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John Carlton’s Action Seminar Recommendation

I want to urge you to look into something coming up fast that could change the way your entire biz future plays out.

Here’s the story:

John Carlton has the kind of credibility that makes other guru’s nervous.  His career arc is legendary – 30 years as an outrageously-respected copywriting and marketing go-to-guy…

… with a reputation that includes teaching the essentials of notoriously-good sales messages to many of the top (and most famous) online entrepreneurs in the game.

So, yeah, when Carlton has something I think you’ll benefit from, I want you to know about it.

Now, imagine this: A swarm of respected experts and Web wizards guide you in creating a proven, step-by-step, fits-your-biz-like-a-glove, super-simple PLAN…

… that you can easily and quickly put into action…

… to demolish the obstacles holding you back and generate massive new results and momentum.  All while transforming your biz into something monstrously successful and more fun than you probably deserve.

It’s not a dream.

It is, in fact, exactly what John and his crew are gearing up to do… with a select group of attendees at an utterly unique LIVE event dedicated to mapping out the coolest, fastest and most easy-to-pull-off ways to make 2011 your best year ever.

Entrepreneurs, small biz owners, rookies… anyone lusting after the rewards heaped upon marketers armed with a clear plan to meet every goal… this is tailor-made for you.

You’re invited to grab one of the coveted spots at this live event, too… if you don’t fool around and miss your shot.

(Very limited space.  The last time John hosted an event like this, it filled up fast.)

Here’s what’s up: John has assembled a jaw-dropping faculty of brilliant (sometimes feared) and utterly hard-core masters of the entrepreneur/small biz world… 

… and they’re gathering down in sunny San Diego at the end of February…

… with one outrageous goal:

To empower you to…

1. Assemble a simple plan to dominate your market and obliterate your competition….

2. And understand precisely how to put that simple plan into ACTION. 

That’s the two fastest ways to get out of the gate ahead of everyone else, and crush it in 2011.

This event is called The Action Seminar… and you’ve likely never encountered anything like this before.

It is interactive, content-rich, and focused on getting something DONE.

Get more details here.

You need to see what’s up with this live event… especially if you’re freaked out by the economy, or (worse) thinking you can maybe just wing it through 2011 and be okay.

Don’t do that.

Do this instead: Just see what the fuss is all about with this totally unique, interactive live gathering.

You’ll be among entrepreneurs and biz owners in your same situation, no matter where you
are now in your career.

Beginner, veteran needing help, or classic kitchen table entrepreneur.

This event is focused on doing what I wished all events did (but don’t):

Deliver the goods, and help guide you in creating your own plan to make this year your best ever.

Spots are already being gobbled up.  You’ve still got time to act, but things are happening fast.

Do not miss this one-time shot at hanging with experts dedicated to helping you get your own
 action plan together.


Line Around the Gondola Building to Get On Mountain This Morning. Economic Recovery Indicator?

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We Need More Women Speakers At Industry Events: Invisible Close Speak-to-Sell Virtual Mentorship

I just got this email from my friend, Lisa Sasevich, creator of the fantastic program, Invisible Close,  that I’ve recommended many times.

She’s bemoaning the paucity of female speakers at industry events.

This is A PROBLEM!

Two stories.

First, when I programmed over 20 global events for ad:tech from 2001-2006 our team made a concerted effort to get women and people of color on the dias. We cultivated speakers. Worked with them. Sought them out. And gave them an opportunity to shine.

Not enough of this effort is being done across many conferences.

Secondly, I recently had the experience of getting a conference promoter to allow me to lead a high profile session of all women executives. I had his agreement. And then he was never happy with any of the women we came up with or if he thought they’d be a draw, they were already busy.

I was sorely disappointed that after a year of wrangling with this conference planner, I ended up with three dudes on my panel.

Even with focus, it’s hard to get women speaking ops.

Maybe this is one of the reasons below?

This is an email I got today from my friend, Lisa Sasevich. Her “Invisible Close” product is smart, helpful and valuable for ANYONE who sells from the front of the room, stage or via tele-seminars.

She’s entreating women to take her course to become better spokespeople.

If you are or know a women who needs this training to pop herself up to a more high-visibility role in her industry, please forward this post.

A Special Invitation

Wow Susan,

You may find this hard to believe but I just returned from speaking at 3 major industry events and at two of them, I was the only female.

It’s worse than that.

One of them was a 5 day, multi-speaker event. This means it was speaker after speaker for 5 solid days.

I was the only woman speaker.

The other was a 4 day, multi-speaker event. With the exception of the vendors and a few people who got up to share testimonials or success stories…

I was the only woman speaker.

How could this be, you ask?

I’m going to tell you some cold hard facts that promoters have shared with me. Let me warn you, you may not like this. But please, don’t shoot the messenger. I’m telling you the truth of what I hear behind the scenes so you can use it to wise up and join me in taking your place on stage.

