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How Does Your Podcast Sponsorship Program Work? Q&A with Susan Bratton.

I want to sponsor podcasts beyond those on my Personal Life Media network of forty shows. We are offering CPA campaigns for our information products to podcasters who join our affiliate program at RevShareNow.  Here’s a list of great questions we got back from a podcaster who saw my Tweet about looking for shows to sponsor that I thought would be helpful to share.
Info Product Montage
Question: In October I had about 600 listens and this month about 900 listens so far. Is advertising a step we should even consider?—Would it be worth it with those numbers?

Yes, you can start monetizing your audience immediately. Even with sub-1000 listeners, they can be a very engaged community who will consider the purchase of products you recommend. As well, conditioning your audience early to expect that they will hear ads from sponsors and about recommended products keeps it from being a surprise later. Listeners understand that podcasters need to find ways to drive revenue to support the costs, time and effort you make to produce the show.
Question, Will it cost me anything?

It doesn’t cost the podcaster anything to promote one or more of our products. Actually, all promoting our products does for you is make you money. You get 20% commission every time something is sold through your promotions.
All you have to do is sign up for free on RevShareNow as an affiliate (not a free trial, just free), and then you’ll have access to banners, emails, and links. Also, with a podcast, we’ll create a promo code for you to use so you can advertise and make sales through your podcast.
For instance, the retail price of our typical products is $297. By using your custom promo code from your ad in your show, your followers save $100 just for using your code and get a discount price of $197.  You earn 20% of that, which adds up quickly!
So, there is no cost to you, only revenue you can drive by recording ads that you place in your show with a custom promo code so your listeners can get the benefit of awareness of the product or service and discounts, in our case, that they wouldn’t get if they hadn’t heard the ad on your show.

Question: Is there a set amount of ads to place per show? Or do I choose how many ads to place?

You decide what products you like, that fit your audience’s interests. That could be one, or many. You choose the products, then get a promo code from our Affiliate Managers, such as “showname” or similar. Then you record the ads with our supplied talking points, incorporating your personality into the ads in what ever way you’d like. You put those ad in your shows and then we send you checks each month for all the sales you’ve driven. In addition to audio or video ads with your custom promo code, you can blog about the products (we will give you any or all of the ones you think are a fit for 1 penny) perhaps doing a review, and you can run banners (ours are very attractive) on your site or blog as well, which all have a distinct tracking code that ties them to your affiliate account in RevShareNow so no matter what way your followers come to us, we can track the revenue back to you and pay you.

Contact Stefanni or Andrea Becker, Affiliate Managers, Personal Life Media for more information. stefanni at or andrea at

RevShareNow Logo
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Bernie Borges’ Find & Convert Interview with Susan Bratton

Bernie interviewed me today for his terrific show, Find & Convert.

Bernie Borges, Find & Convert

Bernie’s Show       Bernie’s Blog        Find and Convert in iTunes

He asked me a number of questions in advance of the interview and I thought I’d blog the answers here.

Who is Susan Bratton and what does she have her hands in now?

I’m a CEO, Publisher, Blogger, Podcaster, Speaker and Author.

DishyMix is my weekly podcast and companion blog. My coverages ranges from brain science to new gadgets to landing page conversion to the future of the social graph.

I’m the CEO and co-founder of Personal Life Media, an aspirational company and next-generation publisher focused on providing virtual, fully downloadable content experiences.

Our mantra is “frank talk and deep discussion for your personal life.”

We publish 40 podcasts, companion blogs and are launching 15 new information products I call “ebooks with benefits.”

Our first info products to market are, Talk Show Tips, Speak Up with Power and Influence, Masterful Techniques to Overcome Anxiety and Fear, Naturally Slender Quickstart and a 21 Day Lovemaking Program for Couples. We have another 10+ info products in production.

Top shows on Personal Life Media include:
DishyMix, Inside Out Weight Loss, Expanded Lovemaking, Buddhist Geeks, Living Dialogues, 3 Digital Photography Shows, The Diva Cast, The New Man, Just for Women, Philosopher’s Notes, Tantra & Kama Sutra and Sex, Love & Intimacy.

What is my high level view of social media marketing?

I view social media as being in three categories, Listening, Appvertising and Participation. Shiv Singh of Razorfish really helped me gel my concept of these buckets and his DishyMix interview is coming in June.

Listening is getting the most traction with Participation second and Appvertising third.

