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If you’d like to submit someone for an interview on DishyMix send an email to susan at personallifemedia dot com.

I’ve always been a connector and collector of people. Known for my vast network, I’ve become more intrigued lately with the personal side of the people in the Internet industry.

DishyMix gives me the opportunity every week to deeply explore fascinating individuals who are rich in personality, capability and ideas.

In addition to what has made you a famous exec, I like to know the style of your house and where you live; what car you drive; your favorite brand of pants. I’m especially interested in details about your love life. I want to know the books that have made an impact on your life and the books you’re writing. I want to hear your axioms and your fears. The things you have screwed up royally and those about which you are most proud also fascinate me.

Everyone else wants to know these things too.
DishyMix lets me deliver that to you.

When I’m not cajoling someone to appear on my show I’m publishing information products for experts and producing 40 weekly podcasts on Personal Life Media for other amazing podcasters.

You may also find me helping the CEO’s of the companies on whose boards I sit or connecting cool people into ad:tech as speakers to support my Chair Emeritus role.

My nights and weekends are devoted to traveling, dancing, attempting to clean up my daughter’s room, shopping when ever possible and loving up my family and friends. Sometimes I even crank up the Viking and deliver a tantalizing meal to the amazement of my household.

I’m currently reading everything on my Kindle — business books, fiction and a bunch of transformational content. And I just wrote my first eBook. It’s a complete training system, actually – called, “Talk Show Tips: 72 Secret ‘Master Host’ Techniques.” I wrote it to teach podcasters, bloggers, radio and TV hosts and info product marketers how to book killer guests, conduct flawless interviews and promote their work through the power of social media.

My favorite pants are 7 for all Mankind Skinny Jeans. My house is modern. My car is a Lexus SC430. I’m afraid of poor health. I’ve screwed up too many things to list but I’ll tell you over a glass of wine sometime…Bordeaux if possible.

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Crave authority? Visibility? Want to attain a power position? Want to be a leader with your own personal brand? Then model the behavior of successful entrepreneurs, CEOs and executives. Join Susan Bratton, industry connector and cognoscenti, as she combines her bold approach and playful persona in this talk show that dives deep into the life lessons of fascinating individuals from the world of digital media, marketing and Web 2.0. Get pearls of wisdom, smart advice and warnings to heed.

Susan gets titans of industry to reveal themselves, not just their business strategy, through personal stories, their biographies, exploits and escapades. She goes beyond executive development to uncover the actions that get results. Find out what life is like as a big cheese, how they got where they are and what they want next in their lives. This show will mentor you so you can leave your own legacy of leadership. Be inspired. Be amazed. Most of all…be entertained.