Promoters and big, well-known speakers have shared the following with me in confidence:

“Most female speakers can’t hold the room…”

“They get up there and tell their story too long…”

“They are generally all over the place, don’t make their point well and don’t know how to make an offer.”

In other words, here’s what they’re REALLY saying:

*** They don’t see women speakers who are confident, ready with their signature talk and have their offers down***

Forgive me ladies, I’ve seen you out there and many of you are winging it…and it shows!

Now for some GOOD NEWS!

I told the last 3 promoters I spoke for that it’s my mission to foster some powerful ladies onto the big stages currently occupied by the big boys.

And they LOVE it.

Because, you see, they’ve also shared with me that they are dying for more powerful female speakers to book! They’re excited when they get a lead on a confident woman speaker with a hot offer. We light up the stage when we’re in our power ladies! And we’re in our power when we feel ready and prepared.

SO HERE’S MY INVITATION TO YOU. And I’m only going to make it once.

I have a small, exclusive virtual class starting next Wednesday that will have you ready with your Signature Talk and Irresistible Offers before Thanksgiving…so you can step into the spotlight in the New Year, or sooner, like you know you should!

There will be no big free call to promote this and no string of emails about it because I’M ONLY ACCEPTING 6 MORE STUDENTS.

So I’m sending this one announcement and trusting that if you are one of the ladies who are supposed to step up, you will join me for my Invisible Close Speak-to-Sell Virtual Mentorship, starting next week.

And to make it a total no-brainer, you can jump in right now for $500 OFF. Just use coupon code SAVE500 at the link below and you will receive the course pre-work immediately.

(If the link doesn’t work or the 6 spots are gone. Email  Peggy Murrah peggy at theinvisibleclose dot com with questions or to double check.)

You will be working live with me by phone. If you miss a call they are all recorded and transcribed, and you will also receive my world famous Speak-to-Sell System in the mail to have in your success library forever. In it is my paint-by-numbers formula for getting your talk done.

Yes, this is the exact formula that has landed me honored spots on the most coveted stages in the speaking industry. This is also the exact formula that many of the speakers you see “everywhere” are using. You can see exactly what we’re going to cover here:

And yes, gentlemen, you are welcome to join us. I just really needed the ladies to know what’s being said in the industry and how much promoters are dying for female speakers to step up and share their gifts from the stage in a powerful way.

I look forward to sharing the stage with you!



P.S. Remember, you get $500 off but I ONLY have space for 6 students to join this exclusive class, so you better hurry:


Daron Babin Webmaster Radio at #SESSF

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Connecting Marketing Week #SF – Join Me There!

The ClickZ and SES editorial teams have organized a week-long digital media abbondanza in San Francisco.

Are you going?

Much of the content is free and there are some amazing schmooze ops too.

Here’s the full agenda.

I’ll be the first speaker of the week (no pressure!) at the ClickZ Blogworkz Event. My session starts Monday at 1pm:

Small Voices, Big Results
Even one person inside or outside a business – can make a big impact online. Learn about creative approaches that Susan Bratton is taking to gain visibility, build communities, and listen to customers for her publishing company, Personal Life Media.

On Wednesday at 1pm , I’ll be moderating a panel at SES: (Agenda)

Search, PR and the Social Butterfly
RT this. Take social media to the boardroom! Social media continues to spread its wings with the advent of Google Social Search, Bing, Twitter Search and Yahoo’s Twitter-like moves. With the demise of traditional media outlets and the rise of search and social, PR firms have also gotten a big lift and muscled in on the territory once ruled by advertising agencies. Time to eighty-six the anachronistic press kits and media lists and hand over the keyword rich online status updates and Twitter feeds. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear firsthand from online PR/social media pros that bridge the best of both worlds while influencing SEO via Profiles, Fans, Tweets, Friends and Follows.

I hope you will attend one or both of these sessions, or grab me at the event and say, “hello.”


Invisible Close: How To Sell Without Being Salesy

The minute I met Lisa Sasevich, I knew she was special.

Authentic Selling Secrets Teleseminar Host Lisa Sasevich

She had that “get ‘er done” attitude of someone who is successfully kicking butt in the world. Then when I found out what she does, I was even more intrigued.

She teaches people to successfully close business from teleseminars and stage presentations.

How many sales presentations are you making, where at the end, your customer is clamoring to sign the order?


Could you be more successful at closing?

Lisa’s product is called The Invisible Close.

This is the formula I USE for success on teleseminars and on stage.

She’s living proof that you can get your gifts out into the world in a HUGE way AND make a handsome living to boot.

In her upcoming call, she’s explaining how she created FIVE 6-figure-plus launches plus built a 7-figure home based business in less than 3 years…all without being “salesy!”

