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29 Psychology Triggers FREE [limited] from Joe Sugarman – Legendary Marketer

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Mark Joyner, a famous Internet marketer (coined the term eBook) got legendary marketer Joe Sugarman to let him release The Lost Joe Sugarman Tapes video from the only seminar he ever did.

These are classic gold.

Joe sold over 20,000,000 pair of BluBlockers and taught Victoria’s Secret,  Omaha Steaks and other leading marketers how to double their revenue using these Psychology Triggers.

If you are a marketer, a sales person, an executive, you need to know this!

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[VIDEO] Crazy! The World’s Most IN-DEMAND Job

You are going to really appreciate this:
“The Most IN-DEMAND Job on Earth”

It’s one YOU can do!

Go watch it here

This “Odd-Ball” job didn’t exist 18 months ago but demand is SO high right
now a total jug-head can demand $5K-$10K a month part-time or full time.

If your not making $10K a month right now I strongly suggest you watch this video.

This could be your golden ticket!

Go watch the video now.


Persuasive Online Copywriting with Yanik Silver

Yanik Silver

Yanik Silver is a master at online copywriting. If you write copy for display ads, PPC, websites, landing pages, email marketing, social media or any other marketing or sales endeavor, you must check out Yanik’s work!

My interview with him on DishyMix is coming next week. For now, here’s a freebie for ya’.

Download Free eBook Here:

9 Steps to Supercharge Your Copywriting

Get $891 in bonuses when you buy Yanik’s Ultimate Copywriting Workshop.

Just email me (susan at personallifemedia dot com) your proof of purchase and you can select up to 3 of the programs, valued at up to $297 each from the Personal Life Media store. Get Masterful Interviews and create your first information product just by interviewing experts!

And if you want more Yanik and mre Suz. . .

Click Here to learn about Underground 007, an information marketing event at which I’m speaking.


Review: Leverage Your Genius – Sharla Jacobs and Jesse Koren of Rejuvenate Your Practice

Jesse & Sharla

I recently interviewed Sharla Jacobs of Leverage Your Genius on DishyMix. She created a video with 17 techniques you can use to turn what you know into an online information product.

Free Gift Just for Friends of Susan Bratton:

“New Video Reveals the Simple
Formula to Set YOUR Business Up for
6 Figures and Beyond (Even if You’re
Just Starting Out)…”

One of my DishyMix listeners, Jamie Luv, is doing just that and attended the Leverage Your Genius event and I asked her how it went.

Here is her reply…

Thank you for asking me about Leverage Your Genius.

You are right, I love Jesse and Sharla.

The program is indeed genius. Here is why.

Jesse and Sharla will give you a step by step process that they will walk you through in fine detail, that they have strategized, fine tuned and executed with success. The process they will teach you is simple, direct and has enough possibility that the newest of new or a practitioner that has been an expert for 30 years can truly learn to leverage their genius with this program.

The most valuable experiences that I got from being at the live event were:

Breakthrough Coaching with Jesse Koren.

It is clear that Breakthrough Coaching is what Jesse was put on this planet to do, because when he does it, he is on purpose, fabulously fierce and laser’s in to exactly what is needed in the moment to bring about authentic and meaningful change for the participant.

Sharla is a Goddess!

You know when people exude grace? Sharla is one of those amazing women who speaks business like she was singing a song. Which is perfect for the target audience that would rather do just about anything than listen to a business seminar. I found her insight, and approach inspiring, and the hands on information extremely valuable.

I am going to recommend this program to holistic practitoners and coaches that are really looking for a one stop shop that will give them all of the tools (both internal and external) to be successful creating marketable products.

Thank you so much for recommending this program to me!

Many Happy Thoughts,

Jamie Luv

Life Optimization Consultant

Listen To The Interview:

Sharla Jacobs on Leveraging Your Genius and Teleseminars That Sell

Listen Now
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This Personal Story Might Inspire You And Kick YOUR Butt Into Action

You know how I blog about info on products I think can help you grow your personal brand or market your product in a new way? (Note: To get on my mailing list for special offers and deals for the products I recommend, go to Social Media Super Powers or Masterful Interviews and sign up for my freebies.)

Here’s a letter from a friend who has been taking advantage of my advice to create his own information product.