Listening: New companies like Unbound Technologies, a next generation Neilsen Buzz Metrics, is focused on opportunities around the social graph and social influence marketing. They create a list of the most influential individuals for any given brand and then provide an “affinity map” of the other most-influential people and brands related to that single, key influencer. This is fantastic for outreach, prioritization of influencers and joint promotions to important clustered audiences.

Taking behaviorial targeting to a new high with the inclusion of social graphing is Media6Degrees. They offer ad targeted based on social graphing. I also need an update on Lookery who is aggregating social media data across social networks to use for ad targeting. My interview with Scott Rafer of Lookery is here.

Appvertising is being well handled by ClearSpring, Gigya and RockYou! as well as and ContextOptional. Brands who create useful aps or sponsor useful aps for their target consumers are brilliant players at a high-level of sophistication in the social influence marketing sphere.

Participation is certainly evident in Facebook Pages. Here’s my DishyMix Fan Club where I give away all kinds of goodies to my listeners.  Also popular and smart are consumer generated content experiences like HP on YouTube described here in my interview with Daina Middleton and the darling of the moment, corporate Twitter accounts like this one.
What is the biggest difficulty in Social Media Marketing?

I believe in larger organizations, it is around internal ownership. Should social marketing be part of marketing, corp comm, where? In smaller organizations, I see the problem being one of overwhelming choice. Where do I start as a small business with limited resources?

Also, tracking and ROI still being figured out. Here is a great presentation on social media ROI.

Lee Odden (the wonderful soul who connected Bernie and I in the first place through his superlative Top Rank Online Marketing Blog  and I talk about integration of web analytics and social media analytics in this interview I did with Lee at SXSW for the #Community Powered project. Emphasis on real time data. The data that you can collect through something like a social media monitoring tool, like Buzz Logic, Collective Intellect, Radian6, married with web analytics, like Google Analytics, Omniture, Web Trends.

Lee Odden and Susan Bratton SXSW

Lee Odden and Susan Bratton on Web and Social Media Analytics

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Podcasting? How did you get into it? What is the current state of podcasting and consulting your crystal ball on podcasting’s future.

Podcasting is still a nascent market.

The beauty of it is that anyone can create an audience of raving fans. (and in my ebook with benefits, called Talk Show Tips, I teach you how to empower your raving fans with the tools they need to help you grow your audience.)

If you are articulate and like to talk more than you like to write, audio may be better for you than blogging. And with transcripts, you can have the best of both worlds.

For video, the bar is very high on production quality. Make sure you are adequately resourced before pursuing.

Commercial podcasting is a very smart solution for brands who have deep knowledge to share with their customers and prospects.

The ADM (Association for Downloadable Media) is working on ad models, audience measurement and consumer attitudes toward sponsorships of podcasts.

It’s a greenfield opportunity for sponsors. Integrated social media programs are key. You must leverage the hosts’ social media influence.

There are two excellent video clips on Volomedia’s blog about Podcasting Metrics and Podcast Advertising and Sponsorship that Jeff Karnes and I just presented at the eMetrics Summit.

My presentation is at about some of my best programs from TrustedID, Holosync’s, Better Sex Institute, Lensbaby, Accuquote and Audible.

Finally, Talk Show Tips: 72 Secret ‘Master Host’ Techniques will teach anyone how to land big name guests, prepare for their show, ask killer questions with my easy question-generator mini-course, create and manage a facile show flow, conduct professional in-interview techniques and learn a dozen ideas for using social media to radiate your show and help your fans promote your show for you.

Talk Show Tips - How To Interview Guests on Your Show, Blog, Podcast or Info Product

What is your DishyMix podcast and blog business model?

DishyMix #1 Social Media Podcast

I’m very fortunate to have sponsors who underwrite my show to reach my valuable, sophisticated audience of marketers, agency pros and digital media mavens. DishyMix is sponsored by Isobar US Carat, the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summits, adtech conferences, Trusted ID, Upstream Habitat and Audible.

Who are some of the most memorable guests on DishyMix?

I’ve created a blog post to wrap up my Top 10 Favorite DishyMix Guests.

DishyMix: Success Secrets from Famous Media and Internet Business Executives

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And Coming Soon! Alvin Toffler, author of Future Shock on his newest tome, Revolutionary Wealth and Keith Ferrazzi, author of Never Eat Alone on his newest angle, Who’s Got Your Back?

