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Oren Klaff, “Pitch Anything” – Pitching Blueprint For The Croc Brain [Neuro-Marketing]

Want to make every marketing strategy you do more effective?

Use this new neuro-marketing concept called “Frame Control” to increase your conversions.

Oren Klaff, author of Pitch Anything, explains why, as a marketer or sales professional, we must appeal to the “croc brain” to win business.

Here’s a link to a free video and deck on The Croc Brain and Frame Control  <=== No Opt-In Required

Oren’s book, Pitch Anything, has completely updated my approach to speaking from the stage and creating highly-converting online video sales letters.

Oren Klaff answers my marketing application questions as applied to his Croc Brain concept in this two-part DishyMix which you can listen to here. <=== Download MP3 or Listen in iTunes

In this 2 part series, learn how to apply Oren’s boardroom formula to your online marketing.

We give you the pitching blueprint which includes:

  • Prizing
  • Owning the Frame
  • Intrigue Pings
  • The Hookpoint
  • Hot Cognitions


[Conversion Optimization] Discover A Skill You May Already Have: Seeing “Real-Time Emotional Patterns”

In this episode of DishyMix I discuss the concept about which I spoke at Awesomenessfest Maui, “Real Time Emotional Patterns.”

Part of this content was featured on the monthly webinar by David Garfinkel and Brian McLeod for Fast Effective Copy followers. It was called, “Launching With Real Time Copy.”

Here is a free download from Fast Effective Copy on writing Product Review Blog Posts.

I discuss how I increase my conversion rates by mining the emotions of my prospects for my copy using technologies like chat, online surveys and social media.

Episode Detail Listen Now

Real Time Emotional Patterns

It’s likely you have an innate skill you’re not fully utilizing in your marketing — the ability to see “real time emotional patterns” in the conversations your customers are having with you.

Listen in as Susan tells you about six “Real Time Emotional Patterns” she leveraged using technologies like webinars, live chat, online surveys and more to get “inside the mind of her prospect” to drive more conversions for her online self-help programs. more.

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If you’ve visited ConversionTriggers and downloaded the free persuasion content, you’ll know that I’ve been focused on the four realms of persuasive marketing – storytelling, copywriting, structured communication and neuro marketing. I’ve been learning a lot about copywriting and storytelling, and working very diligently to write good copy that converts for my products. And in looking back at the last year, I realized that I’ve been doing this thing of seeing emotional patterns in the use of some technologies that I’ve been leveraging.

I want you to think about seeking out emotional patterns in your work. That’s the big idea; looking for real time emotional patterns, using technology so that you can understand what the conversation is that’s in the mind of your customer. And when you speak to them with the copy that you write, the website content that you put up, the emails you send out, the content you post on Twitter and Facebook pages, how can you let your prospects know that you really do get them?

There’s no time like NOW to learn this. Why?
There’s also this perfect storm of technology, so it’s not just that the economy is tighter and people are making more considered purchases and they’re returning things, but that we have to manage our brands and that we have technology capabilities like Olark, Stealth Seminar, Survey Monkey, Zen Desk, Google Website Optimizer and with exception of the last one on the list, they’re all one day implementation. They’re technologies that we can use so that we can speak to our customers in a way that is more emotional and less rational and helps them make their buying decision more easily. You can tap into a rich vein of customer insights that will increase your conversions more quickly and more cheaply that you are probably overlooking now. I’m going to tell you the story of six real time emotional patterns that I’ve used in the last year for the product launch for Revive Her Drive, and maybe you’ll be able to help other people come to completion, you’ll be able to help them get their problem solved in a faster, more efficient way by looking at and finding these real time emotional patterns in your own business.

A lot of people see patterns in numbers. Are you one of them?
Can you look at a spreadsheet and see the patterns? Do you connect the dots with numbers?

I don’t. But what I do is connect the dots in what I call a real time emotional pattern, and I think there are a lot of people out there – and maybe you’re one of them – who can hear five different customers say five different things that understand that at a sub-context, they’re all saying the same thing. They’re all expressing the same frustration. They’re just using different words to express it. So that’s what I’m looking for here. I’m looking for the way my customers are talking back to me using different channels, collecting that information, looking at the sub context, boiling it down and telling it back to them in a way that they say, “Yeah, you get me.”