Perhaps this will give you some confidence to start thinking about what YOU can offer to the world to generate revenue…

I am busy creating my first online product, while simultaneously running my consulting firm.

My first online product will be a one hour (approximately) educational session titled: Social Networking for “Niche XXX”.

I’m doing a half day seminar on the 26th here locally for this niches of consumers. I’m partnering with two local volunteer groups that focus on this niche.

Their membership of these types of professionals is very high. I’m doing this seminar pro bono. We expect a turnout of 200 to 400 people.

I’m also hiring a 3 camera video crew to video record it. I fully expect the end result video to be a high quality product. I’m developing the content from scratch.

The financial investment I’m making in the video shoot and in all the planning requires I stay focused on it.

I’ll be launching this product in the fall in attempt to monetize the content. The target audience in this niche accounts for 15 million Americans.

Suz, I’ve been studying the launch strategies from you, Eben Pagan and recently, I’ve started reading KaChing (I even bought the KaChing button). But, this will be
my first product launch so I know I’ll make many rookie mistakes. Please don’t laugh at me! ;)

Rather, please offer me any common mistakes to avoid. I’ll be signed up with Clickbank (another great podcast interview of yours). And, of course I would love for you to affiliate market this product if you’re interested.

One potential hurdle in attracting quality affiliates like you is my planned price point. Since I’m targeting Niche X, I’m tentatively planning on a price point of $14.95 (the price of a book).

I know that’s low, but I’m hoping to reach a cash poor and large audience. I will offer a 5 minute excerpt download as part of the launch strategy for email captures and to stimulate sales of the 1 hour training session. The video will include testimonials from the live event audience.

This fall, I’ll also be launching a new blog site using the Socrates template from Joel Comm (yet another great DishyMix podcast interview).

Below is a write up of the event. I welcome any pearls of wisdom you might offer me.

Thanks so much for your friendship! It means a lot to me.

This warms my heart, because I know he’s on to a whole new revenue stream leverage what he already knows. And he’s made the smart choice to target a specific niche. I hope this provided you with some inspiration

NOTE: To listen to any of these podcast episodes of DishyMix click here. Scroll down to find the one(s) you want. They are all in chronological order.


I’m Flattered, But What About You?

Want a book that will get your ass in gear?

You KNOW what to do to create an online market presence for yourself. You have a list of “shoulds.” You should Twitter, you should make a Facebook page, you should turn what you know into an information product, you should be speaking publicly…

Imagine feeling excited and action-oriented instead of overwhelmed at the prospect of marketing yourself online.

My friend, Jim Kukral just launched a book I think you’ll really appreciate. Part “how-to” and part “you can do it!” – it’s a great combination of the stuff you kinda know, all swirled together into a can of whoopass.

Create a compelling hook

Maintain a good brand name online

Making money online via video, social and email

And the Universal Truths about selling on the web (worth the price of the book itself)

Even better, you get TONS of free stuff when you buy the book. I love freebies, don’t you? Grab ‘em here:

And here is a free excerpt of the book for you too.


So what’s flattering? I am mentioned in the beginning of the book as one of the people whom Jim believes has created a compelling personal brand. He calls them “That Guy” and includes everyone from Seth Godin to Joel Comm to Mari Smith to Chris Brogan and Yours Truly.

It’s nice to be recognized for the work I’ve done creating both a personal brand of Susan Bratton and DishyMix and the Personal Life Media brand.

If you want to raise awareness in the world for the work you are doing, Attention! is a great book, filled with solid ideas and a lot of confidence boosting.

If you’re ready for a great read, enjoy “Attention! This Book Will Make You Money: How To Use Attention-Getting Online Marketing To Increase Your Revenue.”

Interesting little factoid: The photo of Jim on his coverleaf was one I took of him in Vegas at Affiliate Summit up on the roof of the hotel overlooking the dazzling Strip.


All You Need Is Within You Now… Except A KaChing! Button

There IS a way for YOU to generate revenue online, based on what you know right now.

“All you need is within you now” is my favorite Tony Robbins’ phrase.

It’s true. You have what it takes in this very moment to be successful at creating online revenue.

And if you’re like me, you are still trying to dial it in.

I’ve used a combination of my podcast, blog, reports, eBooks and affiliate revenue to generate income around my brand.