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Your Burning Questions About Podcasting Metrics?

Jeff Karnes of VoloMedia, Inc. and I are co-presenting at the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit Tuesday, May 5 • 5:20 – 6:00 pm on the Emergent Metrics track.

We will be videotaping this session and are collecting YOUR questions about podcasting measurement as it relates to advertising, sponsorship and audience metrics.

Post your question in the comments section below and we’ll give you a shout out!

eMarketing Summit

Shows on the Go: Podcasting Metrics for Your Campaign

Susan Bratton, Personal Life Media
Jeff Karnes, VoloMedia, Inc.

A lot goes into producing a series of online syndicated audio programs. They are topic specific, intensely well targeted to listeners of discerning taste and specific interests. So outside of the number of people who hang on your every word, how do you know if this new medium of news, interviews and reviews is doing well? This dialog-style session explores tried and true metrics as well as dreaming of better measures to come. Join popular podcastress Susan Bratton and Jeff Karnes of Volomedia, the podcasting measurement service, as they delve into the reality, the hype and the hope of tracking listeners, measuring impact and helping you measure your revenue per campaign.

If you don’t want to post your question in the comments section below, please DM me or email me susan at personallifemedia dot com your question(s).


Launched 4 New Podcasts: “PhilosophersNotes,” “Business Success Tips,” “The North Bay, ” and Learning Digital Photography,” Hit “Million Milestones” and Supporting ADM Standards

Personal Life Media Adopts Podcast Ad Standards, Hits Multiple Million Markers and Launches More New Shows


Download this press release as an Adobe PDF document.

1 Million Downloads Served and Four Free Business, Photography, Music and Personal Growth Podcasts DebutLos Altos, CA (PRWEB) March 16, 2009 — Personal Life Media™, Inc. (PLM) a publisher of lifestyle podcasts and blogs for people on the leading edge of culture, announces that four shows have debuted on or joined the self-empowerment free podcast network: “PhilosophersNotes,” “Business Success Tips,” “The North Bay, ” and Learning Digital Photography.” With 40 weekly audio shows along with their companion blogs in production and more on the way, the network continues to expand reach to the 35-54 affluent, tech-savvy online consumer involved in bettering their personal life.In addition, two existing shows celebrate achieving over 1 million cumulative downloads: “Inside Out Weight Loss: Aligning Mind, Body and Spirit for Lasting Change” and “Expanded Lovemaking: Sensuality, Love and Consciousness” podcasts. Inside Out Weight Loss, with more than 60 free episodes, has launched a motivational weight loss album for $9.99 in iTunes due to customer demand. Expanded Lovemaking, one of the top shows on Personal Life Media has amassed an archive of over 80 episodes of free content from global experts.Personal Life Media’s collection of forty online audio shows (free podcasts) were downloaded a record one million times in aggregate for the month of January 2009. This continued surge in audience metrics is driven in part due to the growth of Apple’s iPod and iPhone sales:

  • 10 billion podcasts were downloaded in 2008, an increase of 67% over 2007
  • Apple ships 36-40m iPods per year with over 170m sold to-date (NPD)
  • Apple has sold over 15m iPhones to-date (Apple)

Further, the company announces adoption of the podcast advertising unit standards and audience measurement guidelines of the Association for Downloadable Media (ADM) for their free podcasts. Susan Bratton, CEO of Personal Life Media is a founder of the Association and serves as Vice Chairman. The organization facilitates the monetization of episodic consumer-downloaded content (aka podcasts and vidcasts). Now marketers can run ads in all Personal Life Media online audio shows (podcasts) with standard ad formats that are also accepted by more than 30 additional podcast networks and publishers. Podcasts Educate & Inspire
The content of the four new free podcasts, The North Bay, Learning Digital Photography, PhilosophersNotes and Business Success Tips cover live music, digital photography, human potential and philosophy and business management. Find these shows at or in iTunes at our Featured Provider page.

PhilosophersNotes: Get Your Wisdom On
Brian Johnson nets out the great lessons of humanity for you by synthesizing the latest books on human potential, philosophy and life-empowerment. Get key takeaways, 3 times a week, in synopsis form.

Join Brian in this free podcast as he goes straight to the “big ideas” from the world’s great personal development teachers as you tap into inspiration on everything from discovering (and living) your purpose, tapping into the laws of affluence and spiritual economics, mastering your time management skills, nurturing your relationships, optimizing your health and fitness and pushing through fears to live your greatest life.

