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Free Excerpt of “Today We Are Rich” by Tim Sanders

“Tim Sanders’ latest book will ultimately prove out as a classic piece of work in the human potential movement. It will sit alongside your Zig Ziglar, Napoleon Hill and Tony Robbins’ books.”

You’ll recommend “Today We Are Rich: Harnessing The Power of Total Confidence” to your family and friends.
You’ll give it as a gift.
“TWAR” is about confidence, and personal authority, and integrity.
The triumvirate of attributes that make for a solid man or woman.

Today We Are Rich Excerpt Susan Bratton <=== Click Here!

Tim Sanders on Today We Are Rich: Total Confidence

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Tim reviews the “7 Principles of Confidence.”
Check YOURSELF against his list and see if you’re doing what you need to be
supremely confident. If you are, you are a good model for your friends, family and children.
Share this list with your children. Talk to them about how to feed their mind, how to “give to be rich,” how to prepare themselves for a life led with quality actions and value to others. It’s good to stop and think about the life you are leading, the model you are living.
Tim Sanders is a bright light of positivism and well-grounded character. Give yourself a boost of optimism with this delightful conversation on my DishyMix interview. Click to listen!


[VIDEO] Crazy! The World’s Most IN-DEMAND Job

You are going to really appreciate this:
“The Most IN-DEMAND Job on Earth”

It’s one YOU can do!

Go watch it here

This “Odd-Ball” job didn’t exist 18 months ago but demand is SO high right
now a total jug-head can demand $5K-$10K a month part-time or full time.

If your not making $10K a month right now I strongly suggest you watch this video.

This could be your golden ticket!

Go watch the video now.


What About YOU Do Others Find Fascinating? Find Your “F Score”

I read a LOT of books and Fascinate is now my favorite framework for thinking about brand positioning.

Sally Hogshead gave me a fantastic interview. Click below to listen or click here for the transcript.

Her model, based on what gets our attention and captivates us at a human level, right in the limbic system, can be applied to your brand or to you personally. Everything has a “Fascination Score.”

Want to know your personal F Score? What is it about YOU that people find fascinating?

Take the Fascination Survey here.

The best thing about understanding what makes you or your brand fascinating is that Sally offers a clear roadmap to further support your fascination triggers. In Fascinate, she shows you how to push your differentiation to meaningful levels that give you an unfair advantage in the market.

Listen now for  a tasty introduction to your world of fascination.

Sally Hogshead on Fascinate – 7 Triggers to Persuasion and Captivation

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I’m Flattered, But What About You?

Want a book that will get your ass in gear?

You KNOW what to do to create an online market presence for yourself. You have a list of “shoulds.” You should Twitter, you should make a Facebook page, you should turn what you know into an information product, you should be speaking publicly…

Imagine feeling excited and action-oriented instead of overwhelmed at the prospect of marketing yourself online.

My friend, Jim Kukral just launched a book I think you’ll really appreciate. Part “how-to” and part “you can do it!” – it’s a great combination of the stuff you kinda know, all swirled together into a can of whoopass.

Create a compelling hook

Maintain a good brand name online

Making money online via video, social and email

And the Universal Truths about selling on the web (worth the price of the book itself)

Even better, you get TONS of free stuff when you buy the book. I love freebies, don’t you? Grab ‘em here:

And here is a free excerpt of the book for you too.


So what’s flattering? I am mentioned in the beginning of the book as one of the people whom Jim believes has created a compelling personal brand. He calls them “That Guy” and includes everyone from Seth Godin to Joel Comm to Mari Smith to Chris Brogan and Yours Truly.

It’s nice to be recognized for the work I’ve done creating both a personal brand of Susan Bratton and DishyMix and the Personal Life Media brand.

If you want to raise awareness in the world for the work you are doing, Attention! is a great book, filled with solid ideas and a lot of confidence boosting.

If you’re ready for a great read, enjoy “Attention! This Book Will Make You Money: How To Use Attention-Getting Online Marketing To Increase Your Revenue.”

Interesting little factoid: The photo of Jim on his coverleaf was one I took of him in Vegas at Affiliate Summit up on the roof of the hotel overlooking the dazzling Strip.


Invisible Close: How To Sell Without Being Salesy

The minute I met Lisa Sasevich, I knew she was special.

Authentic Selling Secrets Teleseminar Host Lisa Sasevich

She had that “get ‘er done” attitude of someone who is successfully kicking butt in the world. Then when I found out what she does, I was even more intrigued.

She teaches people to successfully close business from teleseminars and stage presentations.

How many sales presentations are you making, where at the end, your customer is clamoring to sign the order?