Based on the number of calls and emails I get from friends like you,

asking me about how I package my offerings,

I thought you’d like to know about a book my friend, Joel Comm is launching today.
The book is called “KaChing: How to Run and Online

Business That Pays and Pays.”

His advice about ebooks and affiliate programs and creating a nichein the information product business will help you “find that thing that is within you now” and package it to start making money online.

KaChing is like a mini version of Eben Pagan’s Guru Blueprint program I recommended to you recently, but KaChing is just a book, not a $2,000 course.

The other cool thing about KaChing is that Joel is using state of the art online marketing techniques to promote it, including a huge number of bonuses you’ll get if you buy his book today, on the big launch day.

Not only is the book excellent, and Joel knows his shit, but the way he’s marketing it is worth the price of the book just to experience how he’s doing it.

When you go to the following site and get your copy of KaChing, you will be eligible to access Joel’s member site containing dozens of bonuses from some of the world’s leading online business trainers. These bonuses are valued at THOUSANDS of dollars.

Show Me The Bonuses!

AND, you can get your very own KaChing button that makes a cash register sound when you press it!

Joel had these buttons made just for his customers and this is the only place you can get one.

We can’t stop playing with ours… It’s FUN.

There’s a great video on the site where you can get to know Joel too.

Another example of how he put together a terrific launch.
Go ahead and click the link now to find out how you can get KaChing!

Get KaChing!

NOTE:  Joel called in favors from his vast network of marketers.

You’ll get nearly 50 bonuses with your KaChing purchase including:

* AutoBlogging Income
* Secret Profit Levers audio training course.
* Video Cash System
* Two GREAT legal resources from our favorite lawyer.
* Get 2 Tickets to the T.I.M.E Event
* Membership to the Academy of Wealth/Achievement
* Keywords Secrets Audio with Ford Saeks
* 10 Tools For Internet Marketing
* 30 Day Trial of Speed PPC
* List Building Strategies
* VIP Access to “Rags to Dot Com Riches”
* 10 Deadly Speaker Marketing Mistakes
* Discover the REAL you
* Mark Joyner Interview
* Position Yourself as an Expert
* Jack Canfield and John Assaraf Interviews
* How To Become An Expert On Oprah
* Winning Without Intimidation
* Secrets of Successful Adwords Campaigns
* Personal Brand and Relationship Protection Agreement
* Break Into The College Speaking Market
* Your Real Wealth 48 Hour Quick Start Plan
* Systematize Your Online Media Coverage
* 10 Online Shopping Cart Features You Should Look
* Learn How to Make Your PC Kaching Video
* The Web Site Startup Checklist
* Affiliate Marketing Guide
* Facebook Advertising Tips and Tricks
* Direct Marketing Techniques to Find A Job Fast
* The Impact Factor
* 7 Day Facebook Course
* LinkedIn 2-Page Profile Cheat Sheet
* Amazing ‘Secret of Number 14′
* How To Make Cash Online In Just 2 Days
* The Internet Profit Report
* Rock the World with your Online Presence
* Billionaire University
* Social Media Super Powers
* LinkedIn Master Strategies
* Product Creation Treasure
* 7 Killer Methods for Marketing without Money!
* Rich Schefren’s flagship Founders Club Program.
* Building Social Equity 2.0 training course
* The Richness of Life
* Conscious Business Startup Kit
* The Affiliate AIM List
Internet Marketing for Stay At Home Moms

Grab them now.


Connecting Marketing Week #SF – Join Me There!

The ClickZ and SES editorial teams have organized a week-long digital media abbondanza in San Francisco.

Are you going?

Much of the content is free and there are some amazing schmooze ops too.

Here’s the full agenda.

I’ll be the first speaker of the week (no pressure!) at the ClickZ Blogworkz Event. My session starts Monday at 1pm:

Small Voices, Big Results
Even one person inside or outside a business – can make a big impact online. Learn about creative approaches that Susan Bratton is taking to gain visibility, build communities, and listen to customers for her publishing company, Personal Life Media.