Business Success Tips: Entertaining Insights in Management, Finance, Marketing and Revenue
Business Success Tips is a humorous and insightful look into the world of running your own business. In between fits of laughter, show hosts Paul Sanneman, Sean Daily, Andy Cohen, Lee Strong, Steve Chipman, and JC Sanneman and their guests discuss what it takes to have a start up and run a successful business, and leave your day job behind forever.

In this free podcast, BST helps listeners make more money in less time and have more fun doing it. The show hosts are a group of entrepreneurs and business consultants who have gone through the school of hard knocks in business and love sharing their insights and enthusiasm with listeners. Listen to the gang each week in binaural stereo as they get together over some fine Northern California wines to talk, debate and sometimes argue about what it takes to believe in yourself, to create your own reality and become successful in any business endeavor – and life in general.

The North Bay: Rock and Roll Music | Blues | Progressive Rock | Folk | Alternative
Musicians gravitate to the San Francisco Bay Area; it’s climate, it’s offerings, it’s lifestyles. It all started here with The Summer of Love, Haight Ashbury and Bill Graham’s magic bands. The North Bay is still a nexus for musicians with its night clubs, pubs and wineries, all of which host regular professional, semi-pro and amateur acts. Come along each week with Dr. Andy Cohen and hear these musicians put their all into expressing themselves with their original music. Get your energy up with live music recorded in binaural stereo so that when you listen with headphones you feel as though you are there. Live, raw and filled with the emotion of the moment.

Learning Digital Photography: Digital SLR | Great Shots | Easy Techniques | Cool Accessories | Creative Ideas from the Canon Blogger
Get the Photo Tip of the Week, Participate in Contests, Enjoy Timely Digital Photo Information, News, Digital Camera Reviews, Photography and Shooting Tips and Camera Techniques, Creative Perspectives, Photoshop Insights, Approaches to Photography, Listener Questions and Answers, and Event Information from Jason Anderson, the “Canon Blogger.”

As a user of the Canon brand of bodies for his photography, Jason has particular insights and thoughts useful to other “Canonites.” Get a solid foundation for understanding the technical and the esoteric side of photography and photo editing as Jason generously shares his insights with new and experienced photographers.

About Personal Life Media
Personal Life Media ( is a multimedia lifestyle brand providing entertaining and authentic personal content to socially conscious adults, and is the first free podcast and blog advertising network for advertisers to reach the “cultural creatives” market segment. Expert hosts deliver motivational programs, talk shows, reality-audio, interviews, advanced techniques and guided exercises in blogs, web audio, video and podcasting formats.

The network offers 40 free podcasts every week about happiness, relationships, family, sensuality, life purpose, wealth creation and wellness. Additional areas of interest include the men’s movement, women’s issues, hobbies, book reviews, life coaching, ecology, creativity, weight-loss, beauty innovation and cosmetic surgery, retirement, conscious business, ethical sales, philosophy, spirituality, and personal and global transformation. Free multi-show podcast player widget for fans and podcasters.

Access the free podcasts from a browser or subscribe via RSS or iTunes and listen on an iPod or MP3 player. Personal Life Media is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California.

Tune In to Your Personal Life™

Album Art Available in Multiple Sizes

Personal Life Media is a trademark of Personal Life Media Inc. Tune In to Your Personal Life is a service mark of Personal Life Media, Inc. All other trademarks and trade names are the properties of their respective holders and are hereby acknowledged.

Media Contact:
Cindy Cooper
Cooper PR, For Personal Life Media
Cindy at personal life media dot com
(408) 806-4683 mobile

Corporate Contact:
Susan Bratton, CEO
Susan at personal life media dot com
(650) 948-0500


Susan Bratton Named 2009 Woman of Influence in Silicon Valley by the Business Journal


On behalf of the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal, I’d like to congratulate you on being named as one of the 2009 Women of Influence in Silicon Valley. You and 99 other outstanding women will be featured in our Women of Influence special supplement in the March 6th issue of the Business Journal.

