those numbers?

Yes, you can start monetizing your audience immediately. Even with sub-1000 listeners, they can be a very engaged community who will consider the purchase of products you recommend. As well, conditioning your audience early to expect that they will hear ads from sponsors and about recommended products keeps it from being a surprise later. Listeners understand that podcasters need to find ways to drive revenue to support the costs, time and effort you make to produce the show.
Question, Will it cost me anything?

It doesn’t cost the podcaster anything to promote one or more of our products. Actually, all promoting our products does for you is make you money. You get 20% commission every time something is sold through your promotions.
All you have to do is sign up for free on RevShareNow as an affiliate (not a free trial, just free), and then you’ll have access to banners, emails, and links. Also, with a podcast, we’ll create a promo code for you to use so you can advertise and make sales through your podcast.
For instance, the retail price of our typical products is $297. By using your custom promo code from your ad in your show, your followers save $100 just for using your code and get a discount price of $197.  You earn 20% of that, which adds up quickly!
So, there is no cost to you, only revenue you can drive by recording ads that you place in your show with a custom promo code so your listeners can get the benefit of awareness of the product or service and discounts, in our case, that they wouldn’t get if they hadn’t heard the ad on your show.

Question: Is there a set amount of ads to place per show? Or do I choose how many ads to place?

You decide what products you like, that fit your audience’s interests. That could be one, or many. You choose the products, then get a promo code from our Affiliate Managers, such as “showname” or similar. Then you record the ads with our supplied talking points, incorporating your personality into the ads in what ever way you’d like. You put those ad in your shows and then we send you checks each month for all the sales you’ve driven. In addition to audio or video ads with your custom promo code, you can blog about the products (we will give you any or all of the ones you think are a fit for 1 penny) perhaps doing a review, and you can run banners (ours are very attractive) on your site or blog as well, which all have a distinct tracking code that ties them to your affiliate account in RevShareNow so no matter what way your followers come to us, we can track the revenue back to you and pay you.

Contact Stefanni or Andrea Becker, Affiliate Managers, Personal Life Media for more information. stefanni at or andrea at

RevShareNow Logo
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“RevShareNow” – Conscious Affiliate Marketing Network Launches – Self-Help for Podcasters and Affiliate Marketers

Self-service platform for affiliate publishers seeking self-help pay-for-performance products to market.

LOS ALTOS, CA November 18th, 2009 – Personal Life Media, Inc., a platform technology provider and publisher of information products announces the launch of RevShareNow, a performance-marketing platform for affiliate marketers and joint venture partners.  RevShareNow will initially offer downloadable “eBooks with benefits” from Personal Life Media’s new information product marketing publishing division such as “Speak Up with Power and Influence,” “Naturally Slender Quick Start,” and “Masterful Techniques: Overcome Fear and Anxiety.”

Conscious Affiliate Marketing Network

Much of an information product’s success hinges on online distribution partners. Personal Life Media (PLM) built an affiliate network for their information product authors called RevShareNow.  Replete with cutting edge video banners from Innovate Media and pre-written content and Twitter “Tweets” for bloggers and email marketing partners, RevShareNow is a destination for affiliate marketers seeking personal growth-oriented content of the highest quality. Affiliate marketers interested in reselling these products can sign up immediately at
RevShareNow Logo

To effectively market an information product, one must have a system that combines web page creation, an asset locker, an ecommerce back-end, an integrated email auto-responder system and a compatible and watertight affiliate program.  Personal Life Media has integrated all of these capabilities into a complete solution for experts who want to publish their own information product, continuity program or membership site.  The affiliate marketing portion of the platform, RevShareNow, supports Cost-Per-Action (CPA) campaigns across display, search, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, email marketing and podcasting channels so that partners can leverage a panoply of touch points to promote PLM’s products to the affiliate’s customers, visitors and followers.

Campaign Management
RevShareNow offers affiliates advanced reporting capabilities.  All data including impressions, clicks, sales, and commissions are tracked, computed and displayed in real-time. The system provides useful metrics such as click through rates and conversion ratios.  There are also helpful charts and graphs to display and understand all the data. Affiliates can login anytime and check the effectiveness of their campaigns and get an immediate and accurate picture of their success.

Affiliates can also set up channels so that they can track the success of their email campaigns, blogs, and website promotions separately. They can also segment their website so to track the performance of each section uniquely to optimize sales channels.