On Wednesday at 1pm , I’ll be moderating a panel at SES: (Agenda)

Search, PR and the Social Butterfly
RT this. Take social media to the boardroom! Social media continues to spread its wings with the advent of Google Social Search, Bing, Twitter Search and Yahoo’s Twitter-like moves. With the demise of traditional media outlets and the rise of search and social, PR firms have also gotten a big lift and muscled in on the territory once ruled by advertising agencies. Time to eighty-six the anachronistic press kits and media lists and hand over the keyword rich online status updates and Twitter feeds. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear firsthand from online PR/social media pros that bridge the best of both worlds while influencing SEO via Profiles, Fans, Tweets, Friends and Follows.

I hope you will attend one or both of these sessions, or grab me at the event and say, “hello.”


Sneaky: This Is How You Can Get The $2,000 + $9,000 Worth of Bonuses

Yesterday I had Eben Pagan on DishyMix and he detailed how to make money from your own ebook. He also described the fascinating behind-the-scenes “launch strategy” for Guru Blueprint.

Eben has generated over $100 million dollars selling 10 information products and makes over a million dollars a year himself.

And this could be YOU!

I truly believe that you can find a niche of your own and start your empire with all the tools, templates and strategies packed into Guru Blueprint.

I highly recommend you listen to the interview asap so you can get your copy of the program when you are ready to take the next step in securing your own income stream outside your “normal” job.

Eben Pagan on the eBook in YOU, Identifying Your Niche and Guru Blueprint Launch

Listen Now
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*** Reminder! ***

I am giving away a HUGE bonus package when you try Eben’s Guru Blueprint product. Your incentive bonus, ONLY if you use the link in this email, is $2,000 worth of Personal Life Media ebooks and products of your choice.

That oughta get you started… imagine having a whole library of info products you can review before embarking on the creation of your first ebook?

Make sure you check the products out… it’s the best bonus package I’ve ever assembled:

There are SURPRISE BONUSES worth over $9,000 from Eben too, and they will go FAST.

Find out if information products, advice & coaching is the future of your income.

Note: Do this — buy the product and see if it will work for you. Eben’s 100% no-risk guarantee, lets you try the training without having to worry about getting stuck with something that isn’t what you hope it is.


LIKE: Call for Speakers ad:tech NY — Have YOU Submitted Your Idea?

It’s time to submit your speaking idea to the ad:tech team for NY.

Click Here to Submit

Below is a letter from Warren Pickett, Content Director of ad:tech you can review for more detail.

And here’s a little upfront advice from me on how to be more successful with your submission.

Successfully Pitching Yourself as a Speaker —by Susan Bratton

Getting the opportunity to showcase your expertise as a speaker at a trade show, conference, local association meeting or a bookstore can generate interest, great PR and even new business leads for your company.

Further, being a speaker underscores your value and credibility as an industry professional, increasing your image and worth in the market. Once you get your first “speak op” confirmed, it often builds on itself as long as you create a reputation for delivering solid information. You’ll start to get calls from conference chairs and programming specialists to ask you to come speak. For many professionals, public speaking is their main source of business opportunity.

To effectively pitch yourself you must:

Select a conference where you can add value.

Find out exactly who is responsible for the programming of the sessions.

Understand clearly who the target and actual attendees are (many conferences get a certain clientele and are aspiring to add an additional segment of attendees to broaden their base).

Determine a content angle that will differentiate this conference from its competitors and attract incremental attendees that the conference is targeting—this is the most important part of successful pitching. Conferences sell their admission fees and make their revenue based on the value of the agenda. Focus on them, not on yourself.

Enter a submission into the conference’s website or send in your information for its call for papers by the deadline – follow the requested rules for submission, as this is how the organizers keep track of all the content.

Make sure your submission is not self-serving and is balanced, objective and would be something difficult to find online or in a magazine; make sure it includes not just facts but also experiential learning, tips, tricks, wisdom, analysis, examples, market overviews, etc. If you can present primary research that’s exclusive to that conference, do it! That is a competitive opportunity for the show that’s nearly irresistible.

Submit a complete abstract that includes a suggested session title; session description (what attendees will learn), including market metrics; and others who might add to a discussion of this subject with name, title, company affiliation and contact information. If you have a good headshot, include it in the submission.

Go beyond just pitching yourself—pitch a group of experts. The submissions that list other authorities are more likely to be chosen than those that just pitch a single person. Do a little work for your conference chair. Show that you are a specialist in this area by having a national or global perspective that you can bring to the show. Include a short, powerful bio and complete contact information.