You were nominated by your peers and selected by our Women of Influence judges, MetricStream CEO Shellye Archambeau; 1stAct Silicon Valley CEO Connie Martinez; Ysabel Duron, Latinas Contra Cancer Founder and Executive Director; and Wendy Beecham, CEO of Forum for Women Entrepreneurs & Executives.
Susan Bratton, CEO, Personal Life Media
On behalf of our title sponsor El Camino Hospital, partner sponsor AT&T and everyone at the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal, congratulations once again on your selection as one of the 2009 Women of Influence in Silicon Valley.

In addition to being featured in our publication, I would like to invite you to be my guest at a private reception and awards dinner that we will be hosting for you and the other Women of Influence on March 18th at The Fairmont Hotel in San Jose.
You will also be included in the Women of Influence publication.

Your name:
Susan Bratton

Your title and your company’s full name:
Personal Life Media, Inc.

Boards on which you sit:

  • ZEDO, Inc.
  • Jingle Networks 1-800-FREE-411
  • Powered, Inc.
  • Collarity, Inc.
  • NewsForce, Inc.
  • Merchant Circle, Inc.
  • ad:tech Conferences, dmg World Media
  • Silicon Valley American Marketing Association

Organizations for which you volunteer:

  • Vice Chairman, Association for Downloadable Media

First job:
Moped Sales in Vineland, New Jersey, 1974

Worst job:
Mailblocks – My beloved CEO unexpectedly passed away.

Business hero:
Bert Decker, founder of Decker Communications and Author of “You’ve Got to Be Believed to Be Heard” because he taught me to speak with confidence and influence, which profoundly changed my life.

Proudest achievement:
Consistently producing more than 100 episodes of my weekly online audio show (podcast) “DishyMix: Success Secrets from Famous Media and Internet Executives.” Voted #1 Best Social Media Podcast by TopRank.

Biggest challenge in the workplace:
I’m a glutton for opportunity, so I take on too much work.

What got you where you are today:
“Tenacity,” which is the word that’s been on my vanity license place for more than 25 years.

Describe a goal you hope to accomplish in the next five years.
Create an insanely profitable business for my family, employees and for our team of “experts,” that powerfully enriches the lives of the people who enjoy our content.

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27 Companies Support the Ad Unit Standards and Audience Measurement Guidelines of the ADM for Podcasts and Vidcasts.

The Association for Downloadable Media is an industry organization I co-founded to help standardize the podcast/vidcast world of content producers so that media buyers and marketers could easily scale ad campaigns across shows and networks to reach the scale needed to move the needle on their media buys.

The first order of business was to create a collection of ad units, similar to what we did back in 1996-1997 at the IAB (of which I was also on the founding board). Last year we announced a group of standard ad units and two simple ways of reporting audience numbers.

Twenty seven (27) member companies (to date and growing) have announced that they have adopted and are actively supporting the ad formats and/or the measurement methods.

Here’s the announcement:

Association for Downloadable Media Members Adopt Standards and Measurement Guidelines

Ad Standards Define Industry Units and Organize Audience Reporting

Washington, D.C. February 2, 2009
– The Association for Downloadable Media (ADM), which facilitates the monetization of episodic consumer-downloaded content, today announced a list of members who are in voluntary support of the first standards and guidelines agreed upon by the organization. This further advances the organization’s charter of creating a landscape favorable to the commercialization of web-delivered shows.

Both the ad standards and audience measurement guidelines were created by open committees, then offered for public comment, edited and ratified by the organization. Though many members have been following these formats as a standard practice of doing business, the member organizations are now organizing to publicly support these standards in an effort to create a scalable, organized market for advertisers to easily flight campaigns and become sponsors of episodic podcasts and vidcasts.

“Our members’ voluntary support of the ADM standards and guidelines provides structural integrity across separately-held ad networks, inventory pools and publisher assets, to create the scale needed to operate in today’s advertising marketplace,” says Chris MacDonald, Chairman of the Association for Downloadable Media. (

Ad units that have been standardized include pre, mid and post roll insertions, product placement within shows, and host-endorsements among the twenty-five creative options outlined in the standards document. The measurement guidelines give each member company one of two reporting options, based on how their shows are hosted, either Native Server Measurement (NSM) or Third Party Measurement (TPM).

Now marketers can create ad units they can run in multiple podcast networks as well as in the shows of independent content producers to weave together a demographic and/or contextually targeted campaign. Further, audience metrics can be compared more easily and with confidence.