You can watch “the queen of sales conversion” work her magic in her free, BRAND-NEW teleclass “5 Simple Secrets to 6-Figure Teleseminars: How to make BIG FAST MONEY doing what you LOVE!” on Thursday, July 29, at 4 pm EDT/1 pm PDT

In a hurry? Just go here:

On this ground-breaking call you’ll learn:

1) The #1 thing you need to focus on to get BIG sales results on your Preview Call (Most professional speakers don’t even know this!)

2) 5 simple steps to craft your Preview Call talk so it’s content- rich AND sells!

3) Her secrets to tripling your sales after your Preview Call. This simple formula works like magic. Not knowing this could cost you thousands of dollars a month, but she’s going to teach it to you absolutely free.

4) Exactly how to structure your teleseminar Irresistible Offer. (Hint: It’s different than the offer you make in a face-to-face setting, from the stage or one-on-one!)

5) The most critical mindset shift you need to make before attempting to sell anything. Don’t even bother with all the strategies she’s going to teach you if you’re not willing to do this!

Here’s that link again to reserve your spot in this complimentary teleclass.
Note: As you probably know (and may have experienced yourself first-hand) giving a preview call that results in a 6-figure launch is easier said than done. Let Lisa walk you through her steps to creating a preview call that provides amazing value and big sales results!

Also: I suggest grabbing your seat even if you’re not sure you can make the live call. Lisa promised me she’ll send everyone who registers the audio playback and this is a call you’ll want to have on hand when you’re ready to craft YOUR next teleseminar launch.

Disclaimer: The preview call is free and there is no cost or obligation, but you should know I am an affiliate of Lisa’s, which means I truly believe in what she’s doing and if you do invest with her one day, I get a small commission. That being said, I really do this because I think what Lisa teaches is needed, important and she’s very good at it.


How To Engender Lots of Social Media Attention If You Are Not Fond of Writing

If you struggle with the writing, or even just keeping up with content creation, here’s an alternative idea to get your customers and prospects talking about you, without a lot of copy writing.

This note from Leesa Barnes, President of the Int’l Asso of Virtual Event Managers rang true for me…
I spend a LOT of time writing Tweets and blog posts, but it’s actually my audio show (podcast) DishyMix where my skills shine.

(Photo Credit “fdecomite” Creative Commons)

There are a a lot of  online strategies to attract people to your business.

Article marketing is great for inbound links, video marketing works well but you have to feel comfortable in front of the camera, Twitter is often easier, but it takes a lot of consistent effort and you never know what will get clicked.

Have you tried all these internet marketing tactics? Leesa says, “I was getting sooooooo frustrated because I was using every strategy out there. You name it, I was doing it and only got drips of attention.”

“I remember buying a $1,000 program that promised that all I needed to do was send 1 email to fill my coaching program. I did just that and got nothing.” “No one signed up. Just the wind blowing in air with crickets chirping on the side.”

“I was crushed.” “My confidence took a hit”. “Everyone was talking about me, but how much I failed.”

“But the one that always got me a lot of attention quick – and for all the right reasons – was hosting a multi-speaker virtual event.”

Leesa says anytime she hosts a virtual event, her list doubles! And it’s a great way to become an expert. And, you help a lot of people at one time get up to speed on a subject. So everyone wins.

Best of all, virtual events can generate more than leads, they can generate revenue.

If this sounds interesting to you, sign up today for her virtual event about virtual events called, “Virtual Even Boom.”

I’m giving away 3 Plan A $97 seats to DishyMix fans today. Jump on over to the DishyMix Fan Page on Facebook and “Like” the show and post your desire to be a winner on the wall. I’m choosing today — so click now.

And if you don’t win, sign up anyway. This is going to open up a whole new strategy for your inbound marketing.

Virtual Even Boom runs May 10-14 and it will be recorded so you can listen live or on demand.

Check out this link for more…

Here’s to your virtual event success!


How A Burnt Out Therapist Made $94,000

Here’s a story from Leesa Barnes promoting her upcoming Virtual Event Boom – a virtual event that teaches you how to conduct your own virtual event for lead gen or revenue.

Be one of three lucky winners of a free Plan A $97 seat. Click HERE to find out more.

When a burnt out therapist hosts a virtual event, what do you think happens?

She makes $94,000.

Meet Casey Truffo. She attended my very first multi-speaker virtual event in 2008 and decided it was fine time for her to do the same.

Not only did she earn **almost** 6-figures, but she decided to host yet another one that same year…and has done so ever since.

Want to know how she did it? My friend, Leesa Barnes, will interview Casey and ask her just that. While money wasn’t the only motivation for Casey, it sure was a nice perk.

Aside from Casey, you’ll meet another individual in Leesa’s preview call who hosted a multi-speaker virtual event so he could connect with movers & shakers in his industry.