I want to encourage you to use any or all of these technologies, whether you use Olark or Stealth or Survey Monkey or Google Website Optimizer – whatever you use, including all the social listening tools that you’re probably using, I encourage you to pull out that emotion and look for those emotional patterns, and then leverage those in your copy to connect better with your customer, ‘cause I think you’ll see patterns.

You likely have this skill already inherent inside you as a marketer.
You’re probably a very articulate person and able to really communicate effectively. And I think that most business professionals are overlooking these easy to use tools that can seriously give you a considerable advantage in your conversion optimization. What’s great is that all the tools are available now and they even work for tech-tards like me, and you can better monetize the traffic that you struggle to get, that you pay good money and all your time to get. You can better optimize it. And ultimately, you can convert more prospects to customers. You can bring others to completion by helping them have a better life using your products or services, and by understanding them more deeply and by feeling the emotion, you can start to open yourself, your heart, not only to your customers, but to the people that you work with and the people that you love and the people that you interact with everyday.


Joe Sugarman On Psychological Triggers for Marketing With Susan Bratton on DishyMix

When I had the good fortune to keynote at the first annual Clickbank Exchange event in NYC, I had the opportunity to meet legendary Joe Sugarman.

He is the guy who created the 29 (he says there are actually 31 in this interview below) Psychological Triggers for marketing to consumers that I mention in my Conversion Triggers presentation.

I lured him up to my hotel room <giggle> for a DishyMix interview.

I’m systematically interviewing all the great marketing psychology gurus… So this was a major coup!

This is gold!

Joe Sugarman on Why People Don’t Buy

Listen Now
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Feel free to forward this to your colleagues. And if they want the full presentation, you can send them to Conversion Triggers. It’s still free and loaded to bursting with awesome cheat sheets, book excerpts and updated links to my favorite copy writing, story telling, structured communication and neuro-marketing sites and products.

You can also subscribe to DishyMix in iTunes if you are a podcast lover.  (I like to listen to podcasts when I fold laundry and do dishes.)


No Self-Respecting Marketer Can Ignore Persuasion Psychology

‘Conversion Triggers’ Increase Sales Using Persuasion Marketing

As marketers, we want to target and convert prospects who will be most satisfied with our product or service. That makes buyers and sellers both more content. The better we understand our customers needs and desires and the more we enter into the conversation already happening in their head, the more likely we are to convert and delight them.

We increase conversions when we use the right verbiage that speaks to our customer in a way that moves them to purchase.

This is called Persuasion Marketing. And there are four realms within the field of persuasion that all marketers can leverage more effectively once you know what they are and how to use them.

The Four Realms Of Persuasion Marketing

1) Copy Writing

Understanding semantics (what words mean) and using the exact verbiage your prospects use so they can relate to you

2) Storytelling

Moving away from features, benefits and bullets and into archetypical story formats that sell more elegantly

3) Structured Communications

Mapping your communication through the emotional flow of your customer’s buying process

4) Neuro-Marketing

Understanding and appropriately leveraging the psychological triggers that influence and persuade humans

The four realms of persuasion are learnable, and you do not have to consider yourself a “good writer” to take advantage of this knowledge. Anyone, with some exposure to these concepts, can become better at creating ads, websites, emails and blog posts (any written communication) that convert to sales more efficiently.

With the advent of online training programs and excellent books on persuasive psychology, there’s no barrier now to confidently communicating at a deeper, more connected level to your prospect.

Between advances in neuro-science and online training programs that let you study from work or home, no self-respecting marketer relinquishes their copy wholly to an outside firm without being actively involved.

As a marketer, it is your responsibility to know your customers better than anyone else and be able to communicate with them profoundly.

To that end, I’ve collected exclusive book excerpts from my favorite authors on persuasion, step-by-step structured communications cheat sheets and links to trusted resources I personally use and recommend including:

● “How To Achieve Trustworthiness” from Enchantment by Guy Kawasaki

● Your “Fascination Score” and Radical Careering by Sally Hogshead

● Resonate and Slideology excerpts, including the groundbreaking Sparkline chart and video from Nancy Duarte

● Fast Effective Copy teaches you the structure of persuasive headlines, bullets, email and blog posts

● Marketing Rebel’s Simple Writing System is practically a primer on the 17-Steps to persuasive marketing

● 7-Figure Speaking Empire Presentation Blueprint from Dave vanHoose is what I use to write copy that SELLS

PLUS there’s a VIDEO of my keynote presentation, “Conversion Triggers: Persuasion Marketing.” <=== Click Here!