“With the emergence of each new digital media it’s vital to create standardized ad units and measurement. Now that downloadable media companies are adopting the ADM guidelines, ad agencies will include podcasts and vidcasts in their media recommendations as standardized units mean they can scale across multiple content producers to get the reach they need.” Susan MacDermid, SVP, Real Branding.”

List of the Member Companies Participating in the Standards:

The ADM is open to both corporate and individual producers of content as well as non-profits, advertising agencies and solutions providers in the portable media space. The following companies that have agreed to offer at least a portion of the ad units outlined in the standards document and to report their audience metrics through one of the two methods outlined in the guideline are listed below.

BackBeat Media / Dave Hamilton
Bare Feet Studios / Roxanne Darling
Burst Media / Rob Simon
Circle of Seven Productions Sheila English
Coverville / Brian Ibbott
Culinary Media Network Jennifer Iannolo
Culture Catch / Richard Burns
IndieFeed / Chris Macdonald
KCRW /   Jennifer Ferro
Kiptronic / Dave Rowley
Modified Media / Doug Taylor
NPR / Bryan Moffett
Personal Life Media / Susan Bratton (Treedia Labs) / Glenn Gaudet
Podtrac / Mark McCrery
Portage Media Solutions / Jeremiah Staes
PRI   / Morgan Church
Quick and Dirty Tips / Richard Rhorer
Raw Voice / Angelo Mandato
Revision3 / Jim Louderback / Ginger Campbell / Karen KFC Blanchette
The Best Radio You Have Never Heard / Perry Bax
Volomedia / Jeff Karnes
Wizzard Media / Chris Macdonald
ZimmComm New Media / Chuck Zimmerman


A Simple Idea for Industry Teamwork Turns into an Advertising Assocation with Legs – The ADM

I started Personal Life Media after having been a “podcaster” of one marketing show first called “ad:tech Connect” which then morphed into DishyMix. Once I saw the power of this medium, I decided to launch a network of cutting edge conversations about myriad aspects of one’s personal life. Since I come from advertising, the shows would be ad supported.

I was surprised to find that there were no standards for advertising or audience measurement in the medium. Not knowing any of the companies in the industry, I simply used my networking skills to call up those CEO’s and invited them all to a meeting in San Francisco in May of 2007. On that sunny day in May, 14 companies agreed to band together to found an industry association dedicated to the monetization of downloadable episodic video and audio content.

Voila, the Association for Downloadable Media was formed.


Rather than the one-off consumer generated videos, these shows were produced by companies like Revision 3 or were episodic success stories like Ask a Ninja. Audio content networks like Quick and Dirty Tips (you know Grammar Girl, right?) and Personal Life Media got involved too.

We formed the Association for Downloadable Media. We had elections, passed bylaws, generated advertising unit standards and audience measurement guidelines. We created Terms and Conditions for the sale of advertising. We produced an insertion order template for our members. We formed an Ad Council consisting of 14 of the top digital media mavens ably led by David Herscott of Advanta as our specially appointed board liaison.

We’ve programmed content for events. We’ve had many meetings to create this momentum. And it’s with a little tear in my eye that I reprint below the year end wrap up by our wonderful Chairman, Chris MacDonald, creator of IndieFeed series of indie music podcasts and VP at Libsyn Pro.

I hope you’ll be impressed by the sheer volume of accomplishments this fledgling organization has produced. And the next time you think about how your are going to tell your story to an engaged audience, I hope you’ll consider the power of podcasts.

Letter from the Chairman of the Association for Downloadable Media

December is always a good time to take a moment to account for all the great things that have happened over the year. Even in the midst of these uniquely tumultuous times, there is plenty to be thankful for, particularly in the progress that we have accomplished as a volunteer member-driven association.

The following list comprises highlights of ADM advances In 2008. Many people worked extremely hard, on a volunteer basis, to achieve these goals. Please have a look at what we have collectively accomplished, and let’s use this good-will as fuel and incentive for the wonderful achievements we have yet to make.