Could you be more successful at closing?

Lisa’s product is called The Invisible Close.

This is the formula I USE for success on teleseminars and on stage.

She’s living proof that you can get your gifts out into the world in a HUGE way AND make a handsome living to boot.

In her upcoming call, she’s explaining how she created FIVE 6-figure-plus launches plus built a 7-figure home based business in less than 3 years…all without being “salesy!”

You can watch “the queen of sales conversion” work her magic in her free, BRAND-NEW teleclass “5 Simple Secrets to 6-Figure Teleseminars: How to make BIG FAST MONEY doing what you LOVE!” on Thursday, July 29, at 4 pm EDT/1 pm PDT

In a hurry? Just go here:

On this ground-breaking call you’ll learn:

1) The #1 thing you need to focus on to get BIG sales results on your Preview Call (Most professional speakers don’t even know this!)

2) 5 simple steps to craft your Preview Call talk so it’s content- rich AND sells!

3) Her secrets to tripling your sales after your Preview Call. This simple formula works like magic. Not knowing this could cost you thousands of dollars a month, but she’s going to teach it to you absolutely free.

4) Exactly how to structure your teleseminar Irresistible Offer. (Hint: It’s different than the offer you make in a face-to-face setting, from the stage or one-on-one!)

5) The most critical mindset shift you need to make before attempting to sell anything. Don’t even bother with all the strategies she’s going to teach you if you’re not willing to do this!

Here’s that link again to reserve your spot in this complimentary teleclass.
Note: As you probably know (and may have experienced yourself first-hand) giving a preview call that results in a 6-figure launch is easier said than done. Let Lisa walk you through her steps to creating a preview call that provides amazing value and big sales results!

Also: I suggest grabbing your seat even if you’re not sure you can make the live call. Lisa promised me she’ll send everyone who registers the audio playback and this is a call you’ll want to have on hand when you’re ready to craft YOUR next teleseminar launch.

Disclaimer: The preview call is free and there is no cost or obligation, but you should know I am an affiliate of Lisa’s, which means I truly believe in what she’s doing and if you do invest with her one day, I get a small commission. That being said, I really do this because I think what Lisa teaches is needed, important and she’s very good at it.


Sneaky: This Is How You Can Get The $2,000 + $9,000 Worth of Bonuses

Yesterday I had Eben Pagan on DishyMix and he detailed how to make money from your own ebook. He also described the fascinating behind-the-scenes “launch strategy” for Guru Blueprint.

Eben has generated over $100 million dollars selling 10 information products and makes over a million dollars a year himself.

And this could be YOU!

I truly believe that you can find a niche of your own and start your empire with all the tools, templates and strategies packed into Guru Blueprint.

I highly recommend you listen to the interview asap so you can get your copy of the program when you are ready to take the next step in securing your own income stream outside your “normal” job.

Eben Pagan on the eBook in YOU, Identifying Your Niche and Guru Blueprint Launch

Listen Now
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*** Reminder! ***

I am giving away a HUGE bonus package when you try Eben’s Guru Blueprint product. Your incentive bonus, ONLY if you use the link in this email, is $2,000 worth of Personal Life Media ebooks and products of your choice.

That oughta get you started… imagine having a whole library of info products you can review before embarking on the creation of your first ebook?

Make sure you check the products out… it’s the best bonus package I’ve ever assembled:

There are SURPRISE BONUSES worth over $9,000 from Eben too, and they will go FAST.

Find out if information products, advice & coaching is the future of your income.

Note: Do this — buy the product and see if it will work for you. Eben’s 100% no-risk guarantee, lets you try the training without having to worry about getting stuck with something that isn’t what you hope it is.


Stressed? Freebie Free For All – Daily Give Away #9 – Masterful Techniques: Overcome Fear & Anxiety

Today’s free product is one of my favorites we publish. Masterful Techniques is perfect for releasing stress.

Here’s how to free yourself from the nagging anxiety that’s keeping you isolated…let go of that knot in your stomach and finally experience the ease of everyday life that others have and you want for yourself.

There are people living an entirely different experience of life…

What would if feel like if you were finally free from worry and anxiety?

What would if feel like to have a clear mind and make it through your day without feeling overwhelmed?

How long have you been living in a state of feeling disconnected from everyone you love and care about the most?

How different would your life be if you were surrounded by people who heard you and supported you?

Now… I’d like you to imagine how it would feel if you could open yourself to receiving the love and affection that the people in your life already want to give you, but you are not letting in.

And I’d also like you to imagine how it would feel to be back in control of your life and be able to handle situations that come up in your life and not let it overwhelm you.