Follow up with an email to the programming decision-maker letting her know you “followed the rules” and submitted not just yourself but a panel of prospective speakers. Include links from important magazines or websites that cover your category, letting the conference planner know that your area is an important, topical and timely area of discussion in the industry.
Ask the programming person if he needs any more assistance, leg work, connections or background material from you. Find out when he is making the final decisions. Call or email him with a check in between your submission deadline and his final decision to stay top of mind. Sending more news information about your subject area to remind him that you have a submission and are still interested in speaking will also increase your chances of being selected.

If you’re not selected, ask why so that you can learn from your past work and be more focused in the future.

Many companies hire a PR firm or publicist to help with this, and it’s called a “speaker’s bureau.” You can do this yourself with the help of your administrative assistant, if you have one. You will do this better than any other person because you are pitching yourself and your knowledge. Who knows more about you than you?

First, research all the events at which you’d like to speak. Create a spreadsheet that lists all the events, their timing, their conference chair or programming decision-maker, and any deadlines for submission. Assume that all shows are organized and the agendas completed about 6 months ahead of time so they can be properly marketed. Then work backward, submitting yourself for each show. Get the deadlines on your calendar for submissions and follow up and keep yourself organized. You’ll be amazed at what a little focus will do to create opportunity.

Finally, when you get on the stage, after much practice of your presentation beforehand, focus on your audience and its needs, never, ever pitch yourself or your company and be of service. You will be invited back again and again for delighting your audience, and your reputation will grow, along with your business.

Hello everyone,

Planning has started for ad:tech New York 2010 and as someone interested and active in the interactive community, we wanted to make sure you know that ad:tech is now accepting speaker submissions for this event. The conference will be held November 2-4, 2010, at Javits Center.

ad:tech is excited to announce changes to the conference programming this year that will provide more value and education, as well as make the experience more worthwhile for our speakers and attendees. Please be aware that we are eliminating virtually all panel sessions in favor of more structured types of content, including case studies, best practices, research presentations, mini-debates and more. In addition, our tracks will be shorter but more focused on precise media channels and strategies. Finally, we will be exploring new ways to help attendees get the most from the event across both the conference and expo spaces.

ad:tech New York will bring together marketers, agencies, publishers, technology innovators, and media & business leaders in a networking and educational setting unlike any other. Rub shoulders with the industry’s best, see what’s coming next and help support and give back to the growing interactive marketing industry.

Event Date/Location
ad:tech New York 2010
Javits Center
November 2-4, 2010

To submit a speaker proposal, please visit:

Speaker Submission Deadline
Wednesday, June 23, 2010 (no extensions)

Speaker Submission Guidelines
The conference agenda is currently being formed, and we’re looking for your input – give us your best ideas! We’ve shared a few tips below that can help as you prepare your speaking submission.

1. You must submit your proposal(s) through the web site: Even if you’ve spoken at ad:tech in the past or already indicated to us that you’d like to be a speaker in 2010, you must submit a new speaking proposal.

2. Make choices: Your speaker cannot be an expert in everything; please focus on what the speaker cares the most about and pitch that.

3. What kind of speaker are you pitching? Is your speaker funny? combative? professorial? Is she the kind of person who can mix it up with another speaker in a debate or more comfortable speaking solo? Please let us know.

4. Who else can you bring? If you’re a publisher, technology partner, ad network or other service provider, can you bring a brand or agency client to present on your behalf or co-present with you? (Hint: this is the way to sneak to the front of the line.) If you’re an agency, can you bring a brand client?

5. Who are your speaker’s clients and customers? Knowing who you’re looking to impress is key to helping us put the right speakers in front of the right delegates. Another way of putting this is, what do you or your speaker want to get out of speaking at ad:tech?

6. What level is your audience? Are you pitching content towards marketing generalists looking to dip a cautious toe into digital waters, are you talking to a young media planner with only six months of experience or are you wishing to engage with a seasoned digital audience?

7. Who cares? All good conference content speaks to a conflict where people disagree about the best way to go about something. How can you add to the conversation?

All submissions received will be reviewed. We will notify speakers selected to participate in July / early August 2010

Thank you in advance for your contributions.

For additional information, please contact:

Warren Pickett
content director
ad:tech expositions
[email protected]
Twitter: wpickett

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