  • Our association’s first Director has been solicited, reviewed, then hired. Thank you Meredith for your recent and critical contributions to the ADM!
  • We created then sent to member vote, and then passed the ADM ByLaws, which govern our organization.
  • We released the world’s first downloadable standards for ad units.
  • We released the world’s first best practices for measuring downloads.
  • ADM have attracted a strong representative sample of members, from individual publishers, to corporations large and small, and an increasingly larger number of branded well known establishments, including Microsoft, Apple, Nokia, MTV, CNN, Arbitron, Nielsen, Discovery, NPR, PBS, and PRI.
  • To vet association work with outside experts, ADM formed the fourteen industry representative group known as the Digital Advertising Agency Council, and appointed Advertising Agency Liaison David Herscott.
  • We launched and manage a website resource that provides member access to critical information, data to the outside world, and concentrated thought leadership on matters affecting our downloadable media industry. We have appointed Karl Edwards as ADM Site Project Manager, and Jeremiah Staes as Blogging Project Manager, and Kris Smith as lead technical resource for the site.
  • We conducted a comprehensive member-leader consensus driven future roadmap, which started with input from members at the 2008 meeting at New Media Expo in Las Vegas, followed by the Key Initiative Prioritization Survey conducted by the ADM Advisory Board, then translated into priority action which is being organized and tracked by the ADM Director in conjunction with the Executive Board.
  • ADM established valuable partnership relationships with popular organizations including the New Media Expo Group, BlogWorld Expo, Strategy Institute, ad:tech conferences (dmg world media).
  • ADM has established an agreement for cooperation with the International Blogging and New Media Association.
  • With the generous help of ADM members Kiptronic and Revision3, we put together the ad:tech April promotional party – with 250 attendees including all sorts of internet who-who’s showing up.
  • ADM’s Education and Outreach Committee produced a Podcasting collateral one-sheet.
  • ADM programmed podcasting sessions at ad:tech San Francisco in April.
  • ADM members, through the association, coordinated the following podcast panels:
    -Podcasting Metrics Panel, ICOM Barcelona Spain Feb 08
    -Strategy Institute panel on Podcasting NY Jan 08
    -NAB Radio Show Podcasting Panel September 08 Austin
    -Represented on Panel at BlogWorld Expo and had ADM Booth presence.
  • We had a busy ADM Booth presence at ad:tech San Francisco.
  • ADM developed and ratified Terms and Conditions for Podcast Advertising.
  • We created an Insertion Order Template for Members.
  • Lastly and most recently, we launched ADM “Get the Download” Podcast.

These are great accomplishment highlights. Let’s look forward to great progress in 2009!

Chris MacDonald, Chairman


Maximizing the Reach and Returns of Your Video Podcast

BlogWorld Expo

Tomorrow I’m moderating a panel at Blog World Expo. Here are some of the questions we’re planning to cover during the session with a focus on production, distribution and monetization.

Damon Berger, Director of Programming and Business Development, Revision3
How do you think the media conglomerates will influence the future of content online?

How do you plan to bring in advertisers on new shows/brands that aren’t established properties?
Schlomo Rabinowitz, Online Video Producer and Consultant, Echoplex Park Productions
How can you make a living through online video without actually making Viral Videos?

How is “Old Media” just like New Media in relation to advertising?

Tim Street, Creator/Executive Producer, French Maid TV
How many video views do you get per episode?

Where do you get most of your views?

Brett Wilson, co-founder and CEO, Tube Mogul
What is the typical life of an online video, and what are the implications?

Are advertisers better off creating their own videos, or inserting ads into other’s videos?


Be the Director of the ADM – Part Time Permanent Association Director Position – Now Hiring

The Association for Downloadable Media is hiring a part time, permanent Director. Here’s the job description. If you’re interested, send your resume to [email protected]

We’re making the hiring decision in the next two weeks.

Please forward this to a friend!

ADM Director Position Description
Position Title: Director Reports To: ADM Board of Directors
Under the direction of the Board of Directors, the Director is a part-time position responsible for all aspects of managed project operations and member and industry outreach and communication for the Association of Downloadable Media (“the ADM”). The Director facilitates communications between members of the Board of Directors, the Advisory Board and the members of the Association as well as outbound to the advertising and media community through public relations efforts.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities

The Director is responsible for coordinating operations, internal communications and marketing/public relations for the ADM, a 501(c)(6) pending non-profit corporation established to develop awareness of the downloadable media industry and to assist its members in generating advertising and sponsorship revenue for their episodic and downloadable content. Duties will be commensurate with the part time nature of the position and will include the following:

  • Assist in the development of current and long-term organizational goals and objectives as well as policies and procedures for ADM operations. Establish plans to achieve goals set by the Board of Directors and implement policies, subject to approval by the Board of Directors. Provide information, advice, and counsel to the Chairman of the Board, Board Committees, Advisory Board, and the Board of Directors in the creation of policies, programs, and strategic direction of the corporation.
  • Ensure compliance and support of Board directives and Ad Council charter.
  • Monitor progress of individual tasks and committee projects and maintain documentation to ensure proper completion of tasks and projects, including receipt and expenditure of funds. Manage a project timeline of prioritized goals.
  • Interact with other organizations and corporations, such as the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), the Ad Council, the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), dmg World Media (producers of ad:tech), TNC New Media (producers of the New Media Expo), (the ARF) Advertising Research Foundation and other associations and events organizations in regard to matters affecting the ADM.
  • Establish and maintain an effective system of communications throughout the ADM, and the downloable media community to build and maintain a positive image (e.g. blogs, podcasts, newsletters, informational seminars, participation in industry conferences/marketing activities).
  • Follow, co-develop and implement new marketing strategies and programs to ensure the growth and stability of the organization.
  • Promote the ADM as the premier industry association for producers, aggregators and distributors of downloadable rich media.
  • Support activities associated with the Board of Directors, including staffing for all Board and Committee meetings, meeting schedules, locations, development of agenda, and meeting materials.
  • Recruit new Advisory Board and Board Committee members with the skills needed to further the goals of the ADM. Facilitate the work of the Board and its committees by developing resource materials, providing appropriate information, and reports and assisting committee chairpersons as necessary.
  • Analyze and evaluate vendor services, particularly for legal, public relations and consulting services, to determine programs and providers that best meets the needs of the ADM, and make recommendations to the Board, as appropriate; negotiates services, terms and premiums and executes contracts with service vendors and consultants.
  • Oversee the development of budgets for submission to the Board; ensure compliance with approved budgets; proposes revisions as necessary.
  • Provides for the appropriate control and accountability of all funds, physical assets and other property.
  • Protects the ADM’s legal and fiduciary interests and maintain its operations within the law and internal charter; work with outside counsel to obtain opinions and complete the business of the ADM.
  • The Executive Director shall also assume related responsibilities as appropriate or assigned by the Board of Directors.

Job Requirements:
Communications Skills Strong written and oral communication skills are critical to insure that the Director will be effective and persuasive in presenting the ADM and its mission to its members, prospective members, industry partners, and the public. Communications skills are also integral to the successful administration of volunteer lead activities, tasks and projects.

Public relations experience preferred. Knowledge of online media and digital advertising preferred. Understanding of and experience working with advertising research preferred. Budget management experience preferred.
Education and/or Experience
Minimum 4-year college degree preferred. Commensurate experience in managing trade associations would be considered in lieu of degree. Must possess above skills, knowledge and qualities that may result from formal education or at least three years experience in business, non-profit operational management, or related areas. The Director must also have familiarity with the downloadable and or new media industry.
The Director must be able to travel to attend conferences, training and other events as required to acquire and maintain proficiency in fulfilling the responsibilities of the position.


How to Effectively Pitch Your Podcast to a Sponsor – Suz Speaks at New Media Expo Thursday

How To Effectively Pitch Your Show to a Sponsor: Step-by-Step Prospecting, Intro Call, Deal Structure, Follow Up and Closing the Sale
Track 3: The Business of New Media
Instructor: Susan Bratton of Personal Life Media
Room: N246 Thursday, August 14th 11:45-12:45 am

Description: You want to sell advertising and sponsorships into your content, but it’s not your area of expertise. Susan artfully covers everything you need to know to successfully pitch your content to an agency or marketer.

Susan’s candor and insight combined with running an interactive session make this a must-attend event. Learn how to find and engage prospects with a professionally developed pitch.

Understand how agencies work with clients and exactly whom you should pitch. Walk through a mock introduction call so you’ll know just what to say. Understand the client’s strategy by asking the right revealing questions so you can craft a proposal that gets to “yes!” Review various forms of advertising and how to combine online and audio/video ads to create a robust sponsorship program that performs for your advertiser and shows ROI, even if your audience numbers are small.

Learn to create value beyond CPM to maximize revenue. Ad units, standard rates and advertising buzzwords will be explained. Susan explains insertion orders, media kits, collecting and presenting demographic profiles, RFP’s, proposal generation and invoicing.

Most importantly, you’ll learn how to be pleasingly persistent, handle rejection and keep motivated. You will leave feeling informed, organized and confident about presenting your show to sponsors.


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