If you’re only going to read two books that will open your eyes to the power of persuasion, I suggest Fascinate by Sally Hogshead and Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini.

Familiarize yourself with Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey to learn the components that make a classic, compelling story.

And if you want to hone your persuasive copy skills, use the excellent templates to learn while doing from Fast Effective Copy.

Just exposing yourself to those four concepts will allow you to look at any content, and your whole marketing strategy, with fresh eyes that laser in on word choices and formats such that you’ll be able to more easily conversion optimize your offerings.


Conversion Triggers Video Explains How To Increase Conversions Using Persuasion, Neuro-Marketing, Copy Writing, Story Telling and Structured Communications

You are encouraged to download a video of my presentation, called “Conversion Triggers.”

I just returned from keynoting the biggest affiliate event in Sydney and a 3-city tour for the Australian Direct Marketing Association on Persuasion Marketing.

This video presentation shows you  how to leverage copy writing, neuro-marketing, story telling and structured communications to increase conversions.

I share insider secrets about our own conversion strategies for “Revive Her Drive,” the product we’re launching now.

If this benefits you, please let me know by commenting below.

I stuffed the site with free cheat sheets and book excerpts from friends like Guy Kawasaki, Sally Hogshead and Nancy Duarte.

Enjoy! And if it’s been helpful information to you, please pay it forward by Tweeting or posting this link on your Facebook wall.


29 Psychology Triggers FREE [limited] from Joe Sugarman – Legendary Marketer

Get this free audio while you can. It WILL be taken down.

Mark Joyner, a famous Internet marketer (coined the term eBook) got legendary marketer Joe Sugarman to let him release The Lost Joe Sugarman Tapes video from the only seminar he ever did.

These are classic gold.

Joe sold over 20,000,000 pair of BluBlockers and taught Victoria’s Secret,  Omaha Steaks and other leading marketers how to double their revenue using these Psychology Triggers.

If you are a marketer, a sales person, an executive, you need to know this!

This is a safe opt-in.

Get Joe’s ‘28 Psychological Triggers‘ audio interviews FREE <=== Click Here:


What About YOU Do Others Find Fascinating? Find Your “F Score”

I read a LOT of books and Fascinate is now my favorite framework for thinking about brand positioning.

Sally Hogshead gave me a fantastic interview. Click below to listen or click here for the transcript.

Her model, based on what gets our attention and captivates us at a human level, right in the limbic system, can be applied to your brand or to you personally. Everything has a “Fascination Score.”

Want to know your personal F Score? What is it about YOU that people find fascinating?

Take the Fascination Survey here.

The best thing about understanding what makes you or your brand fascinating is that Sally offers a clear roadmap to further support your fascination triggers. In Fascinate, she shows you how to push your differentiation to meaningful levels that give you an unfair advantage in the market.

Listen now for  a tasty introduction to your world of fascination.

Sally Hogshead on Fascinate – 7 Triggers to Persuasion and Captivation

Listen Now
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Thinking Style Targeting and Landing Page Design

Are you aware there’s a new way to target online messages by Thinking Style?

Telepathy is a new company, formed by Mind Time, Catalyst SF and Burnham Marketing to use “thinking style” targeting in online advertising.

Mind Time is a neuro-psychological targeting construct that categorizes all humans into archetypes based on the perspective from which they approach life on a time line.

Some thinkers are past, some present, some future and many are blended amongst the three.

For example, I am a Present/Near Future thinker, my husband a Past/Far Future thinker. We approach the world from very different mind times. (yet we’re highly compatible)

The premise on which Telepathy was founded is the concept that marketing messages can be targeted to different mind time clusters.

To grossly simplify, past thinkers want data, present thinkers want immediate benefits and future thinkers want to know the big picture value of using a product or service.

Jason Burnham explains in detail how Thinking Style Targeting works on my DishyMix interview here.

Jason Burnham Telepathy and Thinking Style Targeting

Listen Now
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During this fascinating interview, Jason used the example of how three different automotive companies revealed vast differences in their websites if you analyzed them through the filter of mind time oriented copy writing.

Here are the examples and you can download by clicking here AutomotiveExamples.


John Carlton’s Action Seminar Recommendation

I want to urge you to look into something coming up fast that could change the way your entire biz future plays out.