Direct Links
Direct Links are the easiest and most simple way to get paid affiliate revenue. Once an affiliate signs up in RevShareNow and their site is approved, affiliates simply link to the products they want to promote with the core URL, such as “” to the product. No long-character string affiliate code appends are required to track the sales from an affiliates site – the whole domain is registered at RevShareNow. Any traffic that comes from the affiliate’s site will be treated as if that customer had clicked on an affiliate link and if the customer makes a qualifying purchase, then the affiliate gets the commission. This breakthrough in commission tracking technology makes the affiliate’s life much easier. No more worrying about looking “too commercial” or trying to hide the fact that you are using or cloaking affiliate links. Just add regular links and RevShareNow tracks sales with a generous 90-day cookie.

Podcaster Support

RevShareNow is the first affiliate network to offer a reliable solution for podcasters. With simple to use “audio coupons,” podcasters can now be confident that they will receive credit for customers that they drive to the merchant’s website through their audio or video advertisements. Simply mention a promo code in the ad and send the audience to the standard product URL and the sales are attributed based on promo codes to the podcaster and vidcaster. This solution was developed for and tested with the Personal Life Media network, which delivers millions of podcast audio ads per month.

Video Banners
RevShare Now campaigns feature advanced tools such as video banners, which offer much higher click through rates over standard banner ads. Developed for affiliate marketers in conjunction with Innovate Media, info product sales pages that deliver a prospect from a video banner to a page featuring the same video spokesperson are seeing click through rates of 4% for the banner and conversion increases of up to 10% in sales. Providing highly clicked and attractive ad creative is paramount for success with affiliate marketers.

First Products Launched

Nearly twenty authors, workshop leaders and experts have already signed on with Personal Life Media to co-create and launch a completely downloadable information product. Subjects range from anxiety management to party planning, adult weight loss systems and diets for healthy kids to meaning coaching and self-confidence tools.  Review crrent and upcoming products at

Affiliates interested in marketing these life-empowering systems can sign up immediately for the following products:

Speak Up with Power and Influence System

Masterful Techniques: Overcome Fear and Anxiety

Talk Show Tips: 72 Secret ‘Master Host’ Techniques

Naturally Slender Quick Start: At Last…Never Diet Again

Expand Her Orgasm Tonight: 21-Day Program for Partners

Info Product Montage
What the Affiliates and Experts Say
“I have worked with a variety of Affiliate Marketing platforms over my 14+ years in the Internet business, and was very impressed to see that RevShareNow is so user-friendly, providing beautiful banners of various sizes with text links to easily imbed into my blog and website.  They have done a wonderful job with their reporting system, allowing me to keep track of how many visitors have clicked on my links and banners and more importantly, I know in real time the money I am making from their amazing products.”

– Jody Colvard, Founder and Executive Producer of the FMG TV and Radio Network

“I’m working with Personal Life Media on my first information product—after more than 30 books—because they have the energy, expertise, and integrity to support their experts and produce exceptional products. They have seen the future of information—and they are heading there at top speed.”

– Eric Maisel, Ph.D., author of Fearless Creating and The Van Gogh Blues

About Personal Life Media
Personal Life Media ( is a multimedia lifestyle brand producing digitally downloadable content. The company publishes 40 weekly audio shows (podcasts) and companion blogs and is an eBook publisher of direct-to-consumer online information products targeted to consumers interested in personal and professional growth.
PLM provides a technology infrastructure of automated platforms for podcast and information product publishing to serve experts who deliver motivational programs, talk shows, virtual workshops, downloadable training systems and support programs via blogs, audio, video and eBooks.
Personal Life Media distinguishes itself by offering myriad digitally downloadable cutting-edge self-help content about relationships, sensuality, life purpose, wealth creation, healthy aging, weight loss, personal technologies and hobbies. Additional areas of interest include life coaching, sustainable living, creativity, bio-medical innovation, passion at work and play, ethical sales, book reviews, spirituality, personal and global transformation.
Access the shows for free from a browser or subscribe via RSS or iTunes and listen on an iPod or MP3 player. Personal Life Media is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California.

Tune In to Your Personal Life™
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May I Sponsor Your Podcast?

An Ad Campaign for You

We are looking for podcasts and vidcasts to sponsor. Can you help us?

Tim and I started a new publishing division at Personal Life Media this year, focused on downloadable content. We’re expanding from sponsored podcasts to selling direct-to-consumer downloadable training systems. We lauched a series of what I call “ebooks with benefits.” These self-help information products typically include ebooks and workbooks, along with audio and video lessons – all downloadable directly to our customer’s desktop for immediate enjoyment.

The titles include, “Speak Up with Power and Influence,” to learn to ask for what you need to get what you really want and Naturally Slender Quick Start, which uses hypnosis to “retrain your subconscious brain” to think yourself thin. “Masterful Techniques: Overcome Fear & Anxiety” replaces Prozac with meditation and guided visualizations, and my new teaching system, “Talk Show Tips,” helps radio and podcast hosts conduct outstanding interviews.  And would it be Personal Life Media without a relationship program for couples? Our first is a 21-day intimacy program for partners with Dr. Patti Taylor.

Click Here to see current and upcoming products.

Info Product Montage

If you are a podcaster or blogger, and want to sample and review any or all of them, just contact me and I’ll send you a confidential promo code for free downloading.

We have five more titles on the way and another dozen in production for 2010.

Here’s Where You Come In…

We’ve created all these products with podcasters in mind. Everything we’ve learned in three years of selling sponsorships and ad programs on our network of forty shows is teed up for you to make money. The ads for our products are driving sales on our network, and they can drive revenue for you too.

What it takes to make a podcast ad campaign work:

  1. Host-read ads – we provide talking points so you can record the ad yourself.
  2. Memorable domains – you get a custom promo code that works at the main URL so your listeners don’t have to remember some convoluted web address for you to get paid. Even use the same promo code across multiple products.
  3. Offer a hefty discount to your followers – with your custom promo code, your listeners and viewers save as much as $100 off the retail price of our products, so they are motivated to buy.
  4. A worthwhile pay out – you make 20% on every sale, typically $40 payouts on our products – a better rev share amount than any other program we know.
  5. A tight affiliate tracking system – we created RevShareNow to support promo codes and direct links (register your whole domain and get credit for every sale from anyplace on your site too) expressly to enable podcasters and vidcasters.

If you like any or all of these products and would like to record an ad for your show with a custom promo code and affiliate links you can use, please contact our affiliate managers, Stefanni and Andrea Becker. They will walk you through the easy sign up at RevShareNow, create a custom promo for you, make sure you have all the banner ads, video ads, Twitter and email “swipe copy,” blog post content, product shots and promo codes you need to be a success.

Email them today at stefanni at or andrea at to get started.

I’d love your feedback and to know that you are interested in promoting some of our products in your show.

Ready to create a partnership with us? Let’s do it.

Note: If you know a podcaster who would like to make money by promoting our products, please forward this blog post link to them.

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Steal This: My Podcast Playlist – Best of New Personal Life Media Shows

Here are the newest shows from Personal Life Media that I’m adding to my iPhone. There are MANY others, but these are my picks.


Philosopher’s Notes: Discipline Leads to Blissipline

Listen Now
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“The transition from the egoic self to the Authentic Self requires discipline… The good news is that discipline eventually becomes what I call a “blissipline” because it leads to playing our part with integrity, dignity, elegance, passion, and deep contentment.” ~ Michael Bernard Beckwith from Spiritual Liberation

Fabien Cousteau: Continuing a Legacy of Ocean Adventure and Activism on Green Talk Radio with @SeanDaily

Listen Now
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Freedom from the Tyranny of Trends on Philosopher’s Notes

Listen Now
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“One of the ways we hijack our capacity to experience a state of beholding is that we become swept up in what I call the “tyranny of trends.” The tyranny of trends allows for the lowest common denominator to set the standard of success, and of course, “coolness.” Very often, trends convince individuals what their life’s purpose should be. The tyranny of trends is blasted out at us from television, radio, newspapers, tabloids, computers, and even our dentist’s waiting room, attempting to convince us that we must smell a certain way, wear a certain label, weigh a specific weight, have whiter teeth, drive a certain car, make a certain income, and so on, before we can consider that we’ve made it.” ~ Michael Bernard Beckwith from Spiritual Liberation

Business Success Tips: Info Products and the Democratization of Monetization

Listen Now
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What is a Mens’ Group and Why Should You Care?

Listen Now
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Are you one of those guys who — deep down — is wondering, “What in the hell am I doing with my life?”

When you get in the weeds, do you tend to isolate like a wounded animal?

Music for a Moonlit Beach (feat. Zen Lemonade, Brioski, T. Orlando, & More)

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It days like today when I feel like I belong on a beach somewhere.  Luckily I have music like this to transport me.

Buddhist Geeks on Investing in the Future of American Buddhism

Listen Now
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The Expanded “O” a 21-Day Program for Partners with Dr. Patti Taylor interviewed by @SusanBratton

Listen Now
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Taste of Sex Reality Audio: Different Sides

Listen Now
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Tantric Tips from the Goddess Temple

Listen Now
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In this episode, Corynna engagingly inspires us into the Dharma challenge & joyous innocence of Tantric Personal Practice. Discover and deepen into the 5 Keys of Tantric Sex: Breath, Movement, Sound, Intention, and Consciousness.

Be A Sweet, Please ReTweet and More Episodes You Might Like:

  • Expanded Lovemaking – 21 Intimacy Program for Partners with Dr. Patti Taylor
  • Different Sides: Why does Gregg believe he has to make a choice between his women?
  • LifeZero: The Value/Burden of Physical Things
  • Burning Bagels and Mis-takes: “A conscious realization of our innate oneness with the Ineffable.
  • Surrender to a Slimmer You
  • Info Products and the Democratization of Monetization:
  • LIKE: Fabien Cousteau: Continuing a Legacy of Ocean Adventure and Activism
  • Discipline Leads to Blissipline: “The transition from the egoic self to the Authentic Self.
  • One of the ways we hijack our capacity to experience a state of beholding is that we become swept up in what I call the “tyranny of trends.”
  • Don’t Wait. Participate, Risk & Grow Now!: “What keeps nagging at you to take action?
  • Alissa and Trip on Just for Women: The Man’s Perspective on Being Pregnant.
  • What is a Men’s Group and Why Should You Care?
  • Are you one of those guys who, deep down is saying, what in the hell am I doing?
  • Music for a Moonlit Beach (feat. Zen Lemonade, Brioski, T. Orlando, & More
  • Investing in the Future of American Buddhism.
  • Tantric tips fro the goddess temple.
  • Eric Ryan on Making Your Soap and Company Green, His Secret Power and Freedom to Tweet with @AaronStrout
  • Gregg’s Choice: Do you date multiple people? When do you decide?
  • Philosopers Notes: Everything Has a Gestation Period.
  • Masterful Techniques: a potent approach to the “Outer” & “Inner” emotional work required for relief of fear & panic.
  • Music for a Dark and Smoky Bar (feat. Somi, Bitter:Sweet, Touch Sensitive, Arkhee, & Psyc…
  • Explore the Big Bang and the origin of life on Earth (some 3.8 billion years ago) and spiritually significant events
  • Attacking Water Waste with Laura Allen of Greywater Guerrillas: GreenTalk Radio Host Sean Da…
  • Understanding and Healing the Masculine.
  • Intent-ful Eating: New research shows the effects of intent on water.
  • Embodying the Pure Breath of Love with Charles Ridley.
  • Are you following @PersonalLife?
  • If you follow @PersonalLife you’ll know about all the latest episodes.
  • Follow @PersonalLife – free podcasts on personal growth.

Susan Bratton, CEO of Personal Life Media with Podcaster, Sean Daily of Green Talk Radio and Business Success Tips, August 2008

Sean Daily, GreenTalk Radio with Susan Bratton...
Image by SusanBratton via Flickr
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Sensational Journalism – Pimping Stories for SEO – ABCNews and Nightline Selfishly Use Porn Angle to Get Clicks

One Taste

One Taste

What a disappointing piece of sensational journalism. An amazing group of teachers from OneTaste SF/NY were recently interviewed for Nightline, including Nicole Daedone, the founder. I have been waiting eagerly for the show to air because what they teach is “Orgasmic Meditation.” OMing is a practice that helps women feel more sensation through a stroking technique that OneTaste teaches.

Instead of accurately covering the value of this “massage” practice, ABC lumped OneTaste in with porn movies and eroticism. They completely missed the point of the practice and reverted to crappy, sensational journalism to drive traffic to this web page. (no link love from me, ABC)

See how ABC has optimized this page for the keywords “Porn” and “Erotic Film?” Desperate for traffic, ABC? How insulting. You entirely missed the point of OneTaste’s OMing practice. It’s a way that a woman can become in touch with her orgasmic potential and a way to feel a level of sensation that frankly, few partners can provide in the typical sexual context.

My husband and I were trained 4 years ago at OneTaste SF and it completely changed our relationship for the better. I’ve come into myself more as a woman and as a human being through this teaching. I have experienced a level of sensual sensation I cannot believe is possible and it continues to expand. My intimate connection with my husband is deep, comforting and hot. Every woman deserves to experience OMing.

I’m so passionate about it that I tell people about OMing all the time, produce podcasts with OneTaste and have recently co-created a “workshop in a box” with Dr. Patti Taylor for people who want to self-learn rather than going to a workshop with others.