The truth is, if you’re feeling overwhelmed and stress and worry has started to run your life… odds are that trying to think your way out of it is NOT going to work.

On today’s daily give away, sign up to win a free copy of Masterful Techniques: Overcome Fear and Anxiety. It’s an information product that includes an ebook, workbook, audio and video tutorials that calm your fears and assuage your frustrations with natural methods:

Masterful Technique #1

Learn how to release thoughts and get back to the present moment with Mindfulness Meditation Practices

Masterful Technique #2

Discover Tonglen, a Buddhist practice using breath and focused thought to change your experience

Masterful Technique #3

Learn the power of Alternate Nostril Breathing, a yogic breathing technique that rapidly calms the body

Masterful Technique #4

Use Emotional Freedom Techniques to instantly calm high emotion and release debilitating thoughts

Masterful Technique #5

Develop the ability to courageously speak your needs with Compassionate Communication

To win, just post your desire on my Facebook Page:

Note: Remember, you can give this to a loved one.

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What’s On @SusanBratton’s Podcast Playlist?

Everyone loves it when I blog the latest free podcasts we publish on Personal Life Media.

So here are some of the most recent on my playlist:

(You can get them at our site or in iTunes.)

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Paul’s New Business Model for Success of a Good Salesperson

The Answer: Paul and JC talk about their inspiration after reading the book “The Answer.”

Buddhist Geeks

The Jedi Mind Training of Concentration: In this episode we wrap up our discussion with med… Zen of Zen History: James Zito is a Buddhist film-maker, and the director of a newly re… – There’s an App For That: In this episode we’re joined by Soren Gordhamer, long …

The New Man

David Morelli – How to Clear Bad Energy and Find True Power: Do you ever wonder why you struggle…

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Alex Linsley – How to Piss Off Chauvinists and Feminists

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From Comfort Food to Comfy Body: Does losing weight mean you have to leave…

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Mindfulness, Self Acceptance and Weight Loss: Mindfulness Meditation has been shown …

Pleasure and Weight Loss with Jena LaFlamme

Beauty Now

Dr. Nicole: As Seen On The OC Housewives, ABC, E and more!

Kym Douglas: Television Host, Author, Healthy and Beauty Expert As Seen On Ellen, Good Day LA,…

Camera Dojo

Conversation with Syl Arena – LIDLIPS, Speedlites, and More

Conversation with Neil van Niekerk – Taking Your Flash to the next level: This week we talk wi…

Conversation with David Ziser – Choosing the right aperture

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Lara and Johnny Fernandez: Soul Mate Search for the Serious: Who knew that radical self ca…

Dr. Sandor Gardos: Herpes, HPV, and Penis Power.

Nicole Daedone: O Meditation ~ A Radical Approach to Self Care

Expanded Lovemaking

Dr. Patti talks to Bruce Frantzis, Taoist lineage master, about sexual Qi Gong (Chi Gung) for Lovemaking.

Squirt Your Heart Out – Every Woman Can! Dr. Patti Talks to Tallulah Sulis, Somatic Edu…

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Tantalizing Techniques to Keep the Fires Burning All Year Long: Dr. Patti talks to Lou…

What Your Partner Wants You Know about Mind-Blowing O’s

Awakening to Full Body O’s: Dr. Patti talks to Crystal Dawn Morris, Tantr…

Super-charging Pleasure with Specific “Sandbox Dates”: Dr….

Becoming Multi-O (Part Two): Dr. Patti talks to Crystal Dawn Morris, Tantric Te…

Tantra & Kama Sutra

Dance with Desire: Recovering Body Wisdom with Kimerer LaMothe

Ancient Roots of Feminine Eros with Max Dashu

Expand Her “O” Tonight with Dr. Patti Taylor…

Igniting the Feminine through Masculine Energy Mastery with John Maxwell Taylor


Recommended: How To Create Hunger For Your Products At A Speaking Engagement Without Being “Salesy”

Do you speak at industry events? Do you present to clients and prospects? Have you considered using teleseminars or events for lead-gen?

When I met Lisa Sasevich, author of The Invisible Close at Eben Pagan’s Internet Marketer Big Wigs’ Green Room event in Miami I wondered how I could have missed hearing about her brilliant techniques until now.

Authentic Selling Secrets Teleseminar Host Lisa Sasevich

As a lifelong public speaker, I’ve always wrestled with the tension between “not being pitchy” and the frustration that comes from knowing I am taking my valuable time and energy to do a speak op and feeling like I squandered an occasion to tell people about my products who, in reality, would probably LIKE to buy them or know about them as a resource.