Here’s the story:

John Carlton has the kind of credibility that makes other guru’s nervous.  His career arc is legendary – 30 years as an outrageously-respected copywriting and marketing go-to-guy…

… with a reputation that includes teaching the essentials of notoriously-good sales messages to many of the top (and most famous) online entrepreneurs in the game.

So, yeah, when Carlton has something I think you’ll benefit from, I want you to know about it.

Now, imagine this: A swarm of respected experts and Web wizards guide you in creating a proven, step-by-step, fits-your-biz-like-a-glove, super-simple PLAN…

… that you can easily and quickly put into action…

… to demolish the obstacles holding you back and generate massive new results and momentum.  All while transforming your biz into something monstrously successful and more fun than you probably deserve.

It’s not a dream.

It is, in fact, exactly what John and his crew are gearing up to do… with a select group of attendees at an utterly unique LIVE event dedicated to mapping out the coolest, fastest and most easy-to-pull-off ways to make 2011 your best year ever.

Entrepreneurs, small biz owners, rookies… anyone lusting after the rewards heaped upon marketers armed with a clear plan to meet every goal… this is tailor-made for you.

You’re invited to grab one of the coveted spots at this live event, too… if you don’t fool around and miss your shot.

(Very limited space.  The last time John hosted an event like this, it filled up fast.)

Here’s what’s up: John has assembled a jaw-dropping faculty of brilliant (sometimes feared) and utterly hard-core masters of the entrepreneur/small biz world… 

… and they’re gathering down in sunny San Diego at the end of February…

… with one outrageous goal:

To empower you to…

1. Assemble a simple plan to dominate your market and obliterate your competition….

2. And understand precisely how to put that simple plan into ACTION. 

That’s the two fastest ways to get out of the gate ahead of everyone else, and crush it in 2011.

This event is called The Action Seminar… and you’ve likely never encountered anything like this before.

It is interactive, content-rich, and focused on getting something DONE.

Get more details here.

You need to see what’s up with this live event… especially if you’re freaked out by the economy, or (worse) thinking you can maybe just wing it through 2011 and be okay.

Don’t do that.

Do this instead: Just see what the fuss is all about with this totally unique, interactive live gathering.

You’ll be among entrepreneurs and biz owners in your same situation, no matter where you
are now in your career.

Beginner, veteran needing help, or classic kitchen table entrepreneur.

This event is focused on doing what I wished all events did (but don’t):

Deliver the goods, and help guide you in creating your own plan to make this year your best ever.

Spots are already being gobbled up.  You’ve still got time to act, but things are happening fast.

Do not miss this one-time shot at hanging with experts dedicated to helping you get your own
 action plan together.


I’m Flattered, But What About You?

Want a book that will get your ass in gear?

You KNOW what to do to create an online market presence for yourself. You have a list of “shoulds.” You should Twitter, you should make a Facebook page, you should turn what you know into an information product, you should be speaking publicly…

Imagine feeling excited and action-oriented instead of overwhelmed at the prospect of marketing yourself online.

My friend, Jim Kukral just launched a book I think you’ll really appreciate. Part “how-to” and part “you can do it!” – it’s a great combination of the stuff you kinda know, all swirled together into a can of whoopass.

Create a compelling hook

Maintain a good brand name online

Making money online via video, social and email

And the Universal Truths about selling on the web (worth the price of the book itself)

Even better, you get TONS of free stuff when you buy the book. I love freebies, don’t you? Grab ‘em here:

And here is a free excerpt of the book for you too.


So what’s flattering? I am mentioned in the beginning of the book as one of the people whom Jim believes has created a compelling personal brand. He calls them “That Guy” and includes everyone from Seth Godin to Joel Comm to Mari Smith to Chris Brogan and Yours Truly.

It’s nice to be recognized for the work I’ve done creating both a personal brand of Susan Bratton and DishyMix and the Personal Life Media brand.

If you want to raise awareness in the world for the work you are doing, Attention! is a great book, filled with solid ideas and a lot of confidence boosting.

If you’re ready for a great read, enjoy “Attention! This Book Will Make You Money: How To Use Attention-Getting Online Marketing To Increase Your Revenue.”

Interesting little factoid: The photo of Jim on his coverleaf was one I took of him in Vegas at Affiliate Summit up on the roof of the hotel overlooking the dazzling Strip.


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