You’ll also meet one more individual in Leesa’s preview who hosted a multi-speaker virtual event so she could share her message with a global audience.

Join Leesa Barnes, Casey Truffo and others as they share…

Virtual Event SUCCESS STORIES: How Consultants – Just Like YOU – Used Virtual Events to Skyrocket Their List, Their Expert Status & Their Income

Leesa Barnes of Virtual Event Boom

Now, why is my buddy, Leesa, hosting this no-fee call? It’s a SNEAK PEEK of all the great content she and her faculty of speakers will be sharing at the 2010 VIRTUAL EVENT BOOM, a 5-day virtual event taking place May 10-14, 2010.

Want to get the call-in details? Head on over to, enter your first name & email address in the opt-in box and you’ll get the call-in info sent to your inbox.

If you have to miss the call due to a meeting or another appointment, sign up anyway, because only those on this list will get access to the recording.

And remember…

Virtual Event Boom starts shortly after this preview call ends. Listen to the Leesa, Casey Truffo and others share their successes with virtual event, then decide after the call whether to attend Virtual Event Boom.

Virtual Event Success Stories, Are You Next?


Dr. Paul Watson, Ocean Animal Activist Thanks Taylor Bratton

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Paul Watson, founder of and creator of the television show Whale Wars at TEDxSF this week.

My daughter, Taylor (13) closely follows his work and the work of activists worldwide who are mobilizing to save the slaughter of our protected ocean life.

In this video, Dr. Watson thanks Taylor for her work in bringing awareness to her school mates and friends through a petition signing effort.

Follow SeaShepherd on:

Facebook Sea Shepherd

Twitter @SeaShepherd


Recommended: How To Create Hunger For Your Products At A Speaking Engagement Without Being “Salesy”

Do you speak at industry events? Do you present to clients and prospects? Have you considered using teleseminars or events for lead-gen?

When I met Lisa Sasevich, author of The Invisible Close at Eben Pagan’s Internet Marketer Big Wigs’ Green Room event in Miami I wondered how I could have missed hearing about her brilliant techniques until now.

Authentic Selling Secrets Teleseminar Host Lisa Sasevich

As a lifelong public speaker, I’ve always wrestled with the tension between “not being pitchy” and the frustration that comes from knowing I am taking my valuable time and energy to do a speak op and feeling like I squandered an occasion to tell people about my products who, in reality, would probably LIKE to buy them or know about them as a resource.

Lisa has the solution. Join me on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th 2pm PST 5pm EST to listen to her value packed, free tele-seminar to open your eyes to the possibility of generating solid leads AND closing deals every time you speak.

“Authentic Selling Secrets: How To Be Yourself, Have Fun and Sell a Ton on Stages and in Tele-seminars,” is THIS Wednesday.

You benefit from discovering:

* EXACTLY what you need to put together a life-altering talk that feels GREAT to share without giving away the store (AND creating the situation where your ideal clients WANT to invest with you.)

* That everything you’ve been taught about Speaking-to-Sell is WRONG?

* How to instantly create desire for your products and services without being “salesy”.

* How to effortlessly transition from content to close and have your audience glad you did.

* How to SEED your audience early on, so that when you finally tell them about your product, they are glad you did.

* What NOT to do at a live presentation.

* How to craft your Irresistible Offer.

* Using tension and limits to generate significant demand.

* Using THE RIGHT handouts to drive day-of and week-of sales and customer acquisition with elegance and professionalism.

“Are You Ready to Enjoy Massive Sales and Profits From Speaking Live or on Teleseminars?”

Then listen to Lisa, the master in action, on this teleseminar: “Authentic Selling Secrets: How To Be Yourself, Have Fun and Sell a Ton on Stages and in Tele-seminars,” this Wednesday.

(In a hurry? Grab your seat here.)

I have met Lisa and I have The Invisible Close. Her free calls are content-rich and loaded with the EXACT strategies she uses and tons of “how to’s” you can implement immediately.

I’m going to be on that call to hear Lisa model her own strategies for selling. She’ll be promoting the upcoming launch of her “Big Mission, Big Sales, Big Life Virtual Bootcamp.”

Here’s that link again to reserve your spot in this complimentary teleclass.

P.S. Tell me if this changes your entire approach to public speaking and gives you myriad new ideas for lead-gen using teleseminars.

P.P.S. Feel free to invite friends and colleagues to this call, but please remember to reserve YOUR spot first!

P.P.P.S — The call is free, and there is no obligation to buy ever, but if you ever do, know that I’m an affiliate of Lisa’s (which means I truly believe in the value of what she does and if you buy something I do get a commission).

Lisa has offered my followers a $50 discount off The Invisible Close. You must go to to see the discount or use Promo Code DISHY at check out.

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