Expand Her Orgasm Tonight: 21 Day Program for Partners

Expand Her Orgasm Tonight: 21 Day Program for Partners

OneTaste’s teaching is important.

To liken it to porn is a slap in the face and an indication that Nightline’s reporters (and ABC’s webmaster/SEO people) completely missed the point. I am saddened by this terrible piece of reporting.

If you are intrigued by the possibility of exploring and growing your orgasmic potential, spend some time on the OneTaste website, go to one of their classes and/or listen to the podcasts we produce with them.


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Seeking an Affiliate Marketing Manager for Personal Life Media’s New Publishing Division

Image representing Personal Life Media as depi...
Image via CrunchBase

We’ve just launched an information product marketing division at Personal Life Media. We now need an affiliate marketing expert to help us sign up and manage affiliates and JV’s. We have four products launched and another dozen in the pipeline. If you understand the affiliate and JV world and want to work for a great company that provides life-transforming products, check out this role.

The sky is the limit as to where this can lead, but to start, we need a detail-oriented, super-friendly sales person who loves to enroll people in great new ideas.

You get to work with me one-on-one, account by account and I will teach you all I know about sales, marketing and business development in addition to publishing and information product marketing while we co-create successful relationships with partners.

You can live anywhere in the world, but your English must be perfect, your grammar excellent, your writing skills warm and powerful and your commitment to your responsibilities resolute.

Team PLM!

Team PLM!

Affiliate Marketing Manager : Full Time : Contract : Base + Commission

We are seeking a self starter with a demonstrated ability to run a successful affiliate marketing program. You must be able to identify, recruit, motivate and retain successful affiliates.


Create affiliate marketing materials for products including sample blog posts and sample emails for affiliates.

Create affiliate marketing campaigns and promotions to motivate affiliates.

Identify and recruit top affiliates for each product including JV partners and publishers.

Upload and manage banner ads and affiliate assets into our affiliate marketing network site,

Manage JV launches and ongoing affiliate relationships.

Communicate weekly with affiliates to keep them informed about new Personal Life Media products, new promotional tools, upcoming promotions, and recommended best practices for promoting the various Personal Life Media products.

Monitor affiliate activities and insure compliance with company policies. Verify affiliate payment amounts and approve affiliate payments.

Conduct surveys of customer prospects to understand buying behavior and make recommendations for improving conversion rates.

Manage auto-responders and track conversion statistics from email campaigns.

Create training materials such as tutorials, FAQs, and demo videos for affiliates.

Analyze metrics such as click through rates, conversion rates, commissions per sales, total cost of sales and commission per impression and make recommendations for improving ROI on program as well as products, landing pages, and affiliate promotional materials.

3 – 5 years managing affiliate programs
Bachelor’s degree
Excellent communications skills, both written and verbal
Fluent in English
Very reliable broadband connection
Direct experience with affiliate software such as Post Affiliate Pro preferred.

About Personal Life Media
Personal Life Media ( is a multimedia lifestyle brand producing digitally downloadable content. The company publishes 40 weekly audio shows (podcasts) and companion blogs and is an eBook publisher of direct-to-consumer online information products targeted to consumers interested in personal and professional growth.
PLM provides a technology infrastructure of automated platforms for podcast and information product publishing to serve experts who deliver motivational programs, talk shows, virtual workshops, downloadable training systems and support programs via blogs, audio, video and eBooks.

The currently available titles include:
Talk Show Tips – 72 Show Host Secrets

Naturally Slender Quick Start – Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Speak Up With Power and Influence – Achieve More Confidence
Expand Her Orgasm Tonight – 21 day Program for Partners

Qualified individuals may send their resume to “jobs at personallifemedia dot com”.

Having known and worked with Susan Bratton for nearly ten years and I can not endorse her highly enough. Susan is incredibly bright and polished, but she’s also is fun to work with and always on the cutting edge of marketing and technology. Susan is and incredible mentor and partner. She fosters an amazing atmosphere that’s full of energy and creativity. I highly recommend working with Susan! – Heidi Kadison, former employee, Excite@Home

I wanted to write a quick note to let you know that it was a pleasure working for you while at Excite@Home.  You are one of the most strategic and eloquent leaders I have met and consider you to be my most influential mentor.  You can move mountains with your words and build powerful teams with your management acumen.  One of the most connected people in the industry, I welcome any opportunity to work with and/or for you in the future. — Brendan O’Brien, VP & GM, Digital Media Group, ISM Entertainment

Personal Life Media Show Host Training Group Photo
Image by SusanBratton via Flickr
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