Lisa has the solution. Join me on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th 2pm PST 5pm EST to listen to her value packed, free tele-seminar to open your eyes to the possibility of generating solid leads AND closing deals every time you speak.

“Authentic Selling Secrets: How To Be Yourself, Have Fun and Sell a Ton on Stages and in Tele-seminars,” is THIS Wednesday.

You benefit from discovering:

* EXACTLY what you need to put together a life-altering talk that feels GREAT to share without giving away the store (AND creating the situation where your ideal clients WANT to invest with you.)

* That everything you’ve been taught about Speaking-to-Sell is WRONG?

* How to instantly create desire for your products and services without being “salesy”.

* How to effortlessly transition from content to close and have your audience glad you did.

* How to SEED your audience early on, so that when you finally tell them about your product, they are glad you did.

* What NOT to do at a live presentation.

* How to craft your Irresistible Offer.

* Using tension and limits to generate significant demand.

* Using THE RIGHT handouts to drive day-of and week-of sales and customer acquisition with elegance and professionalism.

“Are You Ready to Enjoy Massive Sales and Profits From Speaking Live or on Teleseminars?”

Then listen to Lisa, the master in action, on this teleseminar: “Authentic Selling Secrets: How To Be Yourself, Have Fun and Sell a Ton on Stages and in Tele-seminars,” this Wednesday.

(In a hurry? Grab your seat here.)

I have met Lisa and I have The Invisible Close. Her free calls are content-rich and loaded with the EXACT strategies she uses and tons of “how to’s” you can implement immediately.

I’m going to be on that call to hear Lisa model her own strategies for selling. She’ll be promoting the upcoming launch of her “Big Mission, Big Sales, Big Life Virtual Bootcamp.”

Here’s that link again to reserve your spot in this complimentary teleclass.

P.S. Tell me if this changes your entire approach to public speaking and gives you myriad new ideas for lead-gen using teleseminars.

P.P.S. Feel free to invite friends and colleagues to this call, but please remember to reserve YOUR spot first!

P.P.P.S — The call is free, and there is no obligation to buy ever, but if you ever do, know that I’m an affiliate of Lisa’s (which means I truly believe in the value of what she does and if you buy something I do get a commission).

Lisa has offered my followers a $50 discount off The Invisible Close. You must go to to see the discount or use Promo Code DISHY at check out.

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For Women Only: Are All The Dimwits and Kiss Ups Around You Getting The Great Promotions At Work…

While You Silently Stew In Place, Shackled By Your Lack of Confidence?

Discover the Self Esteem Secrets That You NEED to Get Ahead At Work… And In Life.

Susan Campbell Getting Real

“Essentials of Unshakable Self Confidence: The Ultimate Career Success Guide for Women in the Work Place.”

by Dr. Susan Campbell.

I am planning a special episode of DishyMix with Dr. Susan Campbell on inter-company politics and professional confidence for women managers.

Would you please contribute your question as a comment on this blog so I can ask it on the show?

If you want a shout out/attribution during the show, please make sure you give me your full name, title and company affiliation and permission.

If you’d prefer confidentiality, just email me your question to susan at personallifemedia dot com.  Confidentiality guaranteed.

Here are some sample questions to get you thinking about what your real question might be.

1. What pressures do you experience that you’d like help dealing with? When you answer this, or any of these questions, will you please also include your job title or position?
2. Do you believe that there is sexism or discrimination toward women in your workplace? What is the nature of this?
3. Do you have to deal with  “difficult people” or difficult relationships? How do you deal with these people now?
4. How is your work-life balance? How are you doing at taking care of yourself while taking care of business?
5. Is your physical health an issue for you?  How so?
6. Is your weight an issue for you?
7. Do you see others getting ahead, while you get passed over for promotions, bonuses, or recognition?
8. What, if any, criticism have you received? In what context? How have your performance evaluations from you supervisor been?
9. If your company (or you) had the money to hire an outside consultant, what goal would you want this person to help you achieve?
10. Do you feel any personality conflicts with anyone in your workplace? What is the nature of this conflict or difference?
11. How do people handle their emotions in your workplace? e.g. is there a norm that people should leave their emotions in the parking lot, or do people tend to be more relaxed about sharing disappointments and frustrations with one another?
12. Do you ever get your feelings hurt by things your co-workers or boss say or do? How do you handle this?
13. Do you see your workplace as a pretty healthy environment –or would it be considered dysfunctional? Please elaborate.
14. Do you find yourself thinking about office politics, personal conflicts, and the like after you come home from work?
15. Do you wish you had the courage to speak up about things that need attention or need “fixing?” If so, why do you inhibit